99% finished. Off White kitchen. So HAPPY!!

mamadadapaigeMay 29, 2008

Will write more about particulars later, but wanted to post some pictures. There a just a few small things left to do and I haven't totally moved back in (note: no cookbooks, display pieces, utensils, coffee maker, etc) but I will get to that this weekend.

I included a picture of the Sharp microwave draw that someone had wanted to see. Also, included close-ups of the backsplash (very plain but to my taste), and spice rack which I can't wait to use!






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darn. i screwed up my image posting again. i will try again.

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Oh so beautiful! I love the herrinbone pattern behind your stove! I had wanted to do that as well but the space behind my stove was too small. Love your windows. Love the glass shelves. Love the laches. Your butcher block is gorgeous!! Congratulations! Enjoy!!

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Great location and design for a spice cabinet. Very nice looking kitchen too.

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I would be happy, too! Your kitchen is timeless and gorgeous! Details, please!

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Loooove the butcher block counter...everything is beautiful. You better come back soon and share the details!!!

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Absolutely lovely. I also want to know about the butcher block counter and the floors! Please share details when you get a chance. Congratulations!

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Love it! It feels like a very calm place! Enjoy!

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How great!

I should be working on my own renos- just had to peek back in (case I missed something important :>).

Am filing your pic of the spice rack (wonder if it would work with my corner cupboard...ummm)

Is your butcher block the same wood as your floor? LOVE the deeper wood tone!

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Sooo lovely!! It looks like the perfect balance of simplicity, vintage elegance, and modern function - which we all know is a darn tricky thing to achieve!

I know you said you'd be posting more details later. When you do, could you please include your cabinet color and tile info?
Again, congrats on a stunning kitchen!

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Beautiful! Love the hood, and the butcher block. Love it all!

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STUNNING! Classy and timeless, congratulations!

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Lovely, beautiful, classy! Is that enough adjectives to convey how much I like it?

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Details!!! We want details! Beautiful. Love the windows!

Cabinet brand?

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WOW!!!!!!!! Awesome, you should be thrilled!

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Yay - you posted pictures! I am the person who was stalking you looking for an update (I posted a request for more pics earlier this week). I love your kitchen.

We're going with the ocean green marble countertop and we're painting existing custom cabinets with off-white F&B paint and doing brushed nickel hardware. And, big surprise I'm going with a simple subway tile backsplash. What kind of tiles did you use? They look gorgeous.

I'm struggling with wall color choice now. I'm thinking a very light gray but all the grays seem to cast some other color (blue, pink, yellow).

anyway, I love your choices. We have similar tastes.

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Ohh! I love everything about it. What a wonderful space. Beautiful windows!

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It looks lovely! Congratulations.

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egads its fabulous!!!

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WOW fabulous!!

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I'm at a loss for words that don't repeat all the rave reviews you have already received, are yet to receive and most justly deserve! How about: this one is going into my clip files for inspiration!? Grrrreat job! And details, please!

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Beautiful! Love the spice cupboard! that is exactly what we are planning and I am so glad you posted a picture of yours. :) Would you mind sharing how wide the counter is on each side of the range? 21"? TIA! Enjoy your lovely space!

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Beautiful job!!!! and ditto what everyone else has already said. Curious as to what is on that back wall behind the island. Congratulations!!

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You must be SO proud as your new kitchen is awesome in everyway! Congrats & enjoy! H

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Wow! Absolutely stunning. I really love the creamy white. Everything is beautiful.

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I'm swooning too. Love the windows and the vent hood - and everything else! And yes, do give all the details. I also wondered what the other wall behind the island looks like. I see a little bit of cabinetry over there too. Besides, it's fun to see the whole room all the way around, especially when it's this gorgeous.

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What a wonderful place to cook and hang out! I'm a sucker for inset cabinet doors. The vent hood is gorgeous. Would you give details?

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Gorgeous! I love everything about it and really look forward to hearing the details.

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Timeless, classic and just beautiful. Everything! I love your taste!

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Wow, it is gorgeous. Love it. Great job! I love the little latches on the cabinets. Do you really have to turn them each time you open them or do they have some other type of mechanism that you only have to pull and they open? I'd love to have those, but if they require actual turning it would be too difficult with my arthritis.

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I LOVE it! Like Malhgold, I was looking for a photo to show the wall 90 degrees to the refrigerator...and I'm also curious to know what's at this end of the kitchen? Is it open to another area? Can you take a photo from further back so we see the whole lovely effect at once? Sorry...so nosy of me!

Enjoy your gorgeous new kitchen!

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Oh, I love the herringbone design in the backsplash!


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What a beautiful kitchen! Congratulations! I like everything about it, but I'm particularly smitten with the backsplash. It's a timeless, clean design but not ordinary. Just what I'm hoping to come up with for mine..

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Soooo beautiful! Love it!

What are the dimensions of your island? It looks almost like what I am planning. I keep going back and forth on the design, but your island is exactly what I want!

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Wow! I LOVE it!!!! Enjoy!

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Gorgeous job - looking forward to the deets, especially on the butcher block island top.

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It is hot, it is really cool! Beautiful!

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Absolutely stunning! Can't wait for the details!

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Thank you all so much!! It is so nice to receive all the positive feedback... it has been such a long haul, especially the last 6 weeks without a kitchen and two little kids.

here are the details:

Cabinets are by Crownpoint out of New Hampshire. The color is antique white. I painted my baseboards and trim the same color and the corresponding color which is a good match is Benjamin Moore Lancaster Whitewash. The latches are very easy... you do have to actually turn them but it is effortless. I really like the look. It was a pricey upgrade so I only put them on the upper cabinets.

The countertops are a granite called Ocean Green from Gerrity Stone in Woburn, Mass. I had them honed. This was a soapstone alternative as the soapstone slabs I saw didn't appeal to me and I chickened out on the patina issue and ultimately didn't think I could handle dings / scratches etc.

The backsplash is Walker Zanger Gramercy Park 2" x 6" field tiles in Bone China. They have a crackle finish.

The hood is from Rangecraft out of New Jersey. The style I went for is called Taconic.

The floors are random width quartersawn White Oak with a stain.

The butcherblock countertop is from Grothouse Lumber out of Pennsylvania (which I found from other GW'ers... THANKS a million... I love this probably more than anything else!!). It is end grain brazilian cherry. I opted for the food friendly finish so I will have to maintain it with mineral oil. I plan to chop right on it... haven't done that yet, will probably be a little while before I have the gumption to do so.

Countertop width on either side of the range is 24".

One tip I want to pass on: if you notice the cabinets to the left of my sink because I have three drawers over a pair of two drawers they had to build it as one unit (so less of those seams where one box meets the next). I had originally planned to have the drawers on top the same size as the drawers below but that would have meant two box units instead of one. Just wanted to pass this along. I think if you can find ways to get them to build larger units so you have fewer seams this is good.

Sammydog2008... you are so kind. So sorry it took me so long to post back again. It has been a big mess at the house and the appliances just got put in yesterday. I am so glad you are going with the ocean green. You will love it. It has grays in it, but also off white so you could go either way. Farrow and Ball certainly is nice stuff. Are you near a design center? If so perhaps you could bring in a sample of the granite and have them help you pick the paint color? The design center in Boston has a small F&B showroom.

