Should I add another window box?

young-gardenerSeptember 29, 2010

I finished building and installing the first window box. I also panited shutters and helped DH hang them. Now, I'm torn.

We've debated what to do about the center window (box and shutters), and I'd love to hear your ideas. I'll see what you think, then I'll share our brainstorms. As it is, something just doesn't seem right.

What would you change?

I hope the dying plants in the box and beds aren't too distracting. It's time to buy the fall flowers, but I haven't made it to the store yet.

Painting the trim/foundation remains on my to do list a year after I started painting the exterior.

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Yes, I think adding a window box to the other window would balance it out a little. Window boxes suit your house perfectly!

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What a beautiful home!! I think another window box would look great and balance it out.

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How lovely! Your house feels so warm and inviting.

I know things can look quite different "in person", but I'll be the voice of dissent. I like just the one box as it is. There a lot going on, visually on the opposite side of the walk, and I like the balance of the one box with the trees.

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Our initial plan was just one. Then, we decided the lone shutter looked misplaced and a box might mask it. I wonder if it would look better or worse to split a shutter to the needed width and put it between the window and the porch.

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I wouldn't worry about another shutter. In the real world your shutters would have needed to be 3 times their current size for use.

And I agree with just one window box. Your home is adorable. Forget where you live, are you green all year? If you get snow, wait until winter to take a second look at the overall feel. But I still love it as it is.

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Seeing it bare is a good idea, emagineer. I hadn't considered that. We are just south of Atlanta, so we have a good bit of green time every year.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I had to scroll up again to see the shutter--I didn't even notice it the first time. I love the window box! Since you have shrubs under the 'naked' window, they may grow taller, filling in the space where a window box would be mounted. I think it's perfect as is.

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Sailorgirl, I do not think I'd put another window box under the triple big window set. Nope. If you want another one, go to the far left set of double windows.

What I'd do instead with that triple set of windows which has the picture window, is create a totally different framed garden vignette. Something like a very large and layered water fountain, maybe two layers, something white or maybe gray. It would be apparent that the picture window has the center stage framing this beautiful feature. And then I'd put the potted seasonal plants around the fountain...or bird bath, if you can find one big enough..
It would give enough substance to the spot to really give a POW to your front approach.

You have a lovely yard. I do not think you need window boxes under that long row of windows. It would tend to make people wonder how it was being held up. And it would create a never ending chore trying to keep the boxes looking good.
You'd be better off, and so would your plants, if they were in the ground, or sitting in pots around that fountain.
Even a brick circular walk around the fountain would be neat and fit in well with your long straight brick path to the front door.

Love your house.

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I do apologize. I had my head on backwards today. Still tired from my drive up to Iowa and back with only 2 hours of sleep between. That is 1890 miles round trip. Just now coming back to my senses.

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Thanks for the ideas, moccasin! DH and I had been discussing the need for something with height. I've tried and failed twice to add height to the right. LOL. He'll be delighted that someone suggested a fountain. That's his favorite garden feature.

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Young-gardener, hey, I do hope the idea inspires both of you because fountains are great to have in a garden.

Take your time and build the whole plan in stages. Sort of layering your yard. It is a lush and semitropical land of deep green. I think I'd look for some varigated or chartreuse leaves to bring points of light into the greenscaping.

Keep us posted on how things are going. And be sure to take seasonal photos of your home, showing the shade pattern summer and winter. Over the years, it has helped me to avoid planting things where they would not be happy.

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