Do you use a heat gun?

syakOctober 25, 2002


I currently use my heat gun for embossing stamped images. Does anyone use a heat gun for other purposes? I would like to get full use of my tools and wondered if anyone had a suggestion.



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This is a pretty silly use for a heat gun, but I also use mine to smooth out shwer curtains and vinyl tablecloths! Silly but amazingly effective-- I keep a clean tablecloth over the cloth on because my preschoolers make such a mess--- and the heat gun gets all the folds out!

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When I buy artificial flowers/plants, I take each piece out of the main stem and glue them back on. By doing this, it really helps keep the tips on the stems. This is mainly for flowers that I take out to the cemetery for my daughter's grave, but I also sometimes do it for inside plants.

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