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paintingfoolOctober 30, 2010

My friend found this Santa and couldn't take it with her when she moved so I bought it from her. But I didn't like the colors or the face of the Santa so I painted over it. Originally he was very rustic and had comma strokes for a beard, no shading and almond shaped eyes. Now he is "purdy" again. He is 24" long and only about 4 1/2" wide.

Where is everyone? I hope yall are all painting because I want to see some ornaments and stuff for Christmas.


Here is a link that might be useful: Brushed By An Angel

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Oh Bebe, it's wonderful to come here and find a beautiful Santa! He's gorgeous and so is the rest of this project. The little teddy is so cute with those long legs.

Thanks for the link. I always enjoy seeing all your pretty paintings and reading your blog.

I started a santa tray but haven't had much time for painting. I have an ironing board I'd love to paint but need to find a pattern for it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I've been out in our yard today trying to catch up on the fall cleanup. This is when I wish we didn't have 2 acres to take care of.LOL


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Thanks Luvs, I just gave the old guy a fresher look.

I think I have a pattern for an ironing board. It is a Santa if you are interested. I think I still have it around. I have an old ironing board but when it came time to paint it I couldn't do it so I had a board cut the same shape.

I don't have to do yard work, I have a gentleman who works for me in the yard (only $25 an hour). But I have to do all my own housework. If I could find someone cheap I would hire them to do it and I would sit around and paint.

Gotta finish my Halloween bags. I have little zip lock bags with pumpkins on them for the kids. I only have a few trick or treaters so I give them each three small candy bars. Most of our kids go to the Trunk or Treat at the churches. Much safer for them.

Get back with you tomorrow after I look for that pattern.

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Love the face! So soft and kindly. cali

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B, I would love the pattern for a santa ironing board. Get idea to cut one out of wood instead of painting on the real thing. Please let me know if you find it. Lucky you to have a gardener! I'm sure this won't happen in my life time.

Alot of people also have a housekeeper but I know it would be hard for me to have one. I'd clean before they came to save imbaressement.LOL


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Punk, if I was a real uppity type of person I could call him the gardner but he is actually a handiman that does yard work. I had a housekeeper once and I cleaned so much before she got there I was too exhausted to tell her what to do, my husband had to do it while I took a nap. She didn't speak English and my Spanish is horrible, then she got pregnant (the nerve of her) and had to quit. I was working then and could afford someone but I am retired now and I have to do everything myself!! And you know I would rather be retired and doing my own housework than to have to go to work everyday. But if I had lots of money - I would want it all - housekeeper, gardner, cook!! Just dreaming!

Oh, I will look for the pattern now and will get it out to you.

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B, got a good laugh at reading your post. We sound alot alike except for the fact that I may work far longer than I want to. It's so hard to think about retiring and leaving all that I do on DD's shoulders. What we do for our children, huh?

Hope Luvs will jump in and let us know if she has a handyman or gardner.LOL

BTW, I meant to say Great idea on cutting an ironing board out of wood instead of get idea.LOL Goes to show I don't take the time to proof what I type. Did you finish your craft room redo?


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Are you kidding? Finish my paint room?? No - I stopped because I start painting for Christmas in July. But after the holidays I plan to finish. I just can't move things around like I use to when I was younger - gosh, I hate getting old!!

I have been giving a lot of things to the girl next door, figure she can clutter up her house now and she is much younger so she has years to use it up. I have been helping her learn to paint and she is quite good actually.

I love being organized but I have so much stuff that I have to look for things. That is my goal next year, to finish cleaning out my paint room and to get things organized again. I haven't even thought about getting into the attic or the shed - that is one of those round tuits.

I will take photos in a few minutes of the Santa and then send you the pattern. I may have to send it in sections and you can tape it together, most of the details are in the face. Oh, he isn't a cutsey Santa, a more serious type face.

Better get with it. I made several sales today and yesterday and I need to get them packaged up and mailed off - but finally, it is raining and I love being in my paint room when it rains.

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Hey, I thought I posted yesterday! Must have clicked the wrong thing AGAIN! Hate it when I do that!

Anyway, what I had said was--I love the Santa you painted on this. Great idea to change it and make it the way you prefer. I always love your santa faces and the beards are so great! Have to tell you that I am envious of your neighbor girl--getting to paint with you! Hope she knows how lucky she is! ;o)

I have an old wooden ironing board too. A store owner friend gave it to me for free because the wood is split down the middle. I just need to glue and clamp it, then sand and paint. I won't feel guilty about painting it, otherwise it might have ended up in the trash! I recently found a pattern that I want to paint on it--it's not nearly as detailed as your's Bebe, just a simple face and beard. I think it's a Susan Jill Hall design and the pattern is already big so that saves me some work. I'd ask for your pattern, but I could never paint it anywhere near as good as yours! LOL

I was laughing at the discussion about gardeners and housekeepers! ;o) Up until early summer, I always did all my own yard work. I could not start the gas edger, so had to depend on DH to do that for me and he does NOT like yard work. I finally got tired of begging him to edge, so I hired a "gardener"--actually should be called a mower, blower, edger--because that's all he does! I still do all the trimming of the vines on my walls and the bushes, and take care of my roses and other flowers. So not ritzy here either! As for a housekeeper--that's me too! I tried it for awhile when I was still working--but like some of you, I worked like crazy before she got there, so might as well just do it all myself! LOL The cleaning isn't a problem, it's the clutter that is the problem--and I have to put that away myself anyway. Now that I'm retired, it's easier--except for climbing ladders to wash mirrors, windows, ceiling fans, top of cabinets, etc. Hate that part! LOL


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B, sounds great and I will gladly reimburse you for postage and handling. Let me know. I really appreciate you doing this for me.

So happy you and the neighbor can spend time together painting. I'd love to be in her shoes. I can't imagine a craft room all with everything in it's place.LOL


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