Painting on glass plates

CarolOctober 27, 2001

I want to make a glass platter/plates with Christmas designs. I'm not a crafty person but thought I could find a pattern in a coloring book or maybe a stencil. What kind of paint would I use and can a simpleton be successful at this? Also want to do something similar with a tennis theme for my tennis partner. Ideas and help appreciated.

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try this link, there is a craft on the front page

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Crafts

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Pebeo paint doesn't scratch off and I think you can put food on it too.

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Go cheap & buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol (around $1) to primer the glass, model airplane/car paints (around $1 a bottle), & a bottle of Delta CeramDecor Air Dry Perm Enamel sealer from Michaels (around $3)!

That's what I did with an American flag impressed design on a plate I bought at a glass factory, near where I grew up in PA, when I visited family in June.

The plate cost me less than $5, my son & hubby already had the model paints & alcohol, & I bought the sealer. All-in-all I paid around $8 to complete the plate when the glass factory wanted around $50 for their painted flag plates!

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if you only want the plates for display purposes you can spray paint (walmart brand $.98) and then use regular craft paints, then spray varnish to seal

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Use apple barrel paints. It gets baked in the oven. It can then be hand washed. If your going to put food on it try painting on the bottom you'll see through it and the food won't be damaged.

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