I will definitely post pictures of the other directions tomorrow. Thanks so much for all the compliments. Again, it just feels so good after the long renovation

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It's soooo beautiful. I love the wall of windows behind the sink and the backsplash tile, and the open shelves to the right of the range. Very unique and lovely features. The back splash tiles look a little longer than standard subway tiles... yes? That's a nice twist. And I love the herringbone pattern too. Nicely done!!

Is that the Rohl faucet? I was considering it but thought it would be too high. It looks gorgeous! Can't wait for more pics and details!

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I'm so happy for you and your family. After 6 weeks without a kitchen this must feel like "home" now. Enjoy!

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shanny75, the island is 44" x 74". I have two counter height stools on order from target.com ($133 for both combined... this made my husband very happy after some of my other purchases wrt this renovation). I have 48" of space for the two stools. I figure it will mainly be my two kids eating their meals there (and my neighbors who come to drink wine with me once a week!).

margieb2, yes that is the rohl faucet. It is big and honestly to my eye, out of scale for the size of my sink, but I bought it before the sink base cabinets size was determined and I had thought I was going to be able to go with a larger sink. I won't change it at this point, but you are right in thinking that it is a little big (I do love it though, paricularly the pull down spray and super easy on and off and temp adjustment).

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It's really beautiful. Did you design it yourselves, or did you have a KD? If the latter, s/he was very good, and you obviously communicated well what it was you wanted. I especially love the windows, and your use of the narrow middle one might be the solution to a window size problem I have.


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Oh, how lovely. Are you going to give us the details? Cabinets, finishes, appliances etc? I agree with the poster who said it looks so calm and serene. I love it.

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Sorry just spotted the post with the details!!

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hi egganddart, thanks! we designed it ourselves... spent a ton of time going through magazines and here on garden web. i got quotes from 8 different cabinet companies and picked up little tidbits here and there as well as inspiration from their catalogs. i spent a lot of time on crownpoint's website looking at pictures.

after i came up with an initial layout, i made a very long list of everything i need to store in a kitchen and then spent time assigning those items to various spaces to make sure i would have at my fingertips the things i needed.

the island was the most difficult to design as it is not a huge kitchen and i wanted seating for a minimum of 2 (which is what i got). Also my first design had a ton of bells and whistles but cost basically the same as the rest of the cabinets combined... i had to scale back. there were many changes and adaptations (for cost and space reasons) before finalizing the island design.

about the windows. I thought we could go for two windows with generous sized casings and a small span of wall between them, but it would have made my prep space to the left of the sink smaller (but my sink larger, so not sure i made the right trade off) and my husband really wanted the whole wall of windows, which in the end, makes it feel really connected to the outside and brings in lots of nice light and an airy feeling.


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Beautiful! You must love walking into your kitchen every day! I like the open shelving with glass shelves and the window detail above your sink. Job well done!

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Your kitchen is gorgeous. I am strongly considering the honed ocean green. I have a sample of polished which I love but really like the matte finish better. Curious how it has held up so far?

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Gorgeous. Gosh I love it. Those windows!! It's all so clean. It makes me feel like dressing in fresh white linen before floating in to prepare luncheon.

What a very functional island. I love the stool nook w/ the cabinets on the sides. What will you keep on the shelves below the MW?

And do you have a shot of the wall to the left of the fridge, behind the island? Looks like some tall, but shallow cabs over there. Would love to know more about them.

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Your new kitchen is absolutely beautiful! From the pictures, I thought you had unoiled soapstone on the perimeter. I am impressed with how you have approximated the look of soapstone with the honed ocean green granite. I also love your backsplash and I don't think it is plain at all!! It is classic and timeless. Congratulations on a job well done.

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Your kitchen is really an inspiration. It is just the perfect kind of white kitchen -- bright and light but also warm, not sterile. Thank you so much for posting your sources!!! I am just in awe that you designed it yourself and managed to be without a kitchen for only six weeks! If you would be good enough to share more information about the process you went through to design and plan and work with contractors that would be so appreciated! (In fact, with a kitchen that came out the way yours did, if you wrote a book about entire process, you could definitely sell it. I would be lined up to buy a copy!

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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

What a gorgeous kitchen! I love your granite! I thought it was soapstone until I read your post. I wish I had seen it prior to purchasing my granite. I would have seriously considered it. I also love your spice cabinet. Wish I had seen that prior to ordering my cabs. I am wondering if I can do the same thing with "add on's" after the cabs are installed. Great planning on your part.

I don't know where to begin on commenting on your kitchen. The cabs are just beautiful. I love the hood and range. It looks like it belongs in an expensive English countryside mansion. Congrats on great choices. Ever consider a change in careers?

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There is nothing I can add to all the wonderful comments that have been stated already. Your kitchen is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing.

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Your kitchen is fabulous! It think it might be my favorite one! Love it.

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I just love white and off-white kitchens and yours is simply amazing! All that light through those beautiful windows must lift your soul in the mornings.

I'm so happy for you to be in the home stretch. Best of luck.


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What finish is your cabinet hardware. Is it brushed or polished nickel? Gorgeous kitchen!!!!

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Love that spice cabinet, it's HUGE!

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Droooollllll...... Stunning!

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hi all,

thanks again for all the nice compliments. It means so much to me, because career-wise, it has been a bit of a struggle for but I have always loved design (and did go to art school and worked as a graphic designer before having kids and still do some freelance stuff, with emphasis, unfortunately, on the "free").

Here are some more pics of the other views but bear in mind that I haven't brought furniture in as the painters still need to come back and the windows are still filthy. I have been focusing on getting the kitchen back up and running.

The hardware is polished nickel. I still have to get hardware for our dry bar. I was thinking of cup pulls but in oil rubbed bronze. I still have to get some glass for the doors above the bar... am thinking of that wavy bubble glass. We came up with the idea for the dry bar after the cabinet order was placed and by that time we didn't have the funds to place another crownpoint order (they gave us a hefty discount for the cabinet orders, but weren't as generous when I asked for pricing on follow on orders) so I had the carpenters build it for us and chose quartersawn oak to pick up on the floors and used the same color stain as the floors so that there wouldn't be too many variables in terms of colors, etc.

The reason the food pantry is so small is that I had to save a place for my favorite kitchen painting that I had in my old kitchen. I hope I won't regret putting form over function. We do have a china closet/ pantry in the back hallway so I think it will be okay.

thanks again!!

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mamadadapaige, more of your kit and it is just beautiful. I have a question if you are willing to share info. I read on another thread you had a problem with a Bosh DW. Would you mind telling what kind of problem? TIA

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What a beautiful home and your kitchen is just fantastic. You must be so excited to at last be finished. You never know, this could be the beginning of kitchen design instead of graphic design! Is your pantry 12" depth and how do you like it? I love your big window too. What a bright, warm, sunshine filled kitchen!

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Hi Eandhl,

about the bosch dishwasher. in fairness, our situation before renovating was pretty dismal. a kitchen with no insulation and frozen pipes many many times throughout the winter. this was the biggest reason to renovate. it would normally be 40 degrees when I would come down in the morning to get breakfast for the kids. inside the cabinets even colder. I'd open my base cabinets and have arctic air blast out at me. This was a 1980's DIY renovation... they would buy houses, renovate on the cheap and then sell. They left their mark on many houses throughout my town (unfortunately).

anyway, the bosch froze, but was never right again. The kenmore we had prior to and after the bosch would freeze and thaw, no issues, the bosch froze once and then was out of commission for 2 months while we waited for service and parts, then it happened again. the line cracked, there was a leak that damaged the hardwood floors, the motor burnt out... just a multitude of problems, that I suspect were mostly related to the cold conditions in the house, but we don't know for sure.

