Pics of some of my Winter projects

heartsandcraftsOctober 2, 2010

Thanks kraftymom and Belle for giving me the instructions on how to post pics!

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Forgot to say you can click on each photo to enlarge it.

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Thank you so much for sharing all of your beautifully painted projects. Love the hat and snowman and it's even more beautiful framed. You may want to go down and make your photobucket account private if you add family photos on there.

I fell in love with your ginger ornament. How did you end up with such a neat finish on the brown if you don't mind me asking? The other snowman, santa's and giner are darling as well.

This was so nice to come here tonight and find your post. Hope you will continue to come here to post and chat with all of us.

Thanks Belle and KM for lending your expertise on posting pictures.


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I can see that you like allot of the same designers that most of us do. I recognize Renee Mullins, Sandra Malone, Marie Cole, and not sure about the ginger one. You did an excellent painting job on every one of them. I love all those happy faces--they make me smile. So do you just paint for yourself and gift items, or do you also sell some of your projects? So glad you are now able to share pics with us. I love seeing the projects each of us select.


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Too cute!!

The snowman under the hat is my fav, but they are all just darling.

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Thank you all so much for the positive feedback. I really appreciate your kind words :)

Punk - Thank you for the privacy suggestion. I'm new to the whole Photobucket thing so how do I make my account private? I changed each of my photo albums to private but didn't see how to change the account itself. To answer your question about the brown on the gingerbread ornament -First I removed the tops, put the ornaments upside down on wooden skewers, then I poked the wooden skewers into a block of florist foam to hold them while they dried between each step. I cleaned them with rubbing alcohol and then primed them with a gray spray primer. After the primer dried I basecoated them with Delta Camel. Then I used a dampened sea sponge triple loaded with Delta Camel, Spice Brown, and Dark Brown, and just sort of pounced it around until I liked the way it looked. Hope that helps.

Luvs - You are much better with the artist's names than I am LOL. I see things I like, buy the book or pattern and then it usually ends up sitting on a shelf for a very long time before I go back to it again. I can say though that Renee Mullins is my current favorite. Her designs always make me smile. The gingerbread ornament was kind of a mixture of a couple of different gingerbread faces. I mostly paint just for myself. I have given a few things as gifts and am only just now beginning to feel confident enough to consider trying to sell some items. Although I have no idea how to figure out pricing or where to sell them so that will be something for me to work toward.

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You did it, your account is private now so we can only see what you post. Thanks for your detailed instructions. I have never used primer first. Does this prevent the paint from lifting or do you still need to be careful between coats?


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I also love the snowman under the hat! You did a wonderful job on all of them! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and hope you'll stay and visit with us for a while! We love our painting friends! =D ~Anj

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You have been busy! All of your projects look great.
I also like sponging my paint on when working on jars and some glass ornaments. I like the look...sort of like crockery/stoneware. But I don't prime first, just clean the surface well.

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HC.....awesome! Each is a joy, and so many different styles, but all have one one thing in common, they are all so precise and so clean and clear. Your strokes are perfect. ie: the eye lashes on your snowman as well as the line on his hat. Very nice!

I had not thought of using multi colors in a sponge, but what a great idea. TY for sharing.

Again, beautiful! Please share more!


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Your painted items are terrific! I especially like the Santa ones and the gingerbread ornament.


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I like the big snowman with the twinkles in his eyes. You did a great job on all of them. Now that you know how to post pics, let's see more.

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Punk, yes the primer does keep the paint from lifting off the glass. I discovered clear plastic ornaments at my local Michaels store this year. I think those would be better than the glass ones because I wouldn't have to worry about them breaking if one of my cats knocked them off my tree LoL! I've never painted on plastic before but would imagine spraying primer on plastic would work the same way. Does anyone have experience and tips for painting on plastic?

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HC, thanks and I'll be trying some soon, I hope. You have a great point about using the plastic instead of glass. Please keep us posted on your results.


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Very nice!! I love the snowman under the hat! - What a cute idea.

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