Luvs, have some questions for you.

oddieOctober 28, 2007

I tried to find your post on the suitcase you done for your GD cant seem to find it, do you use any kind of a sealer frist? and how do you do the background? please tell me step by step how to do it, the painting pattern I plan on useing has a blue sky, I remenber on yours the background had differnt colors but they seemed to blend together, the suitecase is blue and I dont want to paint the hardware as it will go okay, I think.

when you have time will you post directions for me, and anything else I should know!

Thanks so much


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Hi Oddie, I am so excited that you found those suitcases. It is not easy to find the hard sided ones. (However, some of the canvas ones can be painted too.)

I followed the instructions from a cd video I had ordered from Ebay. First off, you will want to cover your hardware with paper and/or tape to keep it from getting paint on it. Then clean your suitcase to remove any soil/grease that may be on it. I wiped mine with soap and water, let it dry, then rubbed over it with alcohol.

Then spray on a coat or two of primer. You can then spray on a basecoat of non gloss paint or you can just start painting on it with your acrylic paints.

The technique from the cd was to use those cheap paint brushes about 2 inches wide with the light colored bristles that you can get at Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, etc.and dab/pat the different colors on until they were blended into each other to your satisfaction. You could probably do a similar thing by sponging it on if you preferred. Since the brushes are so cheap, I used one for each color so I didn't have to wash it out to change color. (I kept stepping back to see if I had my colors evenly distributed, then would add more wherever I thought it needed it.)

This technique might work well for your sky especially if you don't want it just a solid blue. This technique would give it a more mottled/textured appearance.

You then just start painting like you would on wood or any other surface. You can draw or transfer a pattern on if you like. I then sprayed three coats of sealer on mine, letting each one dry well before applying the next one.

I think it was Sweets who did one with a scene on it, I'll try to find both our posts and bump them up for you to see again.

I enjoyed painting the two I have done so far. I keep my eyes open at TS for another smallish one. Have a snowman pattern I'd like to do on one. Figure storage won't be a problem, I can just put decorations inside it and stash it on a shelf.

Good luck with yours, and have fun. You know we can't wait to see the pics.


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Oh luvs thanks so much for helping me and such a quick response! but iam afaird I need a little more help, you said you use a spray primer frist, could I use white gesso with a blue color mixed in and paint with a brush, or what color of primer? maybe black so the sky is dark, I get lost when it comes to useing the right colors, when useing the different colors to dap with the paint brush is the paint wet on wet so it blends, or are you useing a blending product? sorry I dint get back to you sooner had to take my dad to the doctor and its always a all day thing, was feeling guilty for wanting to rush home so I could read your post! I so love the idea to use the suite case for storage very clever!
Thanks for bumping up the post, soo love looking at yours and sweets beautiful suitecases! and thanks for all your help!

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Forgot to say the suitecase is a med blue, Iam sure you know the color, dont know if that makes a difference on what color of primer I should use or not,but thought I better add that to my list of questions.

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Oddie, I think the primer was just to cover any color that you might not like on the suitcase and give the paint a good surface to "stick to".

However, if you like the color of your suitcase, guess what? I was just reading a pattern that Renee Mullins of Plum Purdy had written, and all she did was spray the suitcase with a couple good coats of the matte spray sealer. I