'Too Much Fertilizer'

kraftymomOctober 6, 2008

Here is my version of a John Sliney project. I'm going to hang it on my front porch.

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I can't help it!!! It just makes me smile so much to see this. I just love his patterns and you did it so well. I like the board you painted it on too. Hoping I'll have time to get mine done in time to hang it this year. Will you be doing any others? ~Anj

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I am actually thinking about doing the one called 'The Legend of Midnight Mary' from the same book if I have a surface it will fit on. If that doesn't work out I might do 'Three Moon Inn' from Sliney's book The Back Roads Of New England. I just love his pumpkins!
Either way I'm probably going to have to adjust the size of both projects.

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I can guarantee that all the boys coming to your house for Trick or Treat are going to just love this one! That is too funny, reminds me of that movie about the giant plant for some reason. You did an excellent painting job on it. Luvs

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That's great. I'm still laughing, lol. Excellent job painting your giant veggieman. I'll try more fertilizer next year on my garden and maybe I won't have to paint to get ready for Halloween. HA HA This reminds me I better be getting out to pick pumpkins and squash soon. I planted some of the Jack be little so need to get them in and varnished befor the frost gets them. Does this artist have alot of books out? I've never seen any of his work before. I'll have to look him up.

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Thanks everyone. John Sliney has always been a favorite artist of mine and I have always been drawn to his Halloween projects (my favorite time of year).

He does have a website so do check it out.

Most of my surfaces like the bread board above I find at thrift stores. Pizza, bread, and cheese boards are some of my favorite surfaces because of the variety of sizes and shapes they come in. But the reason I really like them is that they have that hole drilled in them and are ready for hanging when finished. :-)

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KM~ I see a bunch of the breadboards at the TS too and I actually have a few stashed away to paint. It probably wouldn't be too hard to change the square shaped ones with a few minutes and a saw. I like the shape of yours.

Phonegirl~ we usually plant some of the little pumpkins or gourds too, but mine got eaten down to the ground by earwigs this year. Grrr. I was disappointed because this was the first year I planted white pumpkins and I was looking forward to decorating with them. =( ~Anj

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