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phonegirlOctober 31, 2010

Here's my latest santa tray. Do you think it needs more around it? I paint so much on black that I'm not liking the white background on this one.

I'm also going to share a picture of my Boo tray because this old mind can't remember if I posted it before. I know it still needs to be varnished!LOL


Happy Halloween Everyone.


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Ok, you asked so I am going to give my opinion. I think you need something between the Santa and the red and white candy stripe. Perhaps another gold band right where the crease is in the tray, you know, where the flat part of the tray meets the curved part. That is all I would do because you have lots of detail in the painting and you don't want the eye to flit around trying to find the point of interest. The boo tray is gorgeous, I love the pink background. You did a fantastic job or both.

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B, I don't have a gold leaf pen so had to free hand the line. I think it looks better now. What do you think? Thanks, Punk

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It looks great, you are really good at freehanding. I think it is finished and I love it!! Hope you have a nice varnish on it cause it looks like it might get a lot of use this Christmas.

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Looks terrific! I can't freehand like that. You are really good at it. cali

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Punk....How beautiful! The addition of the gold trim really set the tray off and brings the eye to the main part...Santa. I wouldn't cover it up with any good, just sit it on a small easel and let it shine!

Thanks for sharing!!!!!


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Wow! Punk, that Santa tray is really, really nice! That candy cane trim is just perfect, and I do like it better with the gold trim.

The Halloween tray is really nice. That house in the background looks like it has a lot of detail.

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I love your Santa tray, and the addition of the extra ring of gold was just the thing! You put so much detail work in it, and the gold accents and the rings really tie it all together so well. I agree with Belle, this one needs to be on an easel or the wall for all to see and enjoy!

The Boo tray is so cute too, love those little squigglies on the ghosts. Kinda neat to see a Halloween project not on an orange or black background. Are you planning to paint the outside rim, or leave it white? Gosh, now you've already got something "new" for next year's Halloween decorating! Way to go! ;o)


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B, thanks for the advise on adding just a gold line around the inside and your sweet comment.

Cali, thank you for the wonderful comments.

Belle, thanks and not sure what I will do with this but thanks for the idea of setting it for show. Good to see you back here.

FM, thanks for all your comments on both projects. It's fun to hear what others notice on projects.

Luvs, thanks and I could use some advise on what I should do with the rim on the pink tray. I would of never attempted to paint a gold band on the Santa tray if B wouldn't of brought it up but it turned out ok.

So ladies what do you suggest I do with the pink tray to finish it? Thanks so much for all your sweet comments on these projects.


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Punk your ghostly tray is terrific and I wouldn't have thought of anything more had Brenda not mentioned adding the gold trim to the Santa tray. I would paint a black line outlining the pink. I don't know about the rim will leave that to others. cali

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