SW has COLORSNAP for smartphones

MoccasinSeptember 28, 2011

Just to let you know, this must be something new that Sherwin Williams has.

There are several 'snap' applications available for iPhones, like LEAFSNAP and MEALSNAP, but this is the first mention I've seen of COLORSNAP. You can download it for your iPhone, Blackberry, or Androids at the SW website. I'll put in the link below.

Now I'm hoping I can find the LEAFSNAP for Android too, because it will identify plants by taking a picture of the leaf, mostly for northeast plants, but helpful as it expands its coverage.

What a great help these little applets will be, keeping your color pallette on your phone....to carry with you when you shop. If I can crosspost this to DECORATING forum, I will.

Here is a link that might be useful: SW COLORSNAP smartphone app

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Yeah, I decided not to download it. My phone is getting a little congested, and I'd rather have the LOSE IT! app on there than this one.

But for someone more involved in color selection than I am, it could be a handy tool. Better than lugging around a big fat fandeck of paint samples. :)

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