Acrylics on canvas

citytransplant(zone5)October 18, 2009

Here a couple of painting, I did a few years ago.

I love painting birds. No one I know likes paintings of birds, so I put this in DH home office.

I really do not like these poppies, but people had said it is nice. So I hung is in DH home office.

Someone please tell me how to make these photos smaller. Maybe all the flaws won't look so bad then.


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Flaws? What Flaws? They look just great! It is super that you do so many real life subjects in your art. I like your free spirit so much more than my restricted spirit.

Thanks for posting!


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Oh Belle,

You are sooo sweet. Free spirit...not easy to come by. I used to draw and paint so tight. One year my SIL bought me some charcoal and tablets and said that I could not use them until I decide to "draw large". It helped me to open up. Still working on that because I know my work would improve if I did. However, it is still easier for me to paint with a one hair brush, than to use sweeping motions as I dance to a tango, but I do play the music while I paint...just in case.

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This is so wonderful to come here and see two of your paintings that you did such a great job painting. I want to paint some animals but haven't jumped in with both feet yet.haha I've also wanted to paint some poppies so you may be my inspiration to do just that. Thank you so much for posting with us.

What do you mean no one likes birds or poppies? I'll bet your DH is thrilled to have two of your paintings to look at every day. You haven't shown your paintings to the right people yet or you wouldn't have them now.LOL Now that DH has them in his office, I'm sure he's not going to just let you give them away.

If you want smaller pics you can pick the top one in photobucket and it will post smaller pics. I for one don't want smaller pics. There's no flaws I can see.


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Hi City,

love your canvases. And for the record I am one of those people who LIKES to paint birds! lol

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Oh Kraftymom,

So glad you like to paint birds too. Would love to see some of them.

I just think that I am strange to really want to paint birds, but I really do not like them as art and I do not know of anyone that does. A few years back, I did find a woman that I worked with who liked them and I gave them all to her. This one I have painted since and I have a lot of samples that I want to do again. I also have a very strong urge to paint roosters... wonder where that came from?

Anyway, please share your birds with us.

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I don't usually do birds on canvas but on other surfaces though I am seriously considering some canvas pieces. I actually like all wildlife and landscapes/seascapes and have been branching out over the past few years doing both.
I work for Wild Birds Unlimited so birds are also my job, it is a great job that allows me to talk about birds and other wildlife all day long. Life is good!

Here is a hummingbird oil light I made from a wine bottle.

A couple of wildlife silhouettes on wood...

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The humming bird bottle and the wildlife silhouettes are beautiful! The howling wolf is my favorite, tho he seems a bit lonely. Thanks for showing these beautiful pictures, and keep posting.I am just amazed at all the great talent out there!!
Blessings, Shirley

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I love colbolt and hummingbirds, so the bottle is my favorite. But everything is really wonderful. Isn't it great when we branch out and try different methods of painting? Not only do we learn new talents, we also have more fun. Thanks for sharing and please don't stop now.


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Thank you all. I have been in a bit of a painting funk lately. I am about to leave on a weeks vacation and hopefully when I get back I can get excited about painting again.

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Kraftymom, all three of your pieces are wonderful. I've been looking at some Halloween witch silhouettes and thinking they would look good on wooden signs too. Hope your vaction reignites your desire to paint--I think we all get in a "slump" once in awhile. I seem to paint several projects then just quit for awhile--not sure what that is all about! LOL


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I think all your projects turned out great. I love the color blue of the bottle and the hummingbird and flowers look great on it. I like the silhouettes and have never thought about painting any. This may send me in a new direction.

Thanks for posting and joining with pictures. Punk

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