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lavender_lassSeptember 26, 2011

Hi all! Sorry about the new post, but I was having technical issues again and lost some of my pictures. I think I deleted them, when I was trying to rearrange them. Anyway, here's the update :)

We found out that adding on to the northeast (right side of the plan) is going to be difficult, not only because the well is over there, but so are the lilacs! Those beauties are over 60 years old, they're huge and I love them. They're so pretty when they bloom and any heavy equipment might damage the roots. So, no addition on that end.

Instead, after much debate...we really do love the little wood stove in the kitchen (with the hearth) and even with the chimney issues, we think it will work to just run it up through the attic and out the top. On the outside, maybe we can do something faux that looks like brick or stone, but still cute and not too tacky. Any ideas?

Now, the hot tub. This is the only thing (besides the rec room in the basement) that my wonderful husband really wants. So, after playing around with Summerfield's beautiful plan, I came up with this idea. The french door goes out to the screened deck, with hot tub. The mudroom will still lead to a covered deck or the greenhouse.

The BBQ and outdoor dining table/chairs will be off to the left (above the greenhouse, on the plan) in a covered pavillion...or patio. Our friends built a 'pavillion' which is my husband's new favorite feature, so we'll probably add that later on. It will also block some of the harsh west light, which my greenhouse plants will appreciate.

Thank you for all you help and please let me know what you think. I appreciate your input and you all have helped me so much! Thanks, again :) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

I love this little wood stove with fireplace surround... From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

I really like the banquette...it's such a charming 'cottage type' feature. From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

Idea for bench in the mudroom From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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I like this new door in the pantry room, the one out to the hot tub. I like having a view out a door or window from your kitchen sink window.

It looks like you could even do away with the mud room and make the pantry serve that purpose too.

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Marti- Thanks, I like the door much better, too. I can also keep track of who's going in and out, while I'm working in the kitchen. My husband and I were talking and if we can extend the porch a bit more, we might put a table and chairs there and move the hot tub around to the back of the bedroom. That might be even better :)

The mud room is great for storage and gives us a place for a lot of tools and tack that we need for the horses. I don't like to walk out to the barn, just to grab a halter or fencing wire. Of course, not everything will fit in there, but a few basics...and it's a great air lock for cold winter mornings!

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Okay, if we extend the screened porch a bit, we can move the hot tub and still not be anywhere close to bothering the lilacs, during construction. And...room for a table and chairs, on the screened porch...maybe even a swing! Check out the link to this beautiful screened porch :) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to screened porch

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I've always liked her porch and I can really see it on your house too. I forgot that you live in a climate where you need an airlock. I like the hot tub in the new location. Can you get to it from the bedroom? Or would you want to?

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Marti- Actually, I think I like this better, because you don't have to reach the hot tub, from the bedroom. That whole air lock problem, again. I think a window seat will be warmer (less drafts) and the kitties are going to love it! LOL

I'm also thinking about moving the laundry, out to the mud room. Maybe put the freezer in that space (behind the fridge) and have tall pantry cabinets, where the freezer is, now...by the door to the mud room.

Since I started gardening, I really want to have a screened porch and a greenhouse. It just seems like a lot more fun, than a formal dining room or separate master bath. One of the best things about designing house plans is that you can do what works best for YOUR situation!

How's the kitchen remodel going? Are you still thinking about making the front bedrooms larger? Any plans for adding a screened porch...although your dining addition almost feels like a screen/glass room :)

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LavenderLass, I just made a new thread about a place online you can post or organize or upload your inspiration photos, and it is no problem about copyright.

It is called PINTEREST. Check it out. Then you won't be losing your beautiful photos.

Just remember, when you think you've moved things around all you can stand, it is a LOT easier doing it now, on paper or online, than it will be when it's wood and real building materials. :)

I agree, especially in your climate, a place to do some gardening outside the regular gardening season, will be good for your morale. Puttering around with plants in the winter is so nice.

With Marti's dining room, and it having windows on three sides, that makes it almost a garden space. Having maybe some space for a few plants in the corners, maybe hanging baskets of begonias, will bring some greenery in.

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ML- Thanks for the info! I really want to have a greenhouse, but more of a working greenhouse, than a sunroom...although I will probably squeeze a little metal table and chairs in, for working/projects :)

I do like the idea of the laundry, in the mud room. Much easier to dump dirty stuff in, when coming in from outside and kitties will not be jumping in dryer, climbing in hampers, etc.

Also, with greenhouse being more of a 'work' area, I'm thinking that it would be wonderful to have a screen/glass porch, for the back of the house. Maybe storm/screen, if nothing else. For five months a year, screens would be lovely, but being able to sit out there (even with a big sweater) and watch the snow fall...priceless! LOL

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I see links from my blog to pinterest from time to time. It looks like my original photo stays on my blog and the link goes through pinterest. I don't really understand it.

The kitchen remodel is at a standstill. Dh is still sitting on his part of making the plans for the dining room and he doesn't want me doing anything that will cost money until the dining room is done - so we don't run out of money. I need to light a fire under him.

But with his father's health problem, my recent health problems, and now dd moved back home and has problems, we've had our plate full.

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Marti- That's okay, it gives you more time to plan! I saw your post on the kitchen forum and added a couple of links to pictures. Summerfield's plan is lovely, but this will give you time to think about other options, whether you want the cooktop on the island, banquette in the dining room, etc. At least, I thought those were possibilities, you had discussed at some point...sorry, if I'm wrong :)

If nothing else, it will be SO nice to have your new dining room space! ML is right, some plants will look wonderful, in your space. All that nice light and views of the yard/garden.

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I just saw your links and replied. Had to save one of those pictures to my inspiration folder. Now how to work it in....

I thought of your screened porch this morning when I was frying bacon outside with flies buzzing around. I sure wished I had a screened porch then. My rule is that if it stinks, it has to be cooked outside or in the garage kitchen. And right now the garage kitchen is a mess.

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Marti- Glad you liked the picture :)

That's a great option, cooking outside or in the garage. It's so cold here, half the year, I don't cook fish if I can't open the windows. LOL I really need a better vent, but even then, it does tend to get all over the house.

I responded on your kitchen post, but I think you should keep your wall oven. If you take out the pantries, you can access the kitchen, through the laundry room. Easier to reach the hot water tank, too.

Are you going to use a range or cooktop? That might make a difference on the height of your countertop, where you have the stools. One plus to a raised counter area is that you can add outlets on the backsplash area and use mixers, blenders, etc. :)

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absoluetly love the idea!

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Oh good idea about the outlets. I'm always plugging something next to the stove.

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When are you all finally going to get this started? It's hard to help you out since you all have no idea when this will begin. Planning this has been a year now, hasn't it?

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Stonehard- Thanks! :)

Marti- Me, too. That's what made me think of it. LOL

Oakleyok- Planning has been going on for a long time and will probably keep going on, until I come up with a plan that works exactly the way we want. There's no rush, since we'll keep living where we area, until we get the remodel done.

I think we're getting close to the right plan for us...especially with the screened porch. It's not a plan that would work for everyone, but we wanted something that lived small for us, but could expand when needed. With the current economy, who know what family may end up staying with us, in the future. So, the last thing I'm working on is the upstairs. The good and bad of living on the 'family farm' but plenty of land for gardens and animals, if necessary :)

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