A few last pics....

anjabeeOctober 13, 2011

Here are some pics of the last few things I did up for the boutique. Won't let me post in the gallery today. Painted Santa on a cabinet door. (?) Hauntings Sign (John Sliney) Painted glass block (?) Glass block (Barb Jones) Stitchery...I made a few of these with different designs on the spider body, sold them all. You can't tell from the pic but there are black beads sewed on in different places. Another stitchery I made a few of and sold all. Ok, I hope y'all enjoy. I'll be back in 2 weeks!! =) ~Anj

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Anj, love all your stitchery items! No wonder you Sold Out...I'm laughing over that last picture and the Menu. You find the cutest things to make. I was looking through some old magazines and found a couple of Monika Brinks. They are smaller projects but called to me after seeing all of yours.


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You are just a multi talented gal, Anj. Stitcheries are so cute, no wonder they sold quickly. Your painted items are neat too. Of course I love the snowmen. I'm not a real fan of Monika Brint or Johin Sliney, but I have to admit I really enjoy the items you've done of theirs. They make me smile. ;o)

I'm behind on reading and responding on both my forums so will have to read more to discover why you won't be back for two weeks. Whatever you're up to, I hope it goes well and you have fun. ;o)


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Love the ones with all the teeth - that is just too funny. The others are great too - but then you always do great stuff. Very creative mind you have, Anj.

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Anj...your additions are wonderful! I really like you stitchery...awesome!

Thanks for sharing!


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