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FlowerLady6September 4, 2010

Hello everyone. It has been brought to my attention a couple of times now that pictures are missing from older posts of mine. I've been here since soon after this forum opened sometime in 2006. I've been a member of GW since 2003. We lost our web host through death the beginning of this year. We had been using this site for years, but as he was the only person running the show, the whole thing was now over, and we had to find another host. All my pictures in any post before the beginning of this year are all gone, there is nothing I can do about it. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

I do have a blog and have been keeping up with that for the past couple of years. There are pictures there. One of these days I'll try to get together pictures again to post in here. We are getting ready to repaint our little cottage when it's cooler and I look forward to that, as our plum color is in need of freshening up.

Gardening keeps me busy too on our 1/4 acre. I work part time also. I cook and bake from scratch and lately have been embroidering and beading to my hearts content.

Again, I apologize for the lost pictures.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Here is a link that might be useful: FlowerLady's Musings

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FlowerLady Thanks for the update and hope it was ok to make a stabbing guess at the problem. I thought you had mentioned it some where. Maybe it was on your blog. Was not sure when you would catch up with the posts here as I do know you are very busy. I had the same happen to me when I had to change servers. So hare to re-create it all over again. And our new server does not have web hosting.


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It was fine Chris, as I don't always get in here to see what is going on.


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Flowerlady, you know more about the operation of these dratted photo web sites than I do, and their connection to GW. At first I thought I could upload a photo to GW and it would be on their server. But apparently they only keep a link to the uploaded image, and it is viewable by the HTML code.

I found that out when I uploaded and then promptly deleted the photos from the tinypic place that I use. Well, duhhhh, silly me, I had to do everything over again.

I also keep all of my photos on my computer, or now on the Western Digital Ambassador 1T USB external drive. That is AWESOME! I love it, and can have all of my photos right there, foreseeably into the end of time. As long as they make a USB connection to computers.

So that is what I thought you'd have going on too. I apologize if I as usual over simplified the solution to viewing your lovely pictures as simply uploading them from your computer. But of course, we can always wait for the new projects to be done and your blog to be updated too, and we'll be able to see them there permanently.

Again I apologize, did not mean to intrude on your blissful cottage days filled with cooking and baking and beading and gardening and embroidering. And blogging! :)

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No harm done. I did take the time this morning to put together some pictures, and blog links. This took all morning and some.

That should do it for awhile.


Here is a link that might be useful: FlowerLady's Musings

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