Best Sealer?

gracie01October 20, 2008

What would be the best sealer to use for a sign that will be outside in all weather & elements? Spray? Brand? Brushed-on? TIA

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Hi Gracie, I'm going to be watching this post for everyone's answers too. I've always used two or three coats of the spray on sealer for my holiday yard stakes and such and it seemed to work fine. But lately I'm noticing that the ones I've put in the flower beds for year round are just not holding up well to the sun and water sprinklers.

I doubt that there is a quick fix. I think I need to use a primer coat on my surface before painting and then use a "marine" type brush on varnish if I really want them to last. Question I have to answer is--do I want to invest that much in them or would I rather switch out to new ones every couple of years?

Let's see what the more experienced painters can tell us.


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I prefer brush on finishes for outdoor pieces that will be exposed to the elements on a regular basis. I've always used Rustoleum (former Flecto brand) Diamond Varathane Finishes.

*For outdoor pieces it is always recommended that every 2 or 3 years you recoat them to keep them well protected.

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Here is a link to the product. It is available in indoor/outdoor, and UV protected finishes.

The Varathane Diamond (water based) Finish will go on clear and remain clear. I have pieces that are over 10 years old and the color is as good as the day I painted them.

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When doing outside pieces, I use good old house paint for the basecoat. Ex: White sign with flowers....I use white house paint and then my regular paints for the flowers. I then use Varathane as in the post by Kraftymom.... or if I want it to "age" I use Spar varnish which will turn a "golden" color.

Living here in WA. where it rains a little bit (well all the time) I also check my outdoor pieces often and if needed I will lightly sand and re-finish.

Hope this helps!

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'if I want it to "age" I use Spar varnish which will turn a "golden" color.'

Rustoleum also makes a Varathane that turns a warm amber after applied. It's usually recommended for wood furniture.

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Thanks for all your help

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