mosaic backsplash pic and another grout question

sunshine45March 26, 2010

Thank you for your input re: grouting the backsplash-on-plexiglass I just made.

I had to (what a joke) make my own web page to upload the only picture I have of the project. It's at an incomplete stage, but gives a general idea. I rested it temporarily in its final location partway through, just to see if it would fit and work.

Based on advice, I'll grout the piece and put it up after.

Two questions:

1. Surprised about the recommendation of sanded grout. I had heard that this might scratch the glass. Do I just have to be quite careful?

2. There will be screws at intervals to secure the backsplash into the studs and around the edges. I have flat head screws and mosaic pieces to cover the screws, but I want to be able to remove the piece if I have to or want to, so I'd like to have access. I'm not sure how to secure the glass pieces on the screws so that they could be removed. Strong double-sided tape?

The area is the "message center" of the kitchen, not an active counter space. Water is not an issue.

Thanks, everyone.

Here is a link that might be useful: glass backsplash on plexiglass

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Oh, my - looks very interesting - congratulations. In order to show pictures, you could also create a free account w/Photobucket, an on-line photo storage space. Lots of us use that avenue to store and post pictures. Your project is very well executed. W/love to see it in color. To answer your question re sanded grout, I've never had a problem w/scratching the glass, and I get quite harsh at removing the grout sometimes, if I wait too long b/f cleaning. Re how to cover the screw heads - in my cases, I just glue a bead, button or whatever w/cover it, using a little bit of GE II for windows/doors, which could be easily removed w/razor blade. And I admit, sometimes I don't even cover the screws. Case in point - just finished my bathroom wall, and it's so busy the screws at the very top part, which I put on Luan, don't show. Take a look at my Photobucket albums.
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I also forgot to tell you that you can use this same thread when you want to continue the conversation re your project. You don't have to post a new one each time. Welcome to our playground. So nice to see new people.

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I loovee it!

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Sunshine, first let me say you are doing a beautiful job on your backsplash!
If you used ge silicone 2 just for the screw pieces you could go ahead and grout around the tess. If you wanted to take it off you could just chisel the piece off, and pull the glue out with say needle nose pliers or something like that. Oh another idea just came to me... just tape the head of screw with something like duct tape, then thinset the tess and grout.

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Any kind of tape other than duct. When I was trying to mosaic the half post for my hallway, I found the thinset wouldn't stick to duct tape. I ended up covering the whole thing w/burlap - heavy on the glue. Worked fine.

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Thank you all for ideas and support. Will post a picture once it's grouted and up on the wall.

Slowmedown: thanks for the photobucket tip. Your stuff is just fantastic, pulsing with passion and life. Very impressive. I'm sort of at a loss for words.

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Instead of using silicone as glue to cover your screw heads, use hot glue. When you want to remove it, heat it with a blowdryer for a little bit and it will come right off. That's what I did with the backsplash behind my stove.

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OH GOOD GRIEF, GOOD GRIEF, GOOD GRIEF!!!!! CRAFTY - you l'il heifer!!!: How did I ever miss this wonderful project? I don't remember you posting this. Simply BEAUTIFUL. I love the use of your blue diamond shapes. Your center focal tiles are darlin', and the way you've put them back together and outlined them in white/red, and your background so beautifully displays everything to the fullest - covering your screw heads - well, what can I say? What a beautiful backsplash!!!!!!!!! Makes me want to tear mine out and do it over.

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Crafty, that is really nice...and like your way of covering the screws... I didn't make a way to take mine down... cuz I don't ever plan on doing it and don't plan on ever moving'll be there till Jesus comes or a crowbar attacks
Sunshine... waiting patiently for yours...

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I would like to use up all the stained glass pieces and full sheets I have by making a back splash along the wall under the cabinets and over the sink on one wall. I have never done mosaic and I am not an artist or as creative as you all. I don't even know where to start! I want to be able to remove it if we sell the house and the buyer dislikes it. I have opaque pieces, pieces with wispy colors, clear colored, textured pieces, and a lot of clear glass with differnt patterns. I have some cut in one half inch strips and 4 X 4 blocks. I have odd shaped pieces from when I actually made stained glass hangings. I even have some cut in diamond shape and some that are still full sheets. I have almost all colors. I can't even remember why I have some of it. I am thinking of something with a pop of color and want to introduce rusty red and purplish red into the color pallet. I have many questions about the process as well as needing suggestions for the mixing of the sizes, textures, and colors. Is there anyone out there who can give me some advice? Should all pieces be of the same type of glass? Should the pieces be cut to the same size and shape and then fitted together? Should it be like a crazy quilt with all different types, sizes, colors etc? Should I mount it on plexiglass or some sort of cement board (I don't know what that is) or perhaps in frames of some sort. See, I really am helpless. I wish there was a pattern with it all spelled out. I would rather follow a pattern than make a mess of it. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

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Well, bless your heart. You have such a plethora of materials, and what appears to be a whole bunch of fear. W/what you have it's my humble opinion you have everything necessary for a wonderful traditional mosaic. To me, a mosaic is made up of many kinds of tesserae - different textures, colors, sizes - a real mix. IMO you don't have to have a design in mind - just mix it all up for a riot of color. Have you Googled mosaiced back splashes? There's a world of inspiration on-line. Do some research b/f you decide. For a removable back splash, I'd recommend cement board. You can find it at Lowes/Home Depot - sometimes called backerboard - comes in 4'X8', and can be cut w/a box cutter knife. They also sell a tool for cutting it. Wear a mask when cutting it. There are also special fasteners for backerboard - it's heavy. Plexiglass w/probably be lighter in weight. Adhesive - I'd use a cement-based mortar. My favorite is Mapei Ultra Flex II. It is polymer modified, and I buy it at Lowes. W/be glad to try to answer any other questions.

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