Happy Halloween

luvstocraftOctober 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hope all of you have lots of fun seeing all the little ones in their costumes and hearing their laughter--and maybe raiding your own kids/Gkids candy stash for your all time favorite treat! LOL

And I hope you get lots of compliments on your painted decorations too. It is so fun to have our creations enjoyed by others isn't it?

Have a fun day.


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Thanks and I wish all of you a Happy and Safe Halloween . Here's a record I painted for my Sis but wasn't sure I was finished. I should of painted the record white or the kitty orange. One of those projects that may look better once it's varnished.


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Happy Halloween back at you Luvs. I live in the middle of corn fields and am not expecting anyone at our door. I told DH that if anyone should show up to give them five dollars for their effort. That is much less (though not nearly as much fun) and when I lived in the 'burbs and so many wonderfully wildly dressed children came by.

Puck you record is so cute. ( and yes, now I understand that it is a record) I know your sister will be thrilled. While I think that varnish makes everything look better, I don't think you have to worry about improving the cat. Being black, it looks like a "cat ghost" and much more spooky this way. Very creative.


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Hope yall had a Happy Halloween. I only had 2 trick or treaters this year, the next door neighbors. So many of the kids go to the Trunk or Treat at the churches. It is so much safer and easier to keep an eye on the kids when they do that. Oh, well, I bought the kind of candy bars I like just in case I had any left over.

I haven't painted anything for Halloween in years. I am still working on Christmas items for our booth and the craft show for our club. As soon as I upload the photos I will share with you.

Joan, your little pink stool is darling (when I saw the post heading "pink stool", I wasn't really sure what you were talking about).

PG, your sis is going to love the record. I always like to varnish everything but yours looks great just the way it is.

Later yall,

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Punk, your record is perfect just the way it is. That black cat has plenty of white areas to make him show up really well. Very cute design. Did you ever tell us how you cover the hole in the middle? I have some old records that I don't even like--I should paint on them too!

We had fun walking with the little GD and her friends and their mommies and daddies last night--seven kids and 12 adults, so we were a big group. My son set up a bounce house for the kids afterwards and DIL had refreshments and beverages for sort of a party afterwards. Several of the houses in that neighborhood went all out on the decorations. Many were animated and lots of the homeowners were in costumes too. Several had tables and chairs set up in their driveway and were sort of partying while waiting for the kids to come by. It's a fairly new tract of homes with lots of the 30-50 age group. I imagine they had to buy lots of candy because there sure were lots of kids, most accompanied by adults!

I did my treats in little bags this year and I asked my neighbor/friend to go ahead and hand them out for me while I was gone. She said a couple of the neighbors asked about me--said it wasn't like me to miss seeing the kids on Halloween. I think next year, I will just make sure to see little GD ahead of time and then stay home to give out treats. I don't like to be one of the dark houses on the block--I enjoy the neighborhood kids and want them to know it! LOL

Now it's time to put all the Halloween decorations away for another year. I had a project or two that I didn't get finished--might do it, or might just wait till next year! LOL


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Hello Everyone,

Joan, glad you liked the record and thanks for your comment on the "cat ghost." Cute!

PF, thanks for your comment and I hope Sis likes it too. I haven't given it to DSis yet as she lives in a different town than we do. I did get it varnished and it looks far better. I generally don't varnish until after I've posted my projects. Will be looking forward to seeing all your projects when you get them loaded.

Luvs, it sounds like you had a great halloween with GD and the kids. Since we had company, we stayed home but I don't think I'll stay home in the years to come if I have the chance to be with GD. They grow up fast and then we can go back to handing out treats at home.

We ended up with around 90 trick or treaters and that's not as many as most years. I bought skittles, starburst, M & M's, sugar cookies and made popcorn balls this year for the kids treats and they were happy. Alot of them are our customers children so I like to spoil them.

I didn't do anything with the hole in the center of the records. I thought it would be a good way to hang them up.


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