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quiltpartnerOctober 14, 2010

When you have a question or problem, I know to check the forum -- all you wise ones are here -- on all topics imaginable!

It's been a LONG time since I've done any tole painting & while I've had the itch to pick it up again, I'm a little timid w/this project. I'm doing a nativity (wood) for a friend & it is all painted, & I'm wanting to finish w/an antiquing. Here's where my memory needs jogged a little. Can I just use acrylic & brush on/wipe off? I don't remember always using oils for this, altho I know I have - a thinned burnt umber that I brushed on & wiped off. The oils give more working time, but I'd rather not re-invest in a lot of supplies I may not use (much of) again.

Can someone out there help me w/this question?? I'd be every so grateful! :)

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Hi Quiltpartner, I don't do allot of antiquing but I think any of the metods you've discussed would work. I'd just advise you to spray a couple coats of sealer on before you do the antiquing so it won't penetrate the wood.

I used to even use that Old English furniture polish and wipe on/wipe off when I wanted to make a piece less bright. Have to be very careful not to get fingerprints on it until it dries though.

Hope someone with more experience hops in here with more information.


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I still use acrylic burnt umber to antique projects and the fool proof way to do it is what Luvs mentioned. After the painting is done, put a coat of sealer on first THEN do the antiquing. The sealer will give you more control in creating a more uniform stain.

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Thank you luvs & kdraftymom! It's funny but I hated to go ahead w/this until I got a nod of approval:) Tomorrow I antique! Whoopee!!!

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