Kitchenaid mixer and food grinder

desertstephSeptember 26, 2010

qvc has one on sale this a.m. 325 watts - I don't know if that's a good enough amount of power or not. 387.00 with FREE s/h.

it has the metal bowls, comes in 12 colors and a certificate for a FREE food grinder.

it also has a splatter guard for over the bowl with a spout on it to add ingredients.

it's more mixer than I need but I'd like a meat grinder. might get a separate one down the road. I've seen them online as free operating grinders. I'd like to grind my own sausage.

my sister recently gave me their old stand mixer when BIL got a new fancy one (probably KA). it'll do for me! and my favorite price is FREE!

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LOL I am going to stick with my old hand mixer. Found a good use for that long drink mixer that came with it. Works wonderful to stir a long sitting gallon of paint. I think I have had that dumb thing for over 40 years and finally found a use for it. Not sure why I kept the thing that long. Guess because it went with the mixer.

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Yeah, I remember the old food grinders with many different blades. You'd clamp it to the edge of the kitchen table and do sausage or whatever. I was very young then, and did not know what was going on.

I do not need a big mixer at this time. To make sure I do get the one I want, I think I'll research the wattage and such before then. The Brun blender that I got burned its motor out just crushing ice to make frozen drinks. I was very disappointed in that. My old Sears handy dandy blender is about 20 years old, and it is still going strong...when I use it. Which is not often.

What I use more than anything else is the hand held immersion mixer, it is easy to store and easy to use, and most of my chores are light frothing up the eggs for omelettes. Or for fritattas, which I now really love. Like a crustless quiche. I have a great fritatta pan or omelette pan, which I got from Williams Sonoma made by Calphalon. I can put up to 12 eggs in the fritatta with my other ingredients added to bulk it up. Easy to use, but pricey to buy. Nice to get one as a present though.

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"hand held immersion mixer"

those do look handy and would probably be most usable for me - light duty. I have a hand mixer I've been using the last 12 yrs and it's been fine. I maybe use it 4 times a yr. lol! I didn't turn down sister's free stand one tho. who knows what the future holds? I'll put it up on a pantry shelf.

I wouldn't want to spend much money on one tho. qvc had something similar on closeout about a wk ago but I decided if it was closeout they were either coming out with an updated one or the thing didn't work and they had many returns!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Here's a pic of a sausage maker. I wouldn't want to try it without a good cleaning, LOL. It's in the milk-house which I still haven't cleaned out. I'm sorry, ML, I know you had higher hopes for me. :(

I have been working on the island, though, and have some of my other kitchen gadgets stashed there. Pics soon on the island thread. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Cranky' sausage stuffer.

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Kitchenaid makes a nice product. And you can trust QVC. If you don't like it, you have 30 days to send it back for a refund. I almost bought that model before, but wound up with a Vitamix instead thanks to Christmas money from work one year.

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P.S. I think the kitchenaid probably does more things and has more available attachments -- making it a better deal.

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I have 2 kitchen aides. One is the largest size and got it on sale. It has lasted 10 years, but the motor is now going out. Big disappointment. The second one is a smaller version which my son gave to me when he moved. The smaller one works better for my kitchen and think it is about the same age as the other.

If you look at the sales on these there are a lot of refurbished units. Am wondering if our beloved KA is not what it used to be. My first one lasted 30 years and the only reason I bought a new one was due to parts not being availale.

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I've not been impressed with the meat grinder attachment for my KitchenAid. It might work with really good meat, but if there is any grisel or fat on it, it gets all clogged up and messy.

I don't really need one often but I think if I did, I'd buy a dedicated meat grinder (or one of those hand crank ones that connects to the counter like a vise).

I would, however, be entirely lost without my KitchenAid mixer for mixing stuff. I LOVE it! Mine is probably going on 10 years old now and I've not had problems. It operates almost nonstop around Christmas!

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