Multi-function in Kitchen with TOOLS

MoccasinSeptember 10, 2012

Here is a video of a DIY multitasking and multifunctioning for a regular drill being used in the KITCHEN to prepare foods. Yeah, grinding parmesan, whipping up a latte, blendering stuff. There is a video of it happening, and that is what I am trying to link here. I got it from LifeEdited, which is a great newsletter with good information that can lead to some creative ideas for us small homers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Turn power drill into a kitchen tool!

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I got a kick out of that video. I'm sure my $200 cordless drill could make pretty quick work of kitchen chores. I should make a video of how to cook a hot dog with an arc welder- yes, it can be done!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I laughed all the way through the video...Tim the toolman Taylor!

I'm surprised he didn't video using a sawz-all to carve up a ham!

Or a roto-zip to make the holes in an apple pie crust!

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They didn't mention the butter churn that you simply hook up to your power drill. As the drill turns the shaft holding the wooden paddles, the fats settle out from the cream. That yellow/white fat that settles out is butter. My stepmother came to us with a Jersey cow and this butter churn method. I would do it sitting on the floor, using my feet to help hold the jar, with the churning paddles inside, in place.

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LOL Nancy I made lazy woman's butter when I had my cow. I used the blender. Butter in a hurry.

Will watch the video tomorrow I am too pooped out to night and do not want to wake my husband laughing. I read the others comments. LOL

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This is really getting some cute replies to it! Love the butter with a blender, because I as a child made butter the old fashioned way for my her churn, and it took FOR-E-VER ....

And I'm also reminded of what happened on my boat (it had 4 big Detroit diesels) and the engineer used to heat up his cans of chili on the manifolds. Then one day he got wet while on deck, stripped off his clothes and laid them on the manifolds to dry. It caused a serious fire in the engine room and shut the boat down. I was off the boat at the time. Fire is the worst nightmare you can have on a boat.

But I digress here.

I bet you could also make ice cream with the drill. Especially a variable speed one. Ohhhh, and I love my sawz-all or Tiger saw, but do not pick it up at 2 in the morning after you've mellowed out on Scotch, because you feel you can do ANYTHING. I'll have to suggest the saw for carving turkey to my DH. At this time he cooks big turkeys in his huge GE oven up in MA and would get a kick out of this idea. He cooks turkey all year long, not just at Thanksgiving.

Maybe you guys should send in some of your ideas.....

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With a new drill, those are some good tips. With my drill, ick!

I have used a beater on my drill to mix paint though, so I can see doing that one for sure.

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My dad used a drill, to try to stir up three boxes of frosting mix at once...many years ago. It was not pretty. LOL

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