Which should I use for antiquing painted furniture?

dawnbeeOctober 29, 2001

I plan to paint a wooden desk a sage green color and I want to antique it..should I drybrush with a brown wood stain or should I use brown paint/glaze combo over it?

If anyone has had any experience with what works best, please let me know.


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Ipainted a 70's dresser in a cinnamon color. I had never used glaze before, but bought a black glaze (it was on sale for $4!). I painted it on very lightly and then wiped lightly with a cloth. It turned out terrific and I have more comments on that piece than any other piece. I think that a brown would look pretty also. Good luck!

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I have been using a "damp" sponge with a HINT of black paint on it, then going over the piece until i like it! sometimes you will have to use a different piece of the sponge to smooth it out a bit - one tool, one smudge of paint = antiqued! sorry if this is confusing, hope you followed this. good luck!

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I have used furniture wax mixed with burnt umber oil paint. Spounged it on and wiped it off. I have also used antiquing stuff, Apple barrel brown, found out after that you have to spray the wood first with a matte varathene and then antique or else the antiquing stuff 'sticks' and you can't wipe it off. It looked awful. Have fun with what ever you do!

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