silvamaeMarch 13, 2012

Where are you?

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Bless my soul. CALAM and I have been on the computer talking for about 20 min, and I ran and had lunch, and sat down at the computer again to respond to the thread "Where is Everyone", and here this thread is. Thanks, y'all for caring. Things happen - right? First I had to send my precious dawg Toby to Rainbow Bridge - got cancer on his leg, and vet said no hope. Then, a long-time Foreign Service Friend from Bolivia died, and I went to her funeral. They had just moved to Dallas, so it was a small funeral, but went to the home afterwards for a 2-hr. reunion w/her husband and family. Then the PV trip - although it was fun, it knocked my socks off for three days in bed to recover upon return. Then my neurosurgeon dismissed me - no help, so I have to travel to Dallas soon to start over. Believe me he and about 12 (Ccs) other entities are getting a nice/nasty letter from me. He's gonna be sooooooooo pi$$ed. Then the only nine-yr.-old microwave went out, so off to Lowes to get a new one - replaced today. Then last week a lady backed into my beautiful Jeep while I was in Albertsons grocery. Just took it to the body shop for repairs and am home in a rental. I think that about does it. Haven't been in a posting mood. Trying to figure out my next project. Sorry this is so long, but............... Thanks, y'all for remember this old lady.

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That is a long list! Good to know you are still out there and kicking. I understand how life gets in the way. Hope everything starts turning around for the better!

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I still am on a high from having such a nice visit at The Hacienda with you Slow! This forum is so special to me and all the people I have met from best buds!!! If only you all could have seen this forum just a buzzing a few years ago, and personalities have caused people to create/join another sad. I would rather stick it out here and make it work!!!

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Slowmedown, thanks for the update. You have had a lot going on. I know you are missing your Toby. That is so hard. Calam, I feel the same; sticking with this forum . . . I hit a dry spell after the black and white sign, so I finally made myself do something; it was unplanned, but I just finished mosaicing a pitcher with broken plates, yellow with pink flowers, ready to grout, except I am mulling over the handle, to mosaic or not? I'm ready to get back into the groove. I've been busy setting out tomatoes and peppers and Gregg's Salvia.

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Slow your life sounds like mine to much going on and the deaths I want to say stop please .So sorry about your dog so hard.You are a fighter .Glad to see you.

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Thanks, y'all. I try to remember that God blesses me in so many ways, so I shouldn't complain about the little things - I just shut up and march, and that means I'm now creating again and enjoying it inspite of the pain.

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That's sure alot going on . I love to hear how much fun you have with another member ( well - now a FRIEND ! )
Geeze -- it makes me want to move ! LOL
Take time to breathe . My heart goes out to you about Toby . I Had to do the same thing ,for the same reason to my Golden.

(((((((((((( Slow ..... Toby .........and friends )

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Thanks, TOOMUCH. Your message means a lot to me.

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Life does get in the way of our art sometimes...Good to see you Slow...and others..I think we go way back from the beginning of Garden Junk...and Spike...oh geez...I had a friend from Montreal come for two weeks and she made a mosaic and took it home! I made a sunflower.Will put it in a new post.

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So glad to see you back on the forum - have missed you. Yes - those were the days - Garden Junk - I seldom visit there, but always enjoy it when I do.

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It seems that the older I get the more things
I have to do-whether I want to or not.
Like Emnest--I came from seed-exchange to garden
junk and Spike, and show up here once in
Glad you are fixing to start your lovely work again,
after your round with all of the above.

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WOW - how nice to see your post on this side, NONA. I miss all the Garden Junk buddies.

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