Three days left! Organization challenge ends 9/30

lavender_lassSeptember 28, 2013

Alright everyone...let's keep going!!! September 30th we'll meet over on Conversations forum and have tea (or any other beverage you want for the celebration). One weekend left...let's finish another room, closet or shelf, before the end of the month :)

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I'm not going to be finished. But I am making progress.

My original list:

Find shoe storage. Done.
Deal with the pile o' clutter in the corner. About half done.
Hang the curtains.
Make the curtains. Done.
Go through summer and winter clothes and donate those things I don't wear. Done.
Switch out summer and winter clothes. Done.
Find a place to store the iron that isn't the top of my dresser. Thought this was done, but new place doesn't work. Back to start.
Hang the twinkle lights. Done.
Hang the other roller shade. (Got one up and lost steam.) Done.
Make the rug. (Found a lovely crochet pattern for a rug; just have to make it now.) Started; about half done.
Clean from top to bottom.

What wasn't on the list, but I did it anyway:

Cleared off top of dresser.
Cleared off top of sewing chest.
Went through bookcase and donated some books.
Switched summer and winter bedding.
Cleared off top of nightstand.

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Oh Camlan, I make rugs and baskets from fabric (crochet) and it's a huge part of my clutter. Rewarding, but oh the mess;). You're doing much better than I. I guess I should have made a "to do" list.

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I'm not done either...but I am making progress. Maybe we should have this be Organizational Challenge Part 1. Then we can pat ourselves on the back today...for doing so well for the first half :)

Join me for tea on the Conversations side...or just visit right here. Do you think we should continue this for October?

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October, when does that start?

I have my bedroom floor almost visible with only two small piles of dirty laundry on it. I cleaned off part of my mat table and did some of my exercises when watching the Tigers before they decided to lose to the Red Sox. Aren't some of you out in the St. Louis area? Are you cheering on the Cardinals? (Maybe that was Weed30 out in St. Louis).

Our kitchen island would be clear if my Fairy Garden carp were not all over one end. I need to replant those darned things that have been living on my kitchen desk for a year, and that need to be repotted and given away to nieces and nephews!

Can we extend the deadline till Thanksgiving?

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Can we extend this or do a Part 2. I was away for a few months and missed this post !

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Never mind I just saw Part2, blame it on jet lag....

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