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KelliOctober 30, 2001

I was wondering how everyone else's sales are doing this year. With the recent events in the US, has anyone found this to have an affect on craft sales? I am in B.C, Canada and have heard with one of our major employer shutting down, Western Star, that the individual item sales have dropped. It seems people are buying alot of items under $20, closer to $10.

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I am amazed, so far this has been my best year ever, I haven't had a bad show yet...going on my 4th one...had to cancel 2 because I didn't have enough stuff, and ppl are taking my cards and calling with orders, its excited but scary. Good luck.

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I'll agree, I have been surprised with better sales this year. Still never know what will sell. My more expensive items have sold well, probably because they're unique and often one of a kind. Painted items go well as not everyone can paint and most realize that to do so would cost alot just to get the needed supplies.

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Just went to a craft sale in a house. There were signs out front and I thought great. Went inside to see a lovely display of things only to be told by this lady that I could look but I could not buy until 4 o'clock.(It was 3:15) As it would not be fair to some other people who were coming at 4. I thought okay so went downstairs and looked at more things. Came back up looked again, there were a group of ladies gathered in the kitchen. No one spoke to me , it felt awkward as I stood there waiting. It was then that I noticed "Hold" notes placed on a few swags. I left before four and can't bring myself to go back. Please if you are going to have a sale post the time. Sorry to vent just feel upset.

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FlamingO in AR

Oh, Mary I've been in that awkward position of feeling totally out of place before, it's horrible. The good news is that they were probably so wrapped up in themselves that they didn't realize that you were uncomfortable. At least, I think that's good news.........

I always found that things under $10 sold the best, and were usually things that I actually made money on. The more expensive things sold more slowly, but also took so long to make that there was no money to really be made there.

Of course, I'm outta the biz now, so who cares what I used to know? lol

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Thanks FlamingO , you probably are right about the people.

Also I find that if a craft show is at a school,people don't tend to have a lot of money on them. I have seen a lot higher cost items just sit there and not because they aren't worth it.

Plus your advice is always welcome.

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One of my best sales is next weekend and it is at a school in a more affluent neighbourhood. It has great parental support, has been around for years and I do well there but would never do another school sale because it just doesn't pay. I have heard good things now about sales, so maybe things are looking up.

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I hope it goes well for you Kelli. I know I go to a lot of the school sales and enjoy picking things up. There are so many talented people out there. The way I see it handmade is so much more special than store bought.
Let us know how it goes and what sells please :o)

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Just had my first sale of the season. It was great for me, although some said it was so slow. I had the highest sales I have ever had. Everyone said that small things were selling, I sold lots of ornaments, $3-7, and lots of larger things, $22-30. I took so much stock that 3 boxes didn't even get put out. But I am happy with the outcome. Next weekend is the sale that I organize, I am hoping it is as successful. Good luck to everyone else doing sales!

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Kelli, I'm curious. Where are you? I'm in Langley.

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I am in Kelowna.

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Last year I did my first craft show. At my son's school. I wasn't sure what would sell, so I did a variety of things. Kept most prices under $10. Made about $250, which I felt was good. Concidering everything that many sold was under $5. I did sell a few higher priced things.
Last year the crowd was smaller, I think due to a strike that was effecting 1600 families in our community.
I liked doing it at the school, because it was smaller and I could get my feet wet and not be over stressed by trying to do the bigger shows. We have a few big shows here every year. I figure I'll try the smaller ones and work my way up to the bigger one.
It is this weekend and I'm trying it again. It was so much fun. Meeting people and even mingling with the other venders. Of course I didn't start crafting when I said I would and the last 2 weeks I have been going like mad.
Wish me luck
Ont, Canada

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