Tiny Houses on HGTV!

enigmaquandrySeptember 6, 2011

I just saw that "tiny houses" made an appearance for the designer's challenge on design star. Exciting they're getting some attention!

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I agree that is exciting. If they come up with some neat ideas, folks might pay more attention to the very different needs of smaller homes.

I hope they make that episode of Design Star available for ON DEMAND. Thanks for the heads up, I will try to watch it.

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I got an email from HGTV that said Candice was listing the features of a good small kitchen design. I visited the link on her part of HGTV, and came away with a few pointers.

As usual, she created a fantastic looking room. First pointer was: minimize the contrast. So there was little difference between the cabs, counters, floors, or any wall paint or displayed items. Two: she varied the floor with two different squares of color, ON THE DIAGONAL, to lead the eye in a longer line Three: she added functionality where the counters were uncluttered, the cooking odors vented outside, more than one cook accommodated, and the recycled goods and trash were given convenient space.

It was sort of a galley design, which was of interest to me, because my future kitchen might have to be a galley.

Candice always gives great eye candy to her fans, and there is the entire 30 minute program online. Worth viewing.

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Can you post the link here?

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Marti, I'll link to Candice's HGTV program page.
It was the program of Aug 31st. Shown in "Recent Episodes."

I watched the whole program on my computer so I know it is there. But I deleted the email/newsletter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Big Ideas...Small Kitchens

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Thanks, that was great. I love the way they made the new cabinets match the original ones.

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I think that episode of CANDICE TELLS ALL will air again on Sept 28? You might check your local cable lineup.

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Yes, but they didn't take them seriously. There wasn't one of their houses that you could really live in. These aren't as glam, but people do live in them, and I think the winner did a much better job than any of the Design Star folks. I was actually pretty disappointed with the HGTV episode: to me the main shortcoming of so much of the tiny house mvt is a tendency to live like you're in a college dorm or an over-the-hill hippy from the 60s. It would have been a great chance to show how to live small with style and instead it was just an attempt to impress the judges.

Here is a link that might be useful: tumbleweed small house contest

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