I also didn't like the 2+ hour wash cycles.

BUT, it was VERY quiet.

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Tremendous Kitchen! Your wood island is so rich looking at first glance it looked like leather. The details of your kitchen are really special and it all came together beautifully.

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Absolutely beautiful! I love it all. The whole room is amazing. I love the fireplace and the light over the table. Do you mind sharing the source for the light?

Thanks, Beth

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Ha!I know that light fixture. It's Hudson Valley and the hall one is IKEA, right? I ordered the Hudson Valley one a couple weeks ago. I TOLD you we have similar tastes :)

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Love love love your kitchen!!! Simple elegance and timeless.
I second the source for your lighting, where did you find the light hanging by your staircase?

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sammydog, you are right on one count. the light in the hallway is Ikea. I ordered it a few years ago online. When it arrived at the house it was in an 8"x10" manila envelope. I was shocked!! I had to assemble it myself... that's what you get for $40!

The other light fixture is from Visual Comfort . I have their light fixtures all over my house. I love their stuff. I think they are poor man's (but still not very cheap) version of Urban Archaeology which I adore but could never afford.

Neena's lighting is a good place to look at Visual Comfort. I ended up ordering from another online company though as the pricing was significantly better, and I had a coupon code. For instance, the light over my table where I purchased it was $238 vs. $379 listed on Neena's, but I thought Neena's was a little easier and has more stuff than the other place. The place I bought from is:


The stuff arrived very quickly and I was very satisfied with my dealings with them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Visual Comfort Lighting

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mama MIA! You've ended up with a lovely and very livable kitchen. Love the spaciousness of it now and I can't wait to see what you add in the way of upholstery/textiles and that wall art. Thanks for the link to neena - I am checking out http://www.cxny.com/ as I type.

Here's to many years of happiness for you and yours - Cheers!

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Mama - love your kitchen - we are moving to brookline so your resources have been so helpful. Just want to let you know I gave you a "shout out" in the home decorating forum - I loved your "poor man version" and thought it would be a great idea to start a thread there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Poor Man's Version of _________ ?

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This is beyond gorgeous. Could you please post a couple more pics of your Ocean Green granite up-close? How did it compare price-wise to soapstone? Thanks so much!

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Thanks for the hood manufacturer information. The last images you posted yesterday were just what I needed to finish the design of my kitchen. A wall is coming down and I could not think of a functional and pleasing way to support the beam. Your room divider and posts are so pretty and fit perfectly in your house. I altered the look and kept the concept. It is not as elegant as yours, though. Thank you!!! There are a couple of pics on this thread:

Here is a link that might be useful: Clean up sink and prep sink both in island?

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Just perfectly lovely. I want to know a bit more about the spice rack. Was it custom built by the cabinetmaker, or is it one of those Rev-a-shelf type things that can be added on? Am I correct that you also then need to make the shelves inside the cabinte more shallow to leave room for the spices butting up to them?

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Gorgeous! I can't believe your countertop is granite, not soapstone.

May I archive your kitchen in the Finished Kitchens Blog? If so please submit the Category Checklist. Thank you!!

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Category Checklist

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sayde, we actually had to move out for three months but our rental was up and couldn't be extended (not to mention dwindling funds) so we had to move back in despite the fact that it wasn't done. We did an extensive renovation on the house including garage, mudroom, entry way, family room and kitchen. With a busy two year old in the mix we felt moving out was worth the cost and it actually allowed the contractors to move along at a steady clip which I think saves some money. The guys we hired only take one job at a time and show up everyday until the job is done. We had used them before for some work and had a very positive experience so went with them again and this time we are also Very happy.

beantownrenovator, i am glad the sources are helpful, just let me know if you need any other ideas... i shopped hard for good pricing and for lots of inspiration. I visited longleaf lumber in Cambridge to look at their reclaimed hardwood flooring (gorgeous but too pricy for us... we went with Carlisle out of NH... their website is: www.wideplankflooring.com - very happy with the quality and as with everything else I negotiated the price down quite a lot over their initial quote).

I looked at granite slabs at Cumar in Chelsea - HUGE selection. Gerrity in Woburn was maybe a little easier for the me. I think cumar is used to working with architects and contractors that know exactly what they want. I think the cumar pricing might be a little better.

I visited Tile Showcase on Arsenal Street in Watertown to look at tile... amazing selection and displays. I didn't order through them though as you have to pick the stuff up at their warehouse in Natick which would be a hike for me, but not bad for you (I am in Manchester, MA). I also went into the design center in Boston to look around at tile, etc. You can do this without a decorator or architect. Just call the showroom you want to visit and make an appointment directly with them. i think they are hurting for business and have relaxed their "to the trade only" rules quite a bit.

For appliances, the cheapest place I found is State Street Discount in NH ($50 shipping for your whole order and no tax plus better pricing). You can call them to get a quote before driving up there. No deals to be had on certain brands such as Wolf or Subzero, but on other brands there is flexibility. We ordered our wine fridge, micro, DW from State Street and then got our refrigerator and Range from Eurostoves in Beverly (they sell the much sought after Bluestar). We went with GE Monogram from Range and REfrigerator because Trevor at Eurostoves gave me a deal I couldn't pass up (several thousand dollar savings over the other places I shopped).

Ask me anything... I am happy to share more local resources if need be, although I am sure you know of many I don't since you are so close to Boston (I LOVE Brookline!!).

lilyj, here are some close up pics of the granite. Also I am posting a picture of my kitchen painting that I took down from storage and dusted off. I love it. I bought it several years back at The Skinner Auction house in Boston. At that time (things may have changed), no one was interested in anything even slightly modern, so I was the only bidder and got it just before they passed it for $100. It is by a Chinese artist. He was described by Forbes Magazine as China's peasant Picasso (apparently he is still working on the family's farm and paints whenever he can). Anyway, the image of the person sitting drinking a beer and eating almonds speaks to me... that is exactly what I like to do!!

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your plans are gorgeous! that is going to be an amazing kitchen. will you go with the black and white checkerboard in the other room? I love that look.

yes, the spice rack was installed by the cabinetmakers and the shelves there are narrower so there is that trade off but I think it will help to keep me more organized which isn't my specialty.

yes, that would be great! I filled out the form (my husband took the kids out so that I could clean the house (not an easy task post-renovation), and here I am on Gardenweb... I am going to have to clean double time!!).


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Thanks so much! I must say again that your kitchen is lovely. You have my highest praise. Renovating a kitchen is so much work because there are so many possibilities and combinations. You called it right every time and should be so proud of yourself.

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mamadadapaige - you are a DOLL - thank you so much for the additional resources. I don't know many of them (although I'm learning quickly) as we are new to the area (transplanted NY'ers) so your help is invaluable.

