Organization challenge! :)

lavender_lassSeptember 5, 2013

Alright everyone...I have to get my house cleaned up and organized this month, preferably in the next few weeks. I've been 'sort of' working on this for months (a few rooms at a time) but now I need to finish!

So, I thought I would offer an organization challenge, to anyone who is interested. Let's all get at least one room (or the entire house) sorted, organized, and cleaned up, before September 30. If we do it, we should celebrate! Maybe we can all meet for 'tea' during the last week of the month. (Okay, even if we aren't successful, we should still have tea) but we'll feel much better if we meet our goals :)

Anyone else interested? I'm starting today and hope to be finished by September 26th (Thursday) and we can meet for tea that afternoon. Over on Conversations side, any time after 4pm ET. Sound good? Let me know!

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I'm in! Just the motivation i need to pare down my collection. What collection you ask? Why EVERYTHING! that wanders, floats around, clutters flat surfaces and collects dust. Hmmm, perhaps i should declare my target room. .. that way I'll be on the line for it.

Thanks for being a superfluous stuff sifter sponsor in this twelve step program for shedding $#&t.

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I see your challenge, and raise it. My wife just landed a job in SC, so we've got about one month to get our FL house ready to sell, pack everything, and haul it all to SC!

Don't get me wrong; this is a good problem. For those that are following my progress, we've been a split household for two years, with my wife working in FL while I build our place in SC. The 600+ mile commute is getting old!

An interesting plot twist is that the new house is NOT ready, so our worldly possessions will be stored in the barn while we camp out in the basement. 'Organization' will not be the operative word.

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I have been thinking about doing something in my basement.
This will be a good challenge for me and just he motivation that I need.

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Okay, I'm in.

Recently, I came to the realization that not one single room in my house is finished. And I've been living here two years. Every single room has either clutter, or is missing finishing details, like curtains or artwork or something.

I blame a military childhood, where we moved all the time and couldn't hang pictures on the walls of government provided housing or paint or otherwise really decorate. But that's no excuse 30 years later.

I've been working on my bedroom off and on over the summer. I'll take up the challenge to finish the bedroom before the end of the month.

That means:

Find shoe storage.
Deal with the pile o' clutter in the corner.
Hang the curtains.
Make the curtains.
Go through summer and winter clothes and donate those things I don't wear.
Switch out summer and winter clothes.
Find a place to store the iron that isn't the top of my dresser.
Hang the twinkle lights.
Hang the other roller shade. (Got one up and lost steam.)
Make the rug. (Found a lovely crochet pattern for a rug; just have to make it now.)
Clean from top to bottom.

Goodness, I'm getting the vapors just looking at the list.

And the funny thing is, once the bed is made, the room doesn't look bad. It's just that I know all these little projects are hanging over my head.

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I'm in. Here is my goal list:
Garage: Put up shelves. Organize boxes.
Master: Find furniture (not delivered, just PICK OUT)
Living: Order custom bookcases (not completed, just ORDER)
Paperwork: File, file, file and more filing

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FLgargoyle - the good thing is that you will sift through your things and think about, "Do I want to pay to store this?" Good luck.

Camlan - awwww, now I've got to make my list

Finallyhome - isn't it amazing, with the advent of computers we should have LESS paper.....

Alright. I'll focus on my bedroom:

Go through closet and things I haven't worn in a couple of years donate.
ditto drawers
ditto holiday decorations: things I haven't used and won't "hand down" to children, donate or list on ebay
Take donations to GW
move trunk to other side of room
clear dresser top, file stuff or throw stuff away
touch up paint on chair rail (I don't want to do a whole paint job)
Get DH to install clutch on window shade

One thing a day ought to do it.

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Okay, tackled the Pile O'Clutter a bit this weekend. It wasn't as bad as I'd imagined. Several months ago, I'd tried to bring a little order to the mess. So I had two bags of stuff ready for Goodwill, a pile of bins and baskets to use while organizing (insert eye roll here), a stack of stuff that needs to be sent/given to other people, a pile of art work and then a bunch of unsorted junk.

Bags to GoodWill.
Mailed a box of stuff to my brother. (It's stuff he wants, not just junk.)
Sent belated birthday gift to nephew.
Wrapped up a DVD as a surprise gift to my other nephews and niece for their long car ride back home today, after they and their parents drove 500 miles to see my other brother just back from Afghanistan.
Half the art work is hung on my bedroom walls.
Packed up and mailed a catalog return.

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Sunday: 50% of filing done. Yea.
Rearranged guest bedroom (i.e. moved boxes of books in a more orderly fashion.)

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I'm working on a 15-year-old 'honey-do' list while my wife goes through all of the stuff and makes executive decisions. It's amazing how many little repair projects there are, plus things such as replacing two ceiling fans which are too valuable to leave behind.

We won't be paying to store anything; it all goes with us or out. We once had a storage unit, and realized that after a year, we had spent more than the contents were worth. Never again!

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This sounds like the challenge I need to get moving! My house is a cluttered mess. We have made good progress everywhere, but there remains a basic "sheen" of junk and dust everywhere. For instance, we have located the top of our dressers and organized what will stay there. We have been working on the piles of laundry, too, but have never caught up and gotten everything washed and put away. That has to happen before I can vacuum and move or discard things that do not belong in the bedroom.

Same in my craft/exercise room - furniture is all in place, but the clean unsorted bits of laundry are all over my exercise/PT mat table and I need to return a bunch of catalog purchases or donate them and get them out of that room, then clean off the bookshelves so I can organize and put away my lymphedema supplies there and that will get some boxes out of my sauna room, which can then be organized.

Meanwhile, back in the main living area, the dog shed is almost over and I need to vacuum up the large amounts of underfur that are underfur everywhere! Then I need to declutter the island so I can have a workspace for working with the fairy/dinosaur gardens and get them delivered to the kiddos up in the Thumb of Michigan before it gets cold again. I can do my own Gnome Garden, which is how all of this started a year ago! That frees up my kitchen space so it looks like a kitchen again. That will inspire me to sand and stain the last few bits for the kitchen remodel from three years ago so I can get final pictures up for you folks and call that project done.

Then, back at the front area, I can hang the few remaining pictures in the library/music room and get pictures of that room posted for you, too. Then I have woodwork in the foyer, halls, kitchen, and family room to paint, ceilings in halls and family room and hall walls to hire painted.

By then it will be time to gut the big bathroom.

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The Pile O' Clutter is now larger by one Afghanistan prayer rug, two marble goblets and a shawl.

On the plus side, my brother got back from 18 months in Afghanistan safely.

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Jay, we've done the same thing, and the sad thing is that some of our furniture ruined while in storage.

camlam, that's wonderful news. Is he home for good?

nancy, I can relate to that sheen of dust and junk.

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Six large black garbage bags at the curb today. My husband even got into the act and started tossing as well.
THe basement looks better but I still have many more shelves to go.
I still couldn't part with some of my books. i did fill two shopping bags to donate though.
Cam, thank goodness.

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Some might not think this is a big deal, but my coffee table is clean! It has been piled high with papers for filing, receipts, paid bills, old mail, etc., for weeks.

A small step, but a step.

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Woo hoo finallyhome. And what a lovely rug under your coffee table.

I love a clean and non cluttered home. It takes work to keep it that way. When I was traveling back and forth to the hospital I thought I would leave the house tidy so I did not have to come home to a mess tired. All I wanted to do then was take care of the animals shower and fall into bed. I would wake up the next morning and for some reason it would look like a bomb went off. I have no clue how that kept happening. LOL

For once I will get to sit back and watch all of your progress. The new vinyl in the two bedrooms hall and closets forced me to weed out and de-clutter those rooms. While i was at it I did my studio. I already did the pantry and kitchen a few months ago when I did another re-arrange.

Depending on how it all goes with Joe I might get some more time to work on the tile base boards. Course that means all the dang furniture needs to be moved again. ARGHHHHH For now I am taking a break and just trying to keep up with all that needs to be done each day.


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Very nice finallyhome! It is a big deal. I don't have a coffee table but I have a tiny end table piled with so much stuff that a touch causes an avalanche.

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Oh, yes! Yes, I'm right here with you, surrounded in excess.

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houseofsticks - "surrounded in excess" is an excellent description of my situtation. Excess papers, excess Dollar Store purchases (ok, call it what it is "junk"), excess unmatching socks, excess 1 earring. 30 year + of excess purchases. You get idea.

Trying to unsurround myself with the help of this challenge.

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Oh, I've been a procrastinator!!! Not done one thing on my list. The a/c being out is partial excuse. Couldn't do anything as I cooled off in the pool multiple times/day and night.

Finallyhome your coffee table looks very nice. Clear and enjoyable.

Alright. One thing this morning: move the trunk.

I'm off.....

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Our moving preparations are going well, although it seems that there is still a mountain ahead of us. Last weekend we had a yard sale and did very well. We tried to donate some large items to the Salvation Army, but they have gotten rather fussy and just cherry-picked what they wanted. I filled my big van to the roof and made a dump run.

I'm chipping away at repairs while my wife has most of the packing done, and is now helping me with painting touch-ups.

Jay (flgargoyle)

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Wow! Everyone is doing such a wonderful job! I think we need one more weekend, so let's move the 'tea' to Monday, September 30th at 4pm ET, on the Conversations side.

I don't know about the rest of you...but there is no way I'll be done by Thursday! LOL

Finally home- Your table looks beautiful...and so clean!

Every step is important, so let's all keep cleaning, sorting, organizing and donating!!! It makes such a difference, not only to ourselves, but all those who benefit from the donations. Ten days left...we can do it!!! :)

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I am done with my basement! I moved on to closets. My oldest daughter was home this afternoon and I had her go through all of the clothing that she leaves here at home. We have two giant bags to give away.

I then went into another closet where my husband has at least ten pairs of old worn out jeans. Threw those in a bag and they are going to be donated as well.

Lavender, can you put a reminder on this side to go over to conversation side?

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Great job!!!

Absolutely, I'll put a reminder next weekend :)

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