Coloring Grout Question

Jayne77March 30, 2012


I am new to mosaic work although I have experience with stained glass. I am working on an intricate and colorful stained glass mosaic right now and would like to have many different colors of grout. Should I premix many containers of grout and do each area a different color or should I paint the grout afterwords? I read somewhere on this board that painted grout looks tacky. Is that true? Please help!!



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Welcome: Personally I use black, charcoal or gray on everything I mosaic. Grout color is strictly a personal choice. Lots of artists use multi-colors in one piece very effectively. Don't believe I've seen the word tacky used on this forum re grout colors, but if so - who made that person grout police? It's the artist's choice, IMO.

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It is as slow said personal. I am a fan of black charcoal or gray also-very rarely do I venture away from that.
Linda Smith (mosaicsmith) on her blog has a couple of good tutorials for multiple color grouts in a mosaic.
Painting grout-I have done it, you must use a wash, if you use straight undiluted paint it can look thick and unnatural, hence the tackiness you refer to. I would not recommend mixing up all the colors at once-it may set up before you get to use it! Heres some links. Linda, as an artist really has a fine instructional blog.

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I too have painted grout many times but if you paint it straight on the grout with a brush, it looks ''unnatural'' somehow. What I do is I lightly sponge on paint with a sea sponge and then wipe off the tesserae with a terry cloth rag. Sometimes I do multiple layers of paint. Sponging it give me the soft blendy look I want.

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Thank you for all of your help! I will post a picture of my mosaic when it is finished!

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