Mini-redo in my kitchen...very excited!

lavender_lassSeptember 14, 2013

Well, it's time to do something with my current kitchen! I need to put a new floor in (vinyl tile) so it's level and safer, for my husband. He's just about ready to start using the kitchen again (therapist wants to start working in there, for daily activities) and the flooring has some loose corners.

So, off to Lowe's today, in search of new floor tiles...and paint! I need a change and I think a soft green will look great with the wood cabinets. Thought about painting the cabinets...but no. Too much work, the paint would probably not stick (fake wood 80's oak) and the brown has finally kind of grown on me. LOL

This is going to be a great reason to get the kitchen REALLY clean, before cold weather...and helps with my organization challenge! Have a great weekend...and if any of you lived closer, I'd have a painting party :)

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My neighbor just put in wood look vinyl, sheet vinyl, in her kitchen and it looks amazing.

Her kitchen used to be a screened in porch and wasn't built to be living space. I have no idea how the last owners ever got a building permit to enclose it, the floor is that off. But the flooring people leveled it, mostly, and laid the sheet vinyl, and it really looks good. Her kitchen is done like an old time soda fountain, and the wood look is perfect in it.

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I'll bet you will be amazed at the difference new tile and paint will do!

I definitely need to get in the organizational mode, but my kitchen has been demo'd, am cooking in the LR, doing dishes in the bathroom. But, it WILL happen (maybe).

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Yep new paint and flooring will make a huge difference. Later on you can paint the cabinets. LOL

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Shades- LOL! I don't think so. I wanted to paint them white, when I first moved in...but the wood has grown on me. I think it's all the white kitchens in the magazines, but maybe I'm just getting lazy :)

Ogrose- I think we can give you a pass on kitchen organization, for now. I know it will happen and I'm excited to see your new kitchen!

Marti- Your neighbor's kitchen sounds wonderful! Do you have any pictures? I'd love to see them. I'm imagining lots of windows (that would be so nice) and great vintage details!

My 17 year-old nephew went shopping with me yesterday (muscle for the floor tiles) but he ended up helping me choose colors. We had a great time! We got 'Wild Asparagus' paint for the kitchen and found fabric for my mom's project, too. She's converting her back bedroom into a dining room/tea room (so fun) and we found a yellow rose fabric on a blue background with lots of green leaves (really pretty) for $5 a yard, at Walmart. And it's the heavy fabric for drapes, not the light weight cotton.

My nephew said it was perfect for 'grandma Peggy' and he chose the paint to go with it. He very carefully pulled out four paint samples to match the gold/peach centers of the roses, chose the closest match...and decided the lighter shade would be perfect for her room. I am so proud! LOL He's got a good eye for color and really wanted to get it just right, for grandma :)

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Thanks, LL, will definitely post pictures. We are basically having our 40+ year old house updated, which has drug on for forever; we're on our 3rd contractor, and very happy with this one. Basically I have been the GC and that seems to be working out pretty good. The cabinetmaker will be installing medium brown oak cabinets next Thursday and Friday, and don't know how long it will take for the granite people. It will be Black Galaxy granite with gold specks, with white backsplash to just get some light in here. The floors are a "palomino" colored tile (light brown). DH was a master electrician and did so much of the remodel work himself before he got sick. He is picky picky so is good at giving the contractor grief, lol! My only concern is how dark it may turn out, but our kitchen faces south with good sized window and French doors going out to patio so here's hoping with lots of light it will be okay.

Oops, sorry to hijack your post, will quit for now!

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Ogrose- Hijack away! I think your kitchen is going to be beautiful. Facing south, the darker finishes will be a good fit and the white backsplash will be a nice balance.

I really enjoy 'seeing' what everyone's kitchens will look anyone else starting/finishing or thinking about a remodel should join in :)

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I don't have any pictures, LL, and don't really know her enough to ask, iykwim.

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I do know what you mean. Not everybody wants to share photos...but it sounds like a cute kitchen!

How is your kitchen remodel coming along? I know the water damage has been a real pain, but how about the dining room? I know you were also planning on doing a little work outside. Any pictures?

I'm still trying to get my little arbor moved over to the other side of the house. It's out in the kitchen garden, which ended up being my weed garden this year (LOL) with everything else that's been going on. It's too far from the house (and too close to the deer) and too cold for roses, so I want to move it to right outside the bedroom and plant red climbers on it. I already have a couple of pretty purple clematis that I can move, too. Just waiting for my brother and nephew to come out (although they don't know this yet) and help me move it :)

Here's a picture, before all the weeds... From Lavender's Garden

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Nothing going on with the kitchen right now. We got all the beadboard up on the ceiling and I need to be caulking it and painting.

Supposed to have a drywall guy come over today to give a bid on finishing the walls and getting the backsplash ready to tile.

With the leak, we had to rip out the sheetrock behind the toilet in the hall bath, which means we had to take out the toilet, and when we replaced the sheetrock, I decided there was no better time to refinish the part of the cabinet that is beside the toilet. So much easier to get to it without the toilet there and I KNOW dh won't move it again just for me to work on the cabinet. So that is what I'm doing today. I'm only going to refinish the side. I'll do the rest later when the counter has been removed.

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LL, how is your redo coming along? I'm hoping you'll love it!

Okay, my cabinets are in, I love them, we went to the granite supplier today to pick out granite Black Galaxy slab, I love it. I think I told you I first decided on white cabinets and light counters to give the area a bright airy look, then DH entered the picture, and I finally decided that I liked that for the long run, but at this point am wondering if this is going to look like a bordello when finished, or a sophisticated, elegant kitchen, lol! Promise, WILL send pictures...

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Congrats!!! I think it's going to be beautiful, sophisticated and very elegant...and maybe a little flirty! LOL Seriously, it's going to be beautiful and I think...don't say this on the kitchen forum :)...that darker cabinets are becoming very popular!

I like white kitchens, especially in a cottage, but the white/marble/all light colors have been a bit overdone. I think people are going to gravitate to the cozier, darker, wood tones. And your dark granite is going to be lovely :)

This is fair weekend, so still not painting, but cleaning and getting things ready. Hoping to take pictures soon and start getting some color on the walls!

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LL, did you ever pick out new floors? I was wondering what you went with and if you have any pictures?

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I found some vinyl tile floors, but there wasn't much available. Almost everything looks like slate, which is too dark and muddy, for me. I did find some lighter tiles that look a bit like marble. There's enough veining to hide the dirt (LOL) so I went with those.

Still trying to get to kitchen painting and floors. Between trying to organize other rooms and finishing horses/outside work, I seem to have fallen behind. I'll post pictures as soon as I can :)

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I hope darker cabinets are going to be the new thing since I just did mine darker and hope that will help sell the house.

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