I'm going to 100% call/use the appliance place in NH and your butcher block resource. Fortunately our wood floors are in great shape so we don't need to deal with them. We went to Tile Showcase (on Arsenal Street) today and was totally unimpressed with their service/lack of prices on the tiles, etc. They have beautiful displays though for ideas...where did you end up ordering from for tiles? Everything you did was so perfect. I know you are very busy getting reorganized so no rush on this but what was the approx. price per foot for the honed counters. We're now considering ceaserstone at about $100/sf. I love your look and if it was a bit less I'd be thrilled with it. Again, my most sincere thanks for your generosity and wisdom.

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Was wondering if you could tell me how wide your counter cabinet to the right of your sink is. I may have a similar set up and the size of yours looks perfect! Thanks so much!

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That is gorgeous.

What's the distance between island and perimeter counters? It looks perfect.

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Oh Mama! This is definitely one of the best designed kitchens I have seen on GW! As several have said I love your spice rack in the cabinet. How wide is your cabinet? Ours will be 21 inches. Is that wide enough? I will be visiting Boston in Sept and would like to visit the design center - do you literally have to make an appointment for each place you want to visit? There are so many places I would like to stick my nose in. Thanks so much for all your information and congrats on a job more than well done!

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Wow...congratulations on a beautiful job! Enjoy!

    Bookmark   June 1, 2008 at 10:59AM
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I can't believe I almost missed seeing these later photos. (thanks, malhgold, for directing me back) I am absolutely in love with that entire end of your house! The divider between the table and the family room is gorgeous, as well as the rest I've already drooled over and commented on. The painting will be just the right touch to bring in color, pizazz, and a contrasting style.

I am going back and forth, looking at all the photos, trying to drink it all in. I hate to be greedy, but would there be a chance of you posting a photo or 2 taken from the family room that shows more of the whole kitchen at once? My kitchen is all designed and mostly finished, so it's not for future use, but just for appreciation's sake... I just have the desire to know how it feels to stand in the house and look at the whole thing. The closer shots are like seeing bits of a painting, but not the whole picture. :-D

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beantown, so sorry i can't find my invoice from gerrity stone. i am sure i will come across it. the granite was expensive but i don't think it was as much as $100/ft. i will write back as soon as i can locate that invoice.

mmme, the distance between island and perimeter is 41". feels just right so far.

hi mahlgold, to the right of my sink is 38" total but because of a job in the outside wall, there is a section of 9" that isn't as deep. i think it is a nice amount of space. the coffee maker is set up there which is nice having it right next to the sink for filling up the carafe and disposing of the grinds... much easier than our old set up before renovation.

you are right on the money. that spice cabinet is exactly 21" wide. I think if if were slightly wider the cabinet company would have required 2 doors. the base cabinets below are 24" wide, but the hood is 42" for the 36" range so hence the difference in cabinet sizes.

rhome410, thank you so much. you are so kind... i really appreciate all of the compliments. below are a couple of wider angle photos but taken at night so maybe not so good. i can try to get one tomorrow in the daylight (although these night shots do feature my twenty pound cat and my cutie pie son!!)

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The kitchen is fantastic, but the cutie pie son takes the prize! Great pics.

    Bookmark   June 1, 2008 at 10:27PM
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All kitchens look better with cutie pies! My favorite sight is seeing several of mine in the kitchen at once. Thanks for the photos! It's so nice of you to indulge me.

I think what's nice about your kitchen is that you've hit all the 'biggies': Attention to details and style, a practical, very usable workspace, and a warm, welcoming, and comfortable family space.

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mamadadapaige, just wanted to thank you for your responses to my questions here and in other threads. You have answered so many questions from so many of us with such generosity. Your kitchen turned out so beautifully that I'm betting many of us are dying to ask you more and more and more . . .

I'm also betting that one of the big reasons that you got such a fabulous result in your kitchen is that (in addition to working very hard at it and being extremely design and detail oriented) you were a lovely person to work with and for. Thanks again. . .

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mamadadapaige, as lovely as your kitchen is, the treasured memories will be your happy, smiling, son hamming it up for your pictures. We have a few like that of our son. He has not outgrown the impishness though a senior in college. I wish you many more dining table memories :) Thanks for sharing your kitchen and your family.

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mamadadapaige, just wanted to thank you for your responses to my questions here and in other threads. You have answered so many questions from so many of us with such generosity. Your kitchen turned out so beautifully that I'm betting many of us are dying to ask you more and more and more . . .

I'm also betting that one of the big reasons that you got such a fabulous result in your kitchen is that (in addition to working very hard at it and being extremely design and detail oriented) you were a lovely person to work with and for. Thanks again. . .

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Hate to be a pain!!! Could you tell me how wide and how tall your dish cab(I'm assuming that's what it is) to the right of the sink is? I just need the top. Thanks!

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LOL that you could pick up my son's personality from the pictures. he is a ham, an imp, udderly adorable, just a very happy, adventure and friendly little kid (sometimes gets on the nerves of his 6 year old sister... almost a 4 year age difference does not make for the best of friends, but I try to remain hopeful for the future).

that is just so nice of you to say! thank you so much. I am happy to answer any question you could have. I spent months on gardenweb learning so much from so many and the end result of my project is in large part from all I learned on gardenweb. It is nice to be able to give back and it is what I love about this community. Incidentally, if you have any travel plans in your future, the fodors "talk" community is equally as useful and friendly and reminds me a lot of this community.

not a pain at all. yes, that is the dish cabinet (and silverware, etc). it is 30" wide. adequate for our needs, but not a huge amount of space for dishes. we have another china closet to store extra stuff that we don't use on a regular basis and I took one of the draws from the island to use for all the kids plastic cups, sippy cups and plates.

I just wanted to post one more pictures because I was so happy for my target.com stools to arrive today. I was able to assemble them and I am really happy with them. I was on a post a long while back about bar stools and couldn't quite figure out what to do (at that point I thought the budget would allow for more flexibility but we are totally tapped out at this point). These were $133 including shipping and tax for the pair. comfy too.

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Wow! I love your kitchen, and the rest of your home too. So beautiful. We have similar tastes - I'll have to post pix of my kitchen now that it's pretty much done. I think we read the same GW posting about the Target barstools, b/c I bought them too. I'm envious of your beautiful lighting. I'm with you on Urban Archaelogy and Visual Comfort - I drool over their stuff. I will definitely check out that site you mentioned as an alternative to Circa Lighting - thank you. You may have posted this and I missed it - I'm guessing your cabinet hardware is from Horton Brasses? Anyway, I just want to echo what everyone else has already said - everything looks spectacular. Many congrats to you on a job well done!
And I can't forget about your little guy - he is 100% adorable!

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oh my, i just love the warm white, clean lines, and elegance of your kitchen! for me, the windows make the room! what brand are they? congrats on a beautiful space!!

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mamadada - such a beautiful kitchen! I am hoping to achieve a similar style and was excited to see yours didn't have a farmhouse sink (I love farmhouse sinks but I'm just not sure it will work for us for a variety of reasons). Anyways, I know you mentioned your sink was on the small side, but exactly what size is it? Thanks for all of your helpful answers, so far, too!

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I don't think I can add to what has been said. No wonder you're so happy. What a spectacular, warm home (and your son is an absolute doll).

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hi oldhometara, I am very pleased with the target bar stools. i think the quality looks like a lot more than $67 each. I had come across these Thomas Moser stools and fell in love and was bordering on angry at how much they cost ($1600 each ... just another example of my champagne taste and beer budget). Someone in the post asked if it would help for me to know that they are horribly uncomfortable. not sure if he/she ever sat in them, but yes, it was very helpful for to hear that (whether it is true or not).

