Websites for pictures of small homes

FlowerLady6September 12, 2008

Do any of you have websites that are filled with pictures of small homes inside and out? I've been searching today, but haven't found a whole lot.


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I have found some wonderful photos posted by Oceana on the Decorating Forum Gallery. Specifically the Cottage decor thread, there are some great smaller rooms. You might try a "small" search there too.

Looked at my bookmarks and the only one that comes up is an HGTV search on smaller homes. It has 300 finds, not sure how much is actually of value since most of it is TV shows. Linked it below.

My experience is the same as yours for searching. "Small" seems to be a broad word. And many times the results are not what we consider small. I usually search with Images, can eliminate a lot of ad stuff.

What style are you looking for?

Here is a link that might be useful: Small

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I forgot about Blog searches. Here is one with a bunch of other links to smaller home decor. Try your search on google blogs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Small Space style

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Here is a link that might be useful: small again

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Hi emagineer ~ Thanks for the links. I will be checking them out more thoroughly at another time. I did go to the jewelbox one and have to admit that the following paragraph turned me off. The two people mentioned do NOT live like those of us in homes with less that 2000 sq. ft. We most certainly can have jewel box homes and some of us do, while supposedly they have jewelbox like qualities. Give me a break!

*** Rather than making a grand statement, a Jewel BoxSM Home respects the scale of its neighborhood. Compared to the average home, its size is modest, usually less than 2,000 square feet. But a large house that is beautiful, practical and efficient can also qualify as a Jewel BoxSM Home. For example, Melissa and Bill Gates have incorporated many elements of a Jewel BoxSM Home into their Medina, Washington residence. While the massive rambling palace built by the Sultan of Brunei with 1,788 rooms and 200 bathrooms could never be considered a Jewel Box.***

Enough said.


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I sort of rushed to link that one. There were some other links on the web page for small homes. And the reason I said small was a broad word relates to your comment.

Know you go on the decorating forum a bit too. You and I have had a few conversations there. Guess we have to admit that GW is one of our best resources. I don't know where Oceanna gets her pics (magazines?)or how much time she spends on posting the tons of photos. But she is one great resource and I really appreciate her commitment. I quit buying mags due to their cost, now haul a dozen or more home from the library.

Perhaps we should ask Oceanna to help us with some small home pics. I finally got my small bathroom finished using one of her photos for inspiration and am quite pleased with the results. Also my bedroom which now needs paint.

Wish we had a gallery here rather than a conversation side. Should you find any pics or links, I welcome knowing about them too. Decorating Mag sites seem to be the best at this point. Maybe we could just make the conversation side a gallery. If we could get people to go there.....

I also keep putting off posting my photos of before/after. Seeing how great some of the rooms are on the other threads I get a bit intimidated. Plus I start flitting off to other projects and end up with a mess of tools, paint, etc. creating new what was once finished looks like I'm still working a room. Or it's like my garden, can always find a new color, new shape to cozey up another corner.

One source I just thought of was searching on Flicker or Photo Bucket. Again, takes a long time and most just don't get "small".

Your place is beautiful, would love to see more for inspiration.

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emagineer ~ Good morning to you! Hope your weekend is a good one.

We can't always go by the name of websites, all we can do is find out when we get there. I'm sure that website has some good info, it was just that one thing that turned me off.

Yes, I do go to the decorating forum a bit, but those ladies live way beyond me so I feel a tad uncomfortable there to say the least. A home I just loved seeing there recently was slinkys. Just gorgeous. She had antiques, things that she bought for next to nothing and restored, painted or whatever she decided to do. Her DH also makes things and paints paintings. She has a wonderful eye for decorating and is not pretentious at all.

That's a great idea, making the conversation side a gallery. Why didn't we think of that before? This forum isn't very popular, because we all tend to be more on the scale down and purge ourselves of things, than always wanting more and more. It doesn't mean that we don't like things, or don't want to decorate our homes nicely either. We are just different. : -) Maybe a little weird and eccentric too. (At least I know DH and I are.)

I know what you mean about being intimidated by some of the photos of beautiful rooms. Mine are very humble by comparison. Right now, we have stacks of stuff in the living room, bedroom and in my little office/library as we are still remodeling, so I'm not taking any pictures to show that's for sure.

I did go to youtube yesterday and saw some videos, will go back again later today to see what I can come up with. I will check out flicker also.

*** I start flitting off to other projects and end up with a mess of tools, paint, etc. creating new what was once finished looks like I'm still working a room. Or it's like my garden, can always find a new color, new shape to cozey up another corner. *** We sound a lot alike.

Here's to living today and enjoying the beauty around us.


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Check out - they are linked with several different magazines, among them Cottage Living, Coastal Living, Southern Living. Within that site you can search for pictures under a ton of different categories and one of them is Small Spaces. Even within a large room there is inspiration in a corner arrangement, or the way a desk is used within the living room..... lots of eye candy. Each picture you click takes you to several others - links within links - get a big mug of coffee first - you'll need it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Small Spaces thru MyHomeIdeas

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I think it is a great idea to do the conversation side as a gallery. I would also love to see pictures of others smaller house decorating here. Like Flowerlady said we do it differently.

LOL At the office library comment. I flashed on our library is in the master bedroom closet. Heheheheh I even changed the closet rods so it would fit in there. Had it the same way at our other house and since it worked so well I repeated the process.

And the changing garden comments. I am there too only right ow I am starting all new. Also going to have a relatively small garden.

I will explore the links later for desert. Thank you for putting them up.


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dlm2000 ~ Thanks for that website. I went there and checked out some of the sites and they do have some great ideas. Will be going back again.

Chris ~ Living in small spaces makes us be inventive with those spaces that's for sure. My office/library space is about 6'x8', was our screened front porch until we closed it in. We do not use that as our front entry anymore, we use the kitchen, which is open to the living room.

Thanks again emagineer and dlm2000 for the links.


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I love the links and I appreciate you all sharing. My problem is that I live with three teenagers and a husband in 1083 sq. feet! I can live small and have all of these great images in my mind of how I would fix up my space if it was just me--but having the space have to work so hard is a different story. Oh, and the cat. I swear, I think the cat is worse than all of us put together! Any good suggestions? again, I do LOVE the links!

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Hey, happymary--

Having three teenagers in limited square footage is a challenge for your place on a slab foundation or do you have a basement you can convert into a teen "hangout room"? Then a lot of their stuff could head down there and away from the main living space.


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happymary, I only had 2 teens, but they always had friends over, so I know what you mean. I found that a big deck or porch, music, & a volleyball net are a great solution.

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HappyMary ~ I hope you can find some good solutions that will work for you and your family. The more I search and look at pictures the more ideas I get.

I checked your profile and I also love gardening and that's where I spend a lot of my time. I see that we share the same birthday too.

Do you have a garage, or any outdoor space that you could use to give you any relief inside? Could you buy a storage shed to help store things?

DH and I live in a 50's cottage that is roughly 750 sq.ft. We keep working on making our space more efficient.


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