pezabelleOctober 17, 2008

In a previous post I mentioned that I had painted several projects by the ame artist but couldn't remember who is was, my DD was going through her decorations and found these, they are by the same artist.

Does anyone know who it is or what books they were in? I wanted to do more by this artist in an ongoing theme.

Thanks for all of the help I have received here - you are all great!

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Those are cute Pezabelle, but I can't help with a designer's name I am afraid.

I also like the little "Franky" in the background too, did you paint it also?


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My message didn't post...must have skipped the submit button again. URG. They are really cute. Trying to wrack my brain to see if I can think of who the designer would be. In some ways reminds me of some Karen Wisner pilgrims I've seen, but I think the eyes are different so I don't think they are hers. I'll keep thinking. I like your Franky too. ~Anj

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The Funky's were the first thing I painted after 30 years of painting nothing more challenging than my house painting. That was when My GS was born (1990-91) and I wanted something special for just him....now he has bins of decorations. The Funky's are still some of my favorites.

Anyone still have the book? There are a couple of patterns I would like to re-make.

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I have a few beginner books that belong to my sister in law and they are all Pat Olson...sp? The features seem to be somewhat how she paints and the stars on the clothing seem familiar too.

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