The hardware is from Horton Brasses. you just reminded me to order bin pulls and knobs for our dry bar... their prices seem reasonable for the quality.

they are marvin windows. we live in the historic district in our town so have to have the wood divided light windows to meet their standard. thanks!!

the sink is pretty small compared to some I have seen here on GW (more in line with a prep sink). It is 21" wide by 16" deep. It does fit a cookie sheet lying flat which is something my old sink didn't do (the franke D shaped sink). The Julien sink was the only one larger that would have fit in the sink base. I am wishing I would have gone for it despite the higher price. Given how much the whole project cost, I think we could have justified the extra $400 but at the time, I dug my heels in and said that I wouldn't pay that much for a sink just because it had a fancy name (I should have focused on the size and not the fancy name). The smaller sink is the one thing I would change (along with the Sharp Microwave Drawer as I am convinced my 2 year old will have it broken by the end of next week... I haven't been able to figure out the locking feature but must do that ASAP... I hate reading applicance manuals).

Here is a link that might be useful: Thomas Moser Edo Stool

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Your kitchen is SO beautiful. I am still absorbing all the details (and I am in Newton so paying close attention to your sources too)! I know you have already answered so many questions...I just have one...where did you get your mantel? Was it original to the house? It's one of the many things I love! COngrats--

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Great kitchen! Does your flooring run under the island? I'm trying to figure out how the "feet" and the flooring work. We've just started working with an architect and I'm trying to explain your kitchen to him. I'll probably send him some of your pictures. Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas.

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You have been so generous answering questions, I so hope you don't mind one more... Are your walls the Lancaster whitewash too?

Also, just wanted to mention that just last week my son was your son's age..... and next week we are going to the DMV to get his license... those were such great days.


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Mama--okay, I am looking at your kitchen for the fiftieth time since you posted, and just wanted to tell you again how wonderful it is...and it really helps that the layout is similar to mine, thanks! :) I am getting so many good ideas and at just the right time (we are getting bids now). Would you mind if I asked one more question--how wide is your bank of windows above the sink? And is the center one fixed, or does it open? I had been thinking about TDL wood windows with diamond mullions above...but very $$$...maybe your design would be a bit less expensive, and I think it achieves the same feel. So pretty. Thanks again for posting. Holly

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hi Holly,
I am glad you like the mantel. It was one of the first things I found ... I don't know if you noticed that it has four squares turned on a 45 degree angle. This is where we got the idea for the windows with that little detail. I love the arts and crafts era, but our house is an 1890's stick style victorian so I didn't want to go against that too much. I am attaching a couple of pics of the front of the house. We renovated the front a few years ago and now we are finishing with the back. The house was a disaster when we bought it. You couldn't even see the windows on the first floor because the weeds in front of the house grew so tall. There were windows smashed, and debris everywhere... it has come a very long way. I wish I had a picture of what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house. One of the bathrooms could not be used at all.

Anyway, I digress, the bank of windows is about 82" across. Our ceilings are 9' tall and windows come within about 4" of the ceiling. The center window also goes up and down. We went with Marvin windows because of the historic district issue.

Lynn, the trim is Lancaster Whitewash, which is just about an exact match to the cabinets. The walls are 25% of Lancaster Whitewash. I had all sorts of bold and funky colors in the house before the renovation but this time around I decided to go a little more neutral for ease of decorating with paintings and pictures, rugs, fabric, etc.

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Oh my gosh!!! I haven't posted in quite some time due to life, but I had to post about your kitchen....it is crazy fabulous!!!

It is also funny as well b/c your layout is very similar to mine and what I am trying to accomplish with a few changes.....anywho AWESOME!!!


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Pardon my asking if it was somewhere else in this thread, but where is your trash? Is that it in the island, to the right of the MW?

I really like this layout. Do you have a drawing of the layout w/ measurements handy that you could post? I see snippets of measurements here and there in the thread, so I can possibly piece much of it together myself if you don't have something that's easy to post. Just thought I'd ask.


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I don't know how I missed this post but holy cow am I glad I saw it today! I'd seen your previous post but all these pictures are so fabulous. How happy are you to not only be back in your own home but in such a beautiful home?

You have done an exceptional job with your kitchen, eating area and family room. You should be incredibly proud of yourself!

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My previous question probably didn't make much sense. We've just started to work with our architect and I'm just beginning to figure out what's what.

Do your wood floors go all the way under your island? I was trying to describe the "feet" on your island and how the floor goes under them to the architect. He thought I was describing a moveable island. I don't think that's the case, but I'm just trying to make sure. Thanks again.

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We are seriously considering the Sharp Microwave drawer and I thought it looked so good in your island, any particular reason you would change that decision? My kids are all teens.

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Mama, I will be visiting Boston in Sept and would like to visit the design center - do you literally have to make an appointment for each place you want to visit? There are so many places I would like to stick my nose in. Thanks so much for all your information and the measurement for your spice cabinet - again, congrats on a job more than well done!

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holly, I forgot to tell you where i got the mantel. I got it from restoration resources, an architectural salvage place. it is off of albany street (sort of south end/ dorchester area... near the flower market). definitely call for hours and directions as it is a little random. they mostly have magnificent and very grand stuff taken from the mansions in backbay. this mantel was a little damaged and downstairs in the back corner. it was $300. it it still needs a little TLC. most of their mantels are pricier and fancier too, but it is all negotiable. the crotchedy old guy that works there is fun to haggle with.

hi Kulagal,
check this out:

perhaps you don't have to make appointments afterall?? I would give them a call and see what the procedure is.

hi pluckymama,
i have only used the sharp micro a couple of times. i don't use a microwave very often. just reheating leftovers and reheating my coffee. the first time i used it, i was reheating a medium size to-go coffee and it didn't fit in with the lid on!! with the lid off, it did (note to self: do not get a large coffee unless i can drink it right down with no reheats required). I think the time it takes for the door to open and the door to close is something I will get used to, but being on the go, feeding the kids, etc., it would be better if it were just a little bit more straight forward such as opening a door. I could have lived with a regular microwave and I do worry about my younger child messing around with it and breaking it (along with all of the kids we have over here for playdates who vary from well behaved to complete hellions).

hi yardboi,
sorry i missed your post earlier. yes, the flooring runs under the island. we had three different levels of flooring before renovating and one of my biggest goals was to get everything on one level. it makes everything feel so much bigger to me even though it is the same amount of space. where the beam is to the right and above the dishwasher is where the old kitchen ended and where the step down into the family room was. so the old kitchen was not big enough for anything but a small table and wasn't big enough for an island. anyway, that is a very long answer. the island i believe is somehow affixed to the flooring but i don't think it really needed to be as it is so heavy it isn't going anywhere. those are furniture legs on the island, an option we chose to dress it up.

scootermom, yes, that is the trash to the right of the MW. it is across from the sink which is working out really well. i will attempt to post the floorplans from the cabinet company. hopefully it will work. I had to convert a pdf to a jpeg in order to upload it onto photobucket. perhaps there is a way to upload pdf files directly onto here??

one note on the plan: the island ended up being 42" away from the range not 48" as shown in the plan.

