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FlowerLady6September 18, 2008

Here is another website, Big Ideas for Small Homes.

*** Small spaces can be family friendly spaces and they can be great for entertaining. A pint-sized home is friendly on your wallet and the environment. You want to live in a house that allows you to live as you wish, and not monopolize your time with cleaning extra spaces and extraneous upkeep. Be proud of the small place you call home. ***

Here is a link that might be useful: Big Ideas for Small Homes

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You have been a busy lady fiding interesting articles to read. What search keywords are you using? I have searched the web on many occassions and keep finding the same articles over and over. I generally use "tiny homes" or "small homes".

Keep it coming. I'll try to keep you company out here.

Cooling off up there? I'm in SC and haven't run my A/C for a week.


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I think the keywords were living in small spaces, something like that. At first whatever I was searching under was getting me nowhere. We need more input here and that's why I was searching. Plus, I like to be inspired and encouraged myself about living in our little cottage.

I wish it was cooling off, but we've only had little tiny hints of fall coming. We live in s.e. FL and it's hot and steamy still. We are still using our a.c. It was miserable out this morning after we had some rain, so I stayed indoors to do some 'homecaring' projects, like de-cluttering, cleaning, vacuuming and dusting. I would have rather been outside working in my gardens but I did accomplish somethings in here that make me feel good.

Enjoy your cooler weather and not having to use the a.c.


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I was mistaking you with someone else who lives up north. My apologies. I am a native of Vero Beach, FL. Moved away 18 years ago. My folks are still there, just had Fay sit over them for about three days! Sometimes I miss it, sometimes I don't.


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