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FlowerLady6September 12, 2008

Hi everyone. I've been surfing the web after reading the NYTimes article on small homes and found some interesting websites and pictures.

The website I am posting here may not even be updated, but it gives you some great pics and floor plans.

I am really starting to love our little place more and want to declutter as much as possible to make our place even seem larger.

Here is a link that might be useful: Small house plans

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It's so hard to convince yourself that you can get by with less. If I used the "Throw-it-away-if-not-used-in-a-year" rule, I could get rid of at least 75% of my stuff. I probably only use half the clothes in my (small) closet, and I'm not a 'clothes person' at all. When we move, anything that doesn't fit in one trip with the biggest truck we can rent (26') stays behind. Period. I mean it this time.....

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I know just what you mean. After looking at these websites, I then came across some youtube videos that really made me want to get rid of stuff, so that I won't be a 100% hoarder. Yikes!

We have quit going to yard sales, flea markets and even thrift shops (except I like to buy my shirts, blouses, skirts, there because they are like new but already broken in, and we live frugally.) We don't want anymore stuff. We have enough to decorate with and don't need anymore.

I keep looking around to see what we can get rid of that really isn't sentimental, beautiful, artistic, or useful. Some of what we have is just 'stuff' collected when we were younger because we could. It's not important.

Quantity is definitely not quality, no matter what the items. Whether it be an antique collection of some sort, or just simple stuff. We can pick out the best or most favorite and get rid of the rest. Our lives can be so much simpler, yet peaceful and harmonious with favorite things. Life is not about acquiring things but about enjoying the many blessings that come our way each day.

Sincerely ~ FlowerLady

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I love Ross Chapin's houses, always recommend them as beautiful small houses. Sadly none of them is quite right for us.

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