Paint Color to Go with RH Silk Drapes in Light Celery?

tarzyJuly 3, 2012

Is anyone familiar with these drapes? Can you suggest a paint color that would coordinate well?

It's a bedroom, and I'm going for calm, relaxing, light & airy.

The woman in the paint store matched the color to BM Harbour Town 493.

Any other colors besides green you would coordinate with these drapes but still keep it light?

I found this picture of the color - light celery is the middle row, 2nd from top.

Thank you so much!

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The color she suggested has a hint of blue in it so I wouldn't use it but, Sherwin Williams steamed milk goes beautifully with the light celery. It's a very soft neutral that compliments most colors. I've used it often and never tire of it. Below is a picture of it with a brighter celery but you get the idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: SW steamed milk

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Oooh - such a pretty color! I tried to find a BM match to "Steamed Milk" but Colorcharts is not not showing anything. I'll try to get over to SW to check it out.

I do like the idea of using a neutral. Thanks very much!

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You're welcome.

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Can anyone else suggest a wall color that would look good with these light celery drapes?

I'm going for a peaceful, calm bedroom.

I really am struggling with this color! Should I try to match the color exactly? I don't want a minty green bedroom. What neutral might work best with this color? Beige? Grey? Off white? Other?

I really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks so much!

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I recently expanded a room and did not want to use the same paint color in the addition. It was BM Vale Mist. I love it but it was just too much. Originally I wanted a gray but I ended up with Morning Dew which is one lighter then Vale Mist. Funny enough it cast a little grey in my room.
Depending on your lighting, maybe try BM November Rain, Going to the Chapel, Polar Frost or April Showers. They are green/tan/greyish if that makes sense,without being too green.

Here is a link that might be useful: Morning Dew

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We have vale mist in our kitchen! Love it - it's such a nice color.

I was just looking at "Dune Grass," which is a little lighter than the curtains and is described as "grey undertone" or a "soft neutral khaki green." Am I going in the right direction?

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A while back I tried finding "SW steamed milk". I fell in love with a room that was painted with the color in House Beautiful . The fellow at SW said it was a discontinued color, so it was not displayed on the color charts, however it was in their computer, so mixing wasn't a problem.

Very pretty color.

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So, can someone explain why the "Steamed Milk" would work with this green? I'm trying to understand what I should be looking for so I can at least narrow it down.

Is it because it has some brown in it, and brown goes well with green? (I really don't have a good eye for color!)

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It's because it has a small tint of brown, yellow and a dab of red, all of those are compliments to green. It's sort of a gauzy feeling when the room is that color. My bedroom is steamed milk with the trim in roman columns and it's so peaceful. I have all neutrals except for a dash of green and pale aqua. Love the color.

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Thanks again, yayagal - I still haven't had a chance to get over to Sherwin Williams to check out "Steamed Milk." Is there a Benjamin Moore color you think might be similar? I'm leaning more and more toward some kind of neutral instead of a green, so I'm anxious to look at it.

Others I'm considering are: Elmira White HC-84, Bleeker Beige HC-80, maybe Grant Beige HC-83?

I'm officially now in paint hell, complete with hundreds of paint chips scattered across the bureau, frustrated husband, and that sinking feeling of "I'll never figure this out!" Sigh.

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Just chiming in to say do not go with a green---neutral is the way to go, and I love the "Steamed Milk" suggestion for all the reasons she explained. You could possibly go with a cool color like a very light gray: Benjamin Moore's Horizon is quite lovely.... It depends on what look you want. You can use 'cool' neutrals with green as well because it is a cool color (Horizon would be a cool neutral) or you could go warmer (taking the yellow from the green) and go with a warmer neutral like "Steamed milk." Just whatever you do, don't go green! Way too difficult to pull off, and just too much green anyway.

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Joanne - thanks! I have come to the same realization - neutral feels like the best way to go!

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I'm still looking for a color! I have not been able to go to Sherwin Williams to check out "Steamed Milk," as it's quite far from me. Any BM colors that are close?

I've been reading about light, and I'm wondering if a cool neutral might be the way to go? This room faces East, and I've read that cool blue/green colors might be best, so maybe a cool neutral, such as the "horizon" that Joanne suggested would be a good direction?

I did try "Wheeling Neutral HC-92." It was nice during the day, but at night it seemed to go a bit muddy. I'm not in love with it. That's it on the wall, and also on the first card propped up on the chair, along with "Carrington Beige."

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I am looking to buy RH silk drapes in light celery for my bedroom. My walls are a BM color called Ancient Marble which is a very light aqua green. I really love the color. It's slightly lighter than RH light celery and has more grayish undertones so it's not as aqua. I have some RH silk throw pillows in the light celery color. It's helpful to see your photo of your drapes. Below is a picture of my pillow against my walls (don't mind the dog).

Funny you should mention Wheeling Neutral and Carrington Beige. These are the major colors in my house from the builder. I can't stand Wheeling Neutral. I have it in my kitchen and family room and some other rooms. It feels dark and muddy and I am slowly painting over it one room at a time. I have Carrington Beige in my foyer, upstairs hallway, rec room and some other places. I like it as a cool neutral.

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According to a search that led me here:

Celery - Hawthorn Green 379 or Stanhope Yellow 280 (both very good, but not spot on). No new matches.

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