This year's first Christmas project

caliroseOctober 9, 2010

Painted on sled that is 5" across and about 10" long. Design is based on Mary Jo Leisure's Tucked Among the Holly ornament booklet. From Acrylic and Oils From Acrylic and Oils From Acrylic and Oils

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What a wonderful Christmas decorating treasure that will be. The sled has sort of an antique look about it and the design you selected for it is just right. ;o)

I haven't really thought about Christmas painting yet, still into Halloween and Fall. I'm glad I started early this year, I'm not getting nearly as much painted as I wanted to.


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Calirose - that sled is a great backdrop for this pattern. Was the sled that color when you got it or did you stain it?

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Thank you both!

The sled was about the color of the easel behind it in the last picture. I think it was Punk who painted her sled black and that gave me the idea of darkening my sled. (Sorry if I gave the wrong person-I'm just learning the people here)

I used oil paint to stain the sled surface; then used water soluable oils to paint. I still need a few highlights but need the paint to dry a little. The runners I painted black acrylic and distressed a little.

I love fall, but Halloween doesn't get much attention here. No young-uns around. Maybe I am trying to rush Christmas because it is 90 degrees here!! Doesn't seem like fall. LOL

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Cali, your sled turned out beautiful. I remember Bebe painted a santa with roses on a sled that was beautiful. I'm sure this is the one you are thinking about. I paint on black backgrounds alot but haven't painted a sled lately. I haven't taken time to paint MUCH lately.


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Thanks Punk for the compliment AND for correcting me! I don't want to slight Bebe!!

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