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wow, this is a truly great kitchen, congratulations! I think it will be our inspiration kitchen, all the choices you've made seem just perfect. That you designed it yourself is amazing.

I'd like to ask, what did you do for the lower cabinetry in the corner (right of the stove and left of the sink)? It looks like the cabs numbered #5 and #12 in the plan would leave an empty spot in the corner, is that right? I would love to do that for an excuse for more drawers.

Also, the windows are stunning in your entire house. We keep trying to specify all wood, single pane, true divided lite windows but it's been really difficult finding sympathy for our quest, much less practical advice on how to actually make it happen. Everyone is so quick to shrug off the whole idea as too expensive and too much trouble but it's really important to us. Is Marvin the only window manufacturing company that accomodates requests for historic type windows like yours? We were advised to use WeatherShield because they offer all wood windows (no cladding) but now the window guy our architect uses is saying we can't get true divided lites on the casement windows we've selected.

Anyway, congratulations again!

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You must be so excited to see how we all love your kitchen!

As I told you, we are looking at the Sharp Microwave drawer as we need to put a microwave in our island, as you did. I have had my concerns about it, and then when I read your comments, I feel like maybe I should consider another microwave. I'm wondering if you would still put a microwave in your island, but just use a regular countertop microwave on a shelf in the island instead of the drawer?

Thanks again for your help.

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So Mama--I have to tell you that after seeing your kitchen, I am really tweaking my design. Our layouts and dimensions are so similar--except that where your fridge is, we have the doorway that leads to the front of the house, so that aisle is a major pathway. Our fridge is where your dish cab is to teh right of your sink. To the right of our fridge our kitchen continues with a hutch setup very similar to your wet bar--I am guessing your space is about 5' across?

Anyway, after seeing your pix I realized that I should also concentrate upper cabs on the range wall, and increase the windows on the sink wall. Our ceilings are also 9'. We currently have a 4'' granite backsplash but I'm wondering if we can remove it to bring the windows all the way to the counter. It looks like you have almost no molding at the bottom--is that right? And no crown at the top. Smart to increase window size!

Thank you for the recommendation for the salvage place--can't wait to go there!

I thought I'd post some pix of our house too (taken several months ago, obviously). It was built in 1910--it's a funny victorian/farmhouse/colonial revival mishmash.

Thank you again for being so generous with all your info--and for providing so much inspiration! Holly

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Do you recall an approximate price for your butcher block? I think it looks great and would like to know if it's in our ballpark. Thanks for your help.

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Your kitchen is really pretty. I noticed that you picked polished nickel for your faucet and hardware instead of brushed nickel-it really stands out and looks lovely. In the photos your kitchen looks like a creamy white but the Benjamin Moore color lancaster whitewash is kind of a very light khaki, so I wondered if the photos make the cabinets look lighter than they are in person. Either way, you made wonderful choices and I really hope I can feel as good about my decisions as you must. My biggest issue right now is figuring out the perimeter counters. I thought I would go with honed black granite but too many people object so I may start looking at other options. Thanks very much for all of the information about your kitchen.

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Hi Mamapapa, was wondering whether the material on your range hood was the Rangecraft "Non Directional Stainless"? Or regular stainless? Are you pleased with it and with the match between the hood and the GE range? I just love the way your hood and range look!

Thanks for posting your Crown Point plans. So helpful! I wonder if half your readers are going to stop trying to copy Christopher Peacock and use your design instead!

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Looks fabulous. I used Lancaster Whitewash on our 2nd floor trim because it looks like old white to me. I love it in your kitchen. Also love how the family room is open yet separated from the space. How will you position a sofa? Do you find the sink far from the stove for draining pasta? (This is an issue I am trying to figure out.) I love the solid butcherblock island but not sure if a sink would be necessary for us.

One other OT question: What colors are your home's exterior? I love them, the trim color especially.

Use it well and congrats!

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Mamadadapaige, Thank you for posting your layout. Very helpful.

I have a bookmark folder called "Kitchens I Like" that I use to save links to...kitchens I like. I was re-organizing that folder yesterday and realized that I'd bookmarked your kitchen 3 times in the last week! :-) Didn't want to lose track of it. There were a few others (mostly white/off white) that appeared multiple times, too. That folder was packed w/ GW kitchens!

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hi all,

sorry haven't been on in a day or two. thanks again for so many nice comments on my kitchen. it makes me proud that you all like it so much!

jan s,
yes, i have a dead corner there. i am not a lazy susan fan and had a blind corner thing in the last kitchen and didn't care for that either. I felt I could do without the extra storage space. along the way, there were many form vs. function issues and sometimes function won out, but in this case form won. you have to go with form sometimes!!

i don't mean to discourage you on the sharp mw. it has been working like a charm and does have its advantages. the one i wanted to go with with the GE spacemaker. it is a 1.0 cubic foot mw... but I could not find a good answer on how to vent it in my application and really wanted a built in look.

holly, your house is beautiful. have you been to Splash in Newton? you can try a bunch of different kitchen faucets there. they have them hooked up to a water supply. sort of fun! and also they have some kitchen sinks to check out, but otherwise it is pretty much all bathroom stuff.

the butcherblock was pretty pricey. $2892 plus $230 shipping. that was my architect's price. he was nice enough to place the order for me and not charge me an upcharge. i think he got a 25% discount, so that was a nice gift he gave me! this comes out to $138 per square foot so more than granite typically costs. to me worth every penny and worth splurging for. (i did back off of the more expensive subzero fridge and wolf range my husband had agreed to, in order to make the butcherblock and custom hood happen).

the lancaster ww does have sort of a greenish tinge to it, but it is sort of off white too.

hi sayde,
the body of the hood is non-directional and then the bands are all directional (which is what appliances are). you can do pretty much anything you want with them, even polished chrome for a really spiffy look. the towel bar and bands cost extra but the rivets don't.

i will have to see if i can dig out those exterior colors. i know they were california paint colors. the trim on the windows is a very dark purple. it is like eggplant. the body of the house is like putty and then the trim has a khaki green feel. will try to get those colors. thanks! I am glad you like it. i chose the purple and my architect chose the other colors.

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Dear mamadadapaige, many thanks for the answer about the dead corner. I don't know if we'll have enough storage elsewhere to do the same but I am tempted!

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This post has so many responses, and now I see why. Your kitchen it absolutely gorgeous! We're building a new house, just about to get started. I had first decided on stained maple cabinets but then I noticed that every kitchen I was most drawn to in the gadzillion of books and magazines I've collected were white. So, at the last minute, before last bids came in, I switched to white painted. Seeing your kitchen now, I KNOW I made the right choice. Forgive me if this question has been asked before; I confess I've not read thru every post and ought to have. BUT I love the granite, and I am not a huge granite fan. So many seem too brown to me! I notice that the color is called green something, but the close-up pictures make it look more gray than green. So I guess my question is: Does it "read" green to you or gray???? I note that you wanted a "soapstone look" and that is the look I love, too. But I've got a lot a blue and white china which will be a prominent decorative part of my breakfast area that's at one end of my kitchen and I'd love a granite that is bluish rather than greenish, but then, I've not yet really looked for granite extensively. Your house is lovely, your kitchen beautiful, your little boy a doll. Thanks for any comments RE the granite!

