enlarging a project

cathy8091October 20, 2009

Hi everyone, I think I have been to all sites possible. I would like a site or program to purchase that would allow me to enlarge a drawing to accommodate my project. I have tried rapid resize and they are very good, but pricey. Does any one out there know of another site or program, that is user friendly and cheap. My scanner won't enlarge large enough for my liking. If there is such a site I'm sure someone here will know. Thanks for the help.

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Good Morning,

I've always used a copier to resize any pattern. There are several office printing shops around and they will reprint for me. I haven't done this recently but years ago I paid up to $1 and was tickled to get it done.

You use to be able to purchase a machine to enlarge a picture with a projection on the wall. Did you look for anything like that? These were from years ago so may be obsolete.
Just a couple thoughts for you.


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How big does it have to be? My printer/scanner like most does up to poster size which entails feeding several sheets into the printer, but it works. I also own a projector which does come in handy for really large images.

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I was lucky enough to be give a copy machine and use it for most of my enlargements. For some projects I have to use the copy I enlarged and enlarge it even more, which often means I have to physically cut and tape several sections together to get a finished pattern.

For simple patterns where you need just the basic lines or where you can't get a clear copy to enlarge, I do the "squares." It takes time but always works. I place a sheet of tracing paper over the project and square it off. Then make a sheet of larger squares on newsprint and place tracing paper over it and draw away. I use a very fine pencil or marker to do the squares. I did a life size Santa that I had drawn on a 4"x6" note pad using this method. I enlarge it on a copy machine several times then did the squares. I made him for my daughters & family and ended up making and selling 16 of them.....never again!

Hope this helps!

PS...if you have a electronic fix it shop near you, check it our for a copy machine.

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A BIG OOOOPPPPPSSSSS! After posting all that stuff up there-I stopped to think...something I rarely do....and figured out you are looking for a computer programs to enlarge your patterns! Daah!

The only site I know of is Pixresizer. But I use it to reduce pictures, however some of my Pez friends use it to enlarge pictures. Might be worth checking out.


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Thanks for all your help. I did pretty good with my scanner and croping several times. I will try the Pixresizer.

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I know this post is a little old but I use one of these and it was worth every dime

Here is a link that might be useful: kopykake projector

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