How do you make painted objects durable?

oceannaOctober 8, 2013

Suppose you want to paint a metal tray with acrylics (already base coated, so painting on top of latex) and you want to use that tray daily so it's in and out of water all the time, being sponged down and having bowls carried on it daily.

Is there a way to make it durable for all that? Like, could you coat it with polyurethane, or maybe spar varnish (made for boats) and get durability out of it?

I don't want to work hard on something and then see my work peel up. But I don't like any of the trays commercially available.

Can this be done?

The piece was already properly prepped and painted, btw, so my question is about top-coating.

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You might write/contact one of the companies that make the brand of paint you plan to use. Also some of the craft magazines have ask and answer sections--or just write to the editor. Even though I have done tole painting, none of my work would ever stand up to what you want to do. In my opinion it would almost have to be "baked" on to stay. Any varnish that I know about would last very long being in and out of water, maybe of the chemicals in the water--
Good luck to you

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