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Thanks for the info. on the butcher block. We're going to have to make some trade-offs too, but I'm going to push pretty hard for the block--it adds such warmth, especially with the white cabinets. Now that you've moved back into your kitchen do you have any maintenance issues with the block?

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Ack! My first post... was a lurker and now I am taking the plunge. Mamadadapaige - I think you just sold me on Crown Point. I had been hemming and hawing about the price. But your cabinets are gorgeous. I appreciate all the local resources too - I am in Concord, MA.

Where did you end up getting all your plumbing fixtures (i.e. faucet)? Where did you buy your tile? I also went to Tile Showcase, but I didn't realize you have to pick everything up. I am definitely going to call State Street - great idea. If you have a moment I would love to be able to email you directly. Not sure how to do that on this?

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Izzy--welcome! I just wanted to say that my neighbor has Crown Point cabs very similar to Mama's...and they are as gorgeous in person as they look in the pictures! have fun and good luck!

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Another great piece of information. Thank you. Sometimes I think all of this gets into the "funny money" category and it is very hard to hold back. But I have asked my architect to let me know if he thinks I am making a mistake... he said the only one he thought I was making was choosing the Signature cabinetry over Crown Point. Signature has a "Christopher Peacock" knock-off now called the Ridgeview or something like that, and the price was about $5K cheaper. I really didn't think it made that much of a difference until I saw these photos. Now I know why he has been pushing me to order Crown Point.

I am also ordering the Carlisle floors - they're really gorgeous. I am matching the width of some of the existing floors and really think they will add a lot of warmth.

I am feeling so confident about the rest of our renovation but the kitchen torments me. I guess because the cost is so high compared to the rest of the house...

Thanks for the welcome!

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hi yardboi, sorry i missed your post about the butcher block. with school ending / transitioning the kids into summer, etc. I have been spotty on GW over the past week or so.
the butcherblock has been easy to maintain. i have been oiling it about once per week. the oiling takes about 5 minutes to do so not too bad. i have always been a little bit on the obsessive side about having clean countertops.

Izzy, I would be happy to email you. Could you post your email address? Did Crownpoint offer you a discount? Mine were 30% off so honestly not that bad compared to the other quotes I got (in fact the least expensive).

About your floors, I don't think you will be disappointed with the quality of Carlisle floors. Just make sure you get someone good to put them in. Our contractors person was very expensive so we hired in our own person who was a real jerk and could have done a better job (not horrible but not great either). It was all a bit of a disaster in the end, but noone but us would probably notice all the mistakes he made.

I got the faucet and sink from Home and Stone off of the internet (found them on ebay but placed the order directly). I also got some appliances (range and fridge) from Eurostoves in Beverly. It is a funky little culinary center. they have cooking classes and demonstrations so that you can cook on the actual appliances you are considering purchasing. Clarke out of Milford, MA does this too... they represent SubZero and Wolf. I will post a link below. Apparently they also have a scratch and dent department... I had intended to pursue this but couldn't get myself out there while maintaining the kids and their schedules.

Here is a link that might be useful: Subzero Wolf demo

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I LOVE your taste! Your kitchen feels like home and is just so appealing. The color of your cabinets is not glaring and stark; it's very easy on the eyes. I just love everything!

    Bookmark   June 18, 2008 at 7:18AM
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Looking forward to chatting further. I understand about getting to Clarke's - I have a 16 mo old. I think I am going to see all the faucets at Splash, then order directly. I loved your lighting source - they have the pendants I wanted and a coupon!

I am very eager to hear how you got Crown Point down. I told them I needed a better price but I have yet to persuade them of that.

My email is izzyce@gmail.com.

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Mama, just wanted to keep thanking you. I've been following ALL of your resources and haven't even closed yet. We've been to State Street Discount and they are awesome. Would you mind sending me an e-mail so I don't loose you, so I can keep thanking you and if need be get your advice? I really cannot thank you again - you are more valuable to my process than any new friends I've made here. please click link below to my page and click, send me and e-mail (I'd prefer not to post my e-mail on here)...thanks so much!!

Here is a link that might be useful: My page/My e-mail

    Bookmark   June 18, 2008 at 1:00PM
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I LOVE your kitchen- I want to ask the question everyone is wondering but no one will ask- How much did the crown points cost?? I was thinking of them as well- thank you for your candor!

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Where did you find that marvelous table your adorable son is sitting at? It looks so welcoming and the perfect size for your space and I think it may work in my dinig area. thanks!

    Bookmark   June 18, 2008 at 3:05PM
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It's a beautiful and friendly space. Vintage and classy yet up-to-date. Thank you for the visual treat!

    Bookmark   June 18, 2008 at 8:17PM
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Very nice looking kitchen. Your paint color works so well with the vintage sensibility. I like your table too.


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Gorgeous kitchen mama!! You are so wonderful to post all the many many details. We are considering having our new cabs painted lancaster whitewash. I know it has a little green to it, I'm just concerned they will look to yellow. When you say they are a little greenish, is it more like a grey green or yellow green? THey look absolutely perfect in your kitchen. I just couldn't tell if the camera was making them turn a different color. I am really looking for a great cream without too much yellow. I don't think the green bothers me so much.

Thanks so much and congrats! You are one busy woman.

PS- I grew up in Concord, MA and all this talk about Mass is making me want to go back!!

    Bookmark   June 21, 2008 at 7:08AM
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Mama, what color grout did you use? Love the 2 X 6, different than standard subway. Do you remember what the cost per square foot was on the tile? Is Bone China the color? Looks like an off white. Thanks!

    Bookmark   June 21, 2008 at 11:24PM
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mamadadapaige, I love your kitchen so much. I love everything you chose. I am so glad you let me know that your floors are random width quartersawn White Oak with a stain since I love them and I am looking for hardwood floors for my home. What stain did you use? I love the color of it and the look.

    Bookmark   June 22, 2008 at 12:30AM
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I too have a question about your flooring: given that you chose the stain, I assume the floor was field-finished (as in, not prefinished)? Any experience/research on how field-finished floors hold up, especially in kitchens?

We have a field-finished red oak floor in our upstairs bedrooms, and it doesn't take much to scratch it (aside from the flooring sub swearing up and down it'd be hard as a rock). Now we're going to pick flooring for a complete downstairs remodel, including the kitchen, and I'm insisting on prefinished for the hardest possible finish.

But "prefinished" limits colors and species, and my architect is suddenly balking at the prefinished floor we chose (Wood Flooring International, American Woods Collection, Red Oak), balking based on the color. (Actually she's balking at the kitchen color scheme, partly based on the flooring, which will go throughout many rooms).

Our kitchen color scheme will be very similar to yours -- off-white painted cabinets, though with a wood island much the same color as your non-kitchen wood cabinets, island with a reddish butcher block. At least in the photos, your flooring nicely matches your butcher block, which so far ours wouldn't.

Your kitchen is SO NICE that it yanked me out of lurkerdom to join and post! Great job, very inspiring! (Making me second-guess my insistence on frameless cabinets, hence no inset drawers -- I want every millimeter of drawer width possible, function over form...but boy those inset drawers are so clean-looking. Mm-mm.)

Anyway, any info on floor finish in your kitchen, how you went about choosing it, would be very helpful.


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omg this is gorgeous!!!!!! i must have that hood!!!!!!!! i already emailed rangecraft but was wondering if you have an estimate of what it cost??????????

