your opinions needed for final kitchen layout

messyguyMay 1, 2013

Thanks to many feedbacks from you , I revised my kitchen design, i moved the dishwasher from the right of the sink to a different wall. This change enabled us to keep get more storeage for the prepzone and separate the prep zone from the cleaning up zone. Please, help me check for any design issues/ draw back before I order cabinets. Thanks!

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I wouldn't do a lazy susan on the peninsula. I would save the money and use regular cabinets and then make the corner accessible from the other side.

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Hi messyguy,

I posted my suggestions before, and I'll run them by you again. I think you have too many lazy susans. Have you gone through the whole kitchen, figuring out what is going to go where? I think it would be a valuable exercise for you. Lazy susans can make good use of space, but they aren't as easy to access as drawers.

I would block off the one in the upper left corner completely - never see that space again. Then you can have two 24" drawer stacks on the sink wall.

Next, I would eliminate the one on the peninsula. That corner can be accessed with drawers or doors from the dining room side. Your 18" drawer stack on the peninsula becomes 30".

Now, move the range to the middle of the opening, and put 18" drawer stacks on each side of the range. You add symmetry to the range wall, as well as make better use of the corners. Sometimes not using a corner at all makes such an improvement to the space next to it that you come out ahead by not trying to use it.

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Ditto on the Lazy Susans. They're expensive and an inefficient use of space. I see that in this current configuration, you have little space but to keep two of them. I'd seriously consider a one-wall plus a big island kitchen rather than all these Lazy Susans.

Also, I'd consider moving the window-wall's 36" cabinet to the other side of the sink. This'd get the sink out of the corner and make the garbage a little more convenient to the prep/stove area.

Oh, and the dishwasher. I don't think you'll be happy with it catty-cornered from the sink.

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I personally don't like lazy susans so I would not have any.

Rethink the corners.

Put the DW next to the sink.

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Thanks everyone for today ' responses. I need to rethink about the corners! My wife saw the lazy susan at homedepot and she really liked it compared to what we currently have in our kitchen, so she decided all corners should be lazy susan. I am so confused, and undecided

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Corner solutions (in order, IMO, of usefulness):

  1. 27" or 30" cabinet turned 90 degrees so it faces outside the peninsula - can only be done if the back of the peninsula is accessible.

  2. Corner drawers (depending on what you want to store there, tie, IMO, with corner susans)

  3. Corner susan

  4. Upper cabinet - Easy Reach

  5. Blind corner cabinet (Tie with Easy Reach for base cabs)

  6. Base cabinet - Easy Reach (Tie with Blind Corner cab for base cabs)

  7. "Deadening" the corner...what people don't mention is all the filler you need to make this option work...and it has to be empty filler, not filler pullouts, etc (unless you have inset cabs and recessed handles to open drawers & doors)

Corner drawers can be useful if designed properly.

"Deadening out a corner", IMO, is a waste of what can be valuable storage space.

Corner susans offer several advantages:

  • Excellent storage for pots & pans

  • Excellent storage for small appliances

  • Plus - anything you store in a corner susan is always right in front of you when you need it - just rotate the susan and the item is right in front. If you get one that has side & back walls that follow the contour of the susan shelves, nothing can fall off.

  • The 9" to 12" on each side of the corner provide the "filler" space needed to allow drawers & doors to open proplerly - and those inches are not empty "filler", they're part of the corner cab storage

Blind corner cabs with a pullout shelf, OTOH, are an issue if something falls off - if it's inside the cab, you have to crawl inside the cab to retrieve the item - in the meantime, the pullout will not close until you've cleared the obstruction.

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I'm not convinced that corners are all that "valuable". Lazy susans (or corner drawers) provide easiest access, but take up an awful lot of space. That's why I asked the OP what is going to be put in there. This seems like a good sized kitchen - I don't think messyguy needs to scrounge for every last inch.

What I see is a little 12" drawer next to the range. Where does one put potholders and cooking utensils? Pots and pans and their lids? spices? If the lazy susans provide adequate storage for all the things one wants to have near the stove, that's great - but I would rather use drawers.

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I have a similar layout, but I only have 1 lazy susan (since it's Ikea, it swings all the way out).

left corner (kitchen aid): I chose to leave it as a dead/unaccessible corner, so that I can get my great 24" 3-drawers for my dishes.

right corner = while a great lazy/super susan/whatever, it is not used much (mainly because I have so much space right now). DH even made a little hook onto the swing out thing inside so I only need to open the door for the appliance to swing out. :)

peninsula corner: faces out, for stuff like waffle maker and crockpot (and for my kids to stuff themselves in it when playing hide/seek. :)

one of my favorite part of my kitchen is labeled 26" KA mixer. it looks like modernmom35's beverage station, but mine is 3 layers.
top = 2 normal doors
middle = like modernmom's: my KA mixer, etc
bottom door pull ou like a drawer = toaster, Vitamix, and electric can opener.

pull it out, blend my green pina colada, shut drawer, and nothing on the counter.

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I agree about too many lazy susans. For the one next to the stove, maybe replace that with a cabinet facing towards the dining room. Use that for table linens, napkins, board games, etc. Between the back of that cabinet and the stove you can put one of those pullout spice racks.

You may have plumbing challenges to put the dishwasher that far from the sink.

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Thankyou everyone for your time. My wife and I truly appreciate your help.
- From your feedback, we are thinking of replacing the Lazy susan corner on the pennisula with the a 3- drawers bank ( 30") facing dinning room. Would the top drawer still be accessible if there is 12" of counter top overhang above it ????.
-Plumbing issue with new DW location: we will double check with the plumber !
Thanks everyone!!!!

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I have a Whirlpool Gold DW, and the max length of drain hose for that model is 12'. Check your DW specs.

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