Is your dog or cat re-peeing on the same area of the floor?

desertstephSeptember 16, 2012

then here's a great possible fixer for that one!

a water leak alarm. I was reading reviews on one at Amazon and read this review -

(This review is from: Honeywell RWD41 Water Defense Water Sensing Alarm)

"Works wonderfully for the old dog who was peeing on the furniture. He hears the alarm and stops. No more problems."

i didn't expect to read this in the reviews for a water leak alarm - but it should work. Wet is wet! I was looking for an alarm for areas like under the sinks and behind a toilet.

If you have a big problem with this, it's worth a try. I've read on here (or other forums) that this often happens.

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I'm going to look that one up on amazon. We have 5 dogs. All are very housebroken except our lab. He is a rescue that we've had for 7 years. He had a very traumatic youth, 3 homes in one year. He's very nervous and more than a little neurotic. He started pottying in the family room about a year ago during the middle of the night. We can't crate him, he just loses it.He has horrible separation anxiety issues. Last person up at night takes him out to potty, yet still, he does this. As much as we clean, I believe the smell is imbedded and he will continue to use the same place. We are ripping out the floor this month and replacing with vinyl pee-proof floors, but still the alarm idea sounds like a good one. Thanks for the tip.

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Janetaz, you might also find these handy. We had them around for my father-in-law, who was bed-bound, and they looked like just what we needed for certain of our dogs who had problems with peeing inside, too. I ended up buying a whole set just for the dogs. The front-loader washer we have sanitizes them well and we can save money in the long run, compared to buying the paper ones that want to blow all over in the slightest breeze.

Toby is our older boy, at 13, he started peeing in the bathroom recently, so we always keep a pad in there. Casey has a brain tumor and sometimes has problems with needing to pee while we are a away, too. I was home from work sick for a few weeks. I returned last Monday and came home to find pee in two places. So we put the pads down. No one peed again this week, but at least we had the areas covered!

Here is a link that might be useful: One place to buy bed pads

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oh dear. I forgot to post the link to it. here it is -

this should go to the page with that review on it.

it's the 7th one down. unless I miscounted.

Here is a link that might be useful: water leak alarm

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be sure to post back if it works. It could be just what is needed to keep him/her from that spot.

In the last yr or so w/my girl I got up several times at night to take her out. of course, I had to 'take me out' also! We were just 2 old ladies having a problem making it thru the night.

I plan to get one to try out under the sink.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Very interesting. My fear is that it will only encourage him to find a worse place to pee...right now he's doing it on vinyl or tile...

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Nancy those would be perfect to put under our Tillies bed rug. Being a little older and spayed she drips some times. these would keep it off the carpet. I am always putting pads around for the animals to sleep on on the furniture. These would work for this. Just to keep the hair confined a little bit. LOL they do not all leak

Steph the alarm sounds interesting just for safety sake.

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