    Bookmark   June 30, 2008 at 5:17PM
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Mamadadapaige, your kitchen is simple and elegant. Could you comment on how your Ocean Green honed granite countertop is holding up in regards to daily cleaning and oil spatter near the range? Have you sealed it yet? I saw pictures of the granite (polished) on the web and was surprised that the green color is very dark compared to your honed look. I was wondering if sealing the honed granite would make the green be as dark as on the polished stone. Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen!

    Bookmark   July 1, 2008 at 2:05PM
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thanks so much. am happy to comment on floors. the stain is called Indian Summer and was purchased through Carlisle where our flooring came from. I would HIGHLY suggest that you have your floor finisher do some samples for you on your floor prior to staining. Our finisher did three samples for us: one with just one coat of stain, the second with two coats of stain and the third with one coat of stain on conditioned wood (the conditioning process is apparently opening up the pores of the wood by putting water or something on them... perhaps the flooring forum would should more light on this??). Anyway, the result of this sampling test was eye opening for me: far and away the one coat on conditioned wood was closest to the sample that I had from Carlisle which was the basis for my stain choice. The other two weren't even close and I'd have been SO disappointed if my floors had turned out that way. Also, I learned that not all woods take stains as well as other woods. For instance, I know from personal experience that fir does not stain well at all (on top of being extremely soft). There was a website I had come across that had Janka scores and info on which woods took stains well... I wish I had bookmarked it as I can't find it now.

gglks, the hood... I LOVE it! and I think it makes my kitchen so I splurged for it (meaning I had to get a GE Monogram range instead of Wolf and a GE monogram fridge instead of subzero... which hasn't been a compromise at all as they are both working out GREAT), but the hood was expensive - I think for my size, style, options about $5K. The nice thing about Rangecraft is they fully customize for your situation: depth, width, height, etc etc...

the granite is holding up. the pictures were taken after I sealed it. My previous counters were polished ubatuba and this honed granite is different in many ways. First, when dirty it doesn't show as much, but also when clean, doesn't gleam as much. For some reason I haven't been as free in my cooking style since the renovation... I am a little careful of getting stains on the counters or setting hot things on it, but I think this is just a case of gitters on having a brand new kitchen. I think once the new-ness wears off, I won't be as reluctant to use my kitchen to its full extent.

sorry, i didn't respond quickly.... I have been off of gardenweb the last few days

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WOW! You just designed my kitchen!!! I haven't been able to put into words/pix what I wanted until now. THANK YOU for sharing!
The butcher block island is my fantasy. I am almost afraid to ask a price quote for something that beautiful. If you recall, is it just maple or a special order?? Any info (thickness, etc.) would be appreciated.
Are you cutting on it now? DH is suggesting not end-grain and sealed (so not to be cut on), but I am salivating over what yours looks like!!! Did I say gorgeous kitchen yet?? WOW!

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love your kitchen!! what is the color of your grout???? thanks....

    Bookmark   July 14, 2008 at 10:54PM
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Mamadadapaige - I just wanted to write that I adore your kitchen, all the lovely bits and details. It just works so well and is so stylish and inviting. Great kitchen table and chairs too!! It makes me long for a butcher block top. =)


    Bookmark   July 14, 2008 at 11:25PM
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Mamadadapaige, I saw some absolutely beautiful Ocean Green granite today and thought of you. It was polished, not honed, but it was gorgeous.

    Bookmark   July 28, 2008 at 10:09PM
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thanks guys!! I am loving the new kitchen and really appreciate all the compliments.

pluckymama, saw your other post re: the ocean green. it really is something. I have to thank the people at Gerrity for pointing it out to me as I was so distraught about their "leopard spotty" soapstone and had my heart set on it. the ocean green really is a nice substitute for it given that several places in my area had very poor slabs of SS to choose from.

thanks again!

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Mamadadapaige, I don't think I've ever seen someone's new kitchen post fill up with the limit of 150 posts and you're nearing that now! (I feel a little guilty taking a valuable spot) Anyway it says a lot about your design and your choices, and how it's hit a chord with so many people in so many ways. Lovely, lovely. And you've been such a help to people in answering the many questions, too. It also shows the classic, broad appeal of a white kitchen with dark stone counters...A look some people keep trying to say is 'done,' or overdone. You have accomplished a wonderful kitchen in your own way and prove there can be a uniqueness in kitchens using this style and this general color scheme. I wish your family good health and fun cooking in this kitchen for many, many years! This is a little gushy sounding, but I mean it.

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Of course, I agree with all above that this is a wonderful kitchen. I am planning my space myself as well, and havea very similar floorplan to you. Would you mind sharing one dimension not shown on the Crown Point plan? How far is it from you range wall to the bookshelf divider wall (on the dining table side). Also, how deep is the divider piece, and how much aisle space do you have on each long side of the table?

I have done mine on paper a million times, but sometimes you have to see it physically to know if it will work.

Thanks SO SO much.


    Bookmark   July 28, 2008 at 11:34PM
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Hi Amy,
not sure how many feet it is so I am going to post the architect's drawing as I think it will be helpful. Just one caveat... the kitchen in this plan just shows our old kitchen. When we started our renovation we did not intend to do the kitchen (I was able to talk my husband into it, mid-January so had to make my decisions in a big hurry and generally had to keep things in a similar layout to what we had to keep costs down).

    Bookmark   July 29, 2008 at 12:52AM
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That was very helpful! My space (currently sep d/r and kit) is almost the same size as yours (up to the columns). I was trying to figure out if I had enough room to reorient the island perpendicular to the table- but based on you drawings it won't fit that way (my space is about 4" short). So the visual really helped!!

Thanks so much, and again, absolutely beautiful space.

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can you tell me where you found your dining table?

we are looking at crown-point as well tho price is high.

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hi goblue7,

I got it at an Antique Store. It is Italian, turn of the century, wormy chestnut. REally worn in which is great when you have little kids as you don't feel too bad about anything happening to it.

below is a link to the antique store in Boston where I got the table. They definitely lean toward transitional pieces and things that could be considered eclectic (vs. ultra traditional stuff).


Here is a link that might be useful: Antique Store

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Today, I had the privilege of seeing mamadadapaige's kitchen and I have to say the pics just do not do it justice. It is even more amazing in real life!

The quality of the Crown Point cabinets is evident, by the subtle finishing details that only a true craftsman provides. The Ocean Green granite looks like a mixure of soapstone and green marble. It's smooth honed finish tops off the lovely veining and deep, but not dark green color. Her butcher block countertop provides the warming contrast and balance to the granite. The large window over that sink that provides a wonderful view of the water and boats in the inlet. The rangecraft hood, the tile backsplash, her choice of hardware and all the other details that make this kitchen one of GW's favorites are just so well put together.

mamadadapaige truly has a magazine worthy kitchen and she is as friendly and helpful in person as she is online! Thank you mama, you really helped me today!

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Mary, you are so kind. I really enjoyed meeting you today. It was fun to have you over. The DH's really hit it off too - particularly with their similar political leanings and their ability to launch right into a hearty conversation.

I can't wait to see how your kitchen shapes up... please post progress photos as it comes along - with everything you are putting into it, it will sure to be a GW favorite.

Thanks again for the nice compliments and keep in touch (and enjoy your trip!!).

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