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citytransplantOctober 17, 2009

Here are some of the very first things I ever painted. Any work done between then and now has been given away. I will post the few newer things I have soon.

Kind of all over the place huh? Woodcrafts, oils and in between.

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It's so great to have you here posting with us. Great projects and I love your beautiful oil painting. The sky, trees, water all is great. Landscapes are something I want to try more but I've never painted with oils. I'm not sure I would have the patience to use oils. Since you've painted with both, tell us what your thoughts are.


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Well Punk,

Thanks for the compliments. About using oil as a medium...well, I am messy. When I eat dinner, it gets on me, the table and sometimes the floor. When I use a caulk gun, it gets in my hair, clothes and my hand gets stuck to the gun, when I paint walls and ceilings....well.. you get the idea. To me, and people have disagrred, but to me, oil painting uses a different part of the brain than acrylics AND it is messy. One can do really wonderful things with oil, but I prefer acrylics. Maybe that is because that is what I learned first.

I would like to say though, that if you get opportunity to oils, oh boy, jump on it. Great fun! And it takes less patience than acrylics. I did that painting at a make and take class. They provide everything, so there is no investment in the oils, brushes ect. If you see a class like that I really would suggest you try it out. You just might convert.

Do you remember Bob Ross, and his beautiful little trees? That program inspired me to paint. After doing the make and take class, I bought a lot of Boss Ross's paint, his video and books and bunches of stuff. Got paint all over me and my house, used up all the canvases, gave those paintings away to people that I swear are blind as they liked them ( I did not), then gave everything to my granddaughter. Okay I am rambling... bye for now


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Joan, I like all the work you posted, and I love the painting.
I do landscapes in acrylics-never used oils, I started with acrylics and just stuck with them. What size is your painting and are you hanging it on your wall? Too beautiful to put aside!!!

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Your landscape painting is very nice, I am impressed! I've not ever tried to do any landscapes--maybe someday!

I remember when the rocking horses were popular, and of course, bears still are. Isn't it interesting how the things we like to paint have changed? I used to do tons of little cutouts--now not so much.

Can't wait for you to get some new projects painted to share with us. What types of things do you like? Do you have lots of pattern books and supplies?

I think I mostly like to paint the "cutesy" things--not any good at realistic painting actually. It is so fun to see everyone's different styles on here.


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It is fun to see eveyone's different style and how everyone see's the the same thing in different way. Yes, I have tons of books and supplies..been collecting for a while. I like to do the "cutsey" things too. The problem is no one I know wants "cute" and I never liked to paint and just "stash" it somewhere. Now that I am painting again, I thought heck, just paint what I want, to satisfy my creative self. I am so glad to have found you gals, as it is encourging to do just that!


Yes I do have this one hanging is a prominent place, but when people ask me what kind of painting I do, I forget that it is there, and tell them crafty things. Funny huh? Yes, I have done landscapes and still lifes in acrylics and I agree with you, that they feel more comfortable to use. The painting is 16 X 20.

Again thnks bunches for the encouring words. Today I will paint!!!

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City girl @ heart.......I really like Patriotic so you can guess which are my favorites. And your forest scene is super, funny how things fit into our lives and we overlook them.

I started out in oils back in high school.....that was long ago! I found that I "mess" with oil to much and they become a blob with the exception of miniatures, I can paint them forever without a problem. Maybe having to concentrate on the strokes being so small it keep the "it has to be perfect" side of my brain busy.

Like you I used to paint everything that came along and did several bazaars a year...not anymore I paint for myself and a few special friends or for raffles and charity events. I still get to paint what I like more than what someone else wants and I have tubs of holiday stuff that I pull out each year. But the best part is when my DGS looks at things and remembers when I painted something for him, those are the times that are special.

So.......as everyone else has said, keep painting and then post everything!


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Phonegirl and anyone else:

I just checked this forum to have a look see. As you can see from my name I paint in oils. I want to encourage anyone who wants to try to give it a whirl.

Oils are the easiest most forgiving medium to paint in. The only thing it requires is patience to wait for the paint to dry so you don't make mud by overworking.

Unlike acrylics oil paints blend well on the canvas and if you don't like what you've done a little odorless thinner on a brush cloth ot q-tip will wipe it off. If it's dry and you don't like it just paint over it. 26 years ago I had my first painting class and did my first painting and I was hooked.

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Love your name but can we call you OP or something else? If I din't have such a busy schedule you would have me running out to buy oil paints right now. You make it sound so nice. I don't know if I'm talented enough to paint with oils. Do you have to be able to a good artist at drawing?

Please show us your work you've done. I'll bet it's wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to post here. We would love to have everyone who looks post with us.


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OP........you named the exact reason I haven't done oils in years.....I play with it and it gets muddy! I am forever trying to make it look better and end up....well...ya' know.

Glad to have you here with us and please keep coming back and show us your work! If you checked the Gallery you will see that no two of us are alike in what or how we paint and that is what makes the forum so great.


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