norcalgirl78March 15, 2009

Just wanted to share the news that last night my BF proposed and is now my FDH!! I don't want to post too many details, but it was a rainy Saturday afternoon spent at my favorite local museum, and then to a wonderful restaurant where we had our first date more than 27 months ago! BF went down on one knee after a wonderful meal and dessert! We got applause and even tears from perfect strangers in the restaurant. It was truly beautiful and the ring is too gorgeous!! And FSD10 and FSD6 were literally shrieking with excitement today on the phone, my SM wants to know if we are having a "church wedding" and so it begins...


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Congratulations! Yes....and so it begins!... :o)

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I love weddings!! Congrats and keep us posted on the details!

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Congratulations!! It sounds like such a sweet proposal!

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Being engaged is great!
Wedding planning is less great, but still fun and memorable (make spreadsheets and it will be less painful - LOL!)

We want details, you know! Lots of details! We want dress photos and to know how FSDs are included and and and and and!

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congrats! happy for you

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