Small is Beautiful

FlowerLady6September 25, 2008

Am doing some more searching on small homes and came up with this website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Small is Beautiful

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Another interesting link, Flower! It's interesting the comments people made, and how small their homes are. The way the economy is going in recent weeks, there may well be a stampede into truly small homes. I'm starting to think my 1200 sq ft plan is a bit decadent for two people!

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flgargoyle ~ I am having a hard time coming up with anymore links. That one was interesting with all those comments made by real people.

Once the weather cools down, we'll be up in the attic (crawlspace) reorganizing since DH re-insulated and put down a floor, so that we can get stuff out of our bedroom that we took down from the attic back up there. We want to continue laying the laminate flooring into our bedroom and then the flooring will be done. We will have to take our bed apart, stacking the head and foot boards, and laying the boxspring and the mattress, in the living room while we do this so that we have a place to sleep. It's going to be so nice when it's done. No more UGLY gray linoleum sqs. from the 50's. We both love the faux oak laminate flooring so much better. Our ceilings are beautiful pine tongue and groove boards from Miami area. Too bad they didn't put something nice on the floors as well.

I bet your 1200 sq ft floor plan is nice. The one thing about our cottage is NOT enough storage space. Of course, if we got rid of some 'stuff', we'd have more space. The one thing we really have a problem with is books. Can't seem to quit collecting them.


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Flowerlady, thanks for the good link. I wish I had a bed like the one described there. I don't even have room under my bed for a plastic sweater box.

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Glad you liked the link lexi. Our bed is loaded underneath, and once we do our bedroom remodel and re-arrange, we're going to put one of those big drawers on wheels under it for nicer storage. We found this drawer, like new, curb-side awhile back. I couldn't believe it. It still smells new and looks new. Your bed must be awfully low to the floor. They do have different boxes for putting your box-spring and mattress on, that have built-in drawers, maybe you could do that for some extra storage. I couldn't find the bit about the bed you said was described here so I don't know what they are talking about. Maybe I missed it, I looked again now, but I'm not quite awake yet.


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Do those bed raisers work? The four feet that look like cups? I never considered them because they don't look sturdy enough and feel like there should be a center support too. But possibly an option for raising the bed to accomodate some storage.

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Flowerlady, our box springs are on metal frames with legs not only on the corners, but also in the middle and other places. It is only 5 inches from the floor. If I try to slide a box under the bed, a legs stop it from going all the way underneath. Those cabinets for box springs sound nice. Do you know where I can find them?

Emagineer, I am wondering the same thing about the bed raisers with the cup like feet. Thanks.

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Ok, those people have small homes! I've often wondered about some of the sizes here that people consider small, but the poster who has a family of five in less than a 1000 square feet? that's something I
can relate to!thanks flowerlady, I'll be sure and keep up with that site.

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