Mirror with Blue Mirror Glass WIP

texaswildMarch 28, 2009

Almost finished gluing another mirror. Have to wait for the side pieces to dry to turn it over for flat surface for Weldbond. Another cold day here, so can't continue cleaning flowerbeds of weeds until it warms up.

Mirror WIP

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Slow, As ususal another gorgeous piece.
I"ve got to come up with a plan for my mirror in the bathroom. It's an antigue and the only mirror that will fit. I want to mosaic around it. This will be a project for later, which will give me thinking time I guess..I may have to pick your brain when I'm ready to start it.
Lovely mirror. Cathy

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Did you do all of that today? Nothing Slow about you. Here I was proud that I finished another post cover...lol
I really like this...where is it going?

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I did most of it Saturday when it was raining, FLAG, and finished after I posted it today. Started on the lizzard I bought from Nancy Shelby, the teacher at PV. Where's it going. First, it's going to an art show in the town where I have a piece in a gallery (Primitive and Red). Gallery owner invited me to bring some smaller things than the cross for an artshow she's having in April. She liked the PV-inspired "Folk Art w/Crosses", but I priced it too high cuz I want to keep it. I need to come up w/a couple/three more pieces to enter in the show. If the mirror doesn't sell, it'll hang in the den between the two sofas under the other mirrors and sconce. CATHY: I am going to mosaic around my mirror over my mosaiced bathroom counter/backsplash also - one of these days. I'll be anxiously waiting to see how you go about yours. You gonna mosaic directly on the wall? I am - don't plan to do a large area - just some viney swirls and ?????

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I just love your creations!!!! Beautiful. I am inspired to learn everything from all of you mosaic artists. I'm watching and learning. susie

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That would be Wednesday or Thursday - or whatever - TODAY is Saturday. I'm losing it, I tell y'all. Thanks, SUSIE.

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Thats very pretty! would make a great bar back

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Beautiful Mirror, Slow, Of course, I love blue mirror tiles.

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Wow, it's another gorgeous Slow original, very nice. It is really nice with all the mirror,

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It is beautiful.

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Another GORGEOUS creation!! That's wonderful about the show. Hope you sell everything!

PS I've added an updated pic of my mosic bench on that big thread. Don't know if you've checked it out yet.


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Thanks, y'all. Gonna grout today. Cold weather has shifted my mind back to mosaics, and I'm in the gluing mood again.

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Hey Slow, Not sure about directly on the wall. I was thinking I might put it on MDF or even plywood. I might decide to change it one day? I do that, a lot, change things ya know. So I guess I'll have to make that decision soon as I think I'm gonna be ready to start it within the next few weeks. Here is some pics of the mirror I want to incoporate into the project. the mirror would be right where it is and the Mosaic would be around it. Just not sure how I'm going to go bout this. The mirror is an antique and as you can see it has carved roses and scroll detail. It's really very pretty. So I think I want to leave it seperate and to it's self. And put the Mdf w/mosaic on it, around it? Make sense?? Let me know what U think. Thanks, Cathy

Here is a link that might be useful: Mirror pics for Slow

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Finished and hung the mirror, and NATURALLY, it's an inch too far to the left, or perhaps the things above it aren't PERFECTLY hung - my signature. Not changing it now. I didn't like it b/f it was grouted, and you can't tell by the photo, but the black/blue iridescent glass is perfect for the background - so many beautiful colors in this colorless project for me. CATHY: I LOVE that antique mirror, and you're right - leave it by itself, but definitely put some mosaics around it, and if you don't mind my suggestion, exchange your fixture for sconces incorporated into the mosaic side pieces.
Mirror in place

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OMG..I missed this thread........what batteries do you use? Energizers? That is really pretty Betty...I love the blue and the design you used......another beauty!

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Another Slow beauty!

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Slow, Great idea about the sconces, I will think on it. Actually I already had, but I don't dare tell or ask hubby @ this point to start changing things. You have to understand we just finished building our home. And I mean US! We built our home! With our own 4 hands. We did have a couple of friends and family help, when they could. But mostly US. From the gound UP! Every single inch of it. We paid for it out of pocket, and we built it and owe not one dime to anyone, @ this point. But it was a long 4 years and we still have lots to do.
We have a beautiful home but we still have, landscaping, siding and lots of odds and ends, still undone. I guess that why I'm working so hard now to try and put our living areas in order. What I mean by order is a little more organized and together. A women===not necessarily a friend===told me last summer and I quote " Oh , Your style is so very rustic, sort of electic, but with a Classy Elegance" unquote....she thought she was offending me because she didn't like it!!! (not her style) Well-- the joke was on her because I just laughed!!! And said well DAMN girl you really get me!!(Can't stand the women) But she will never know that she was actually right!!! And I'm proud of it !!!! Anyway when I decide what I'm going to do I will need help I'm sure. And if it's OK I'd like to call on U?....Thanks much Slow, Cathy

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I like your style, and attitude. I've been known to have that attitude thingy too. We know what we like, and we DO IT!!! Like I mentioned on this forum, "if I like it, that's all that matters". Also have said that a local artist told me she liked my er, uh, electic style of decorating b/c I decorate to suit myself, not like what I think others might approve. Way to go, girlie. That saucy attitude flavors what makes us happy, content and makes our homes our castles, however humble our abodes. No one w/believe from looking at the outside of my humble little 50's ranch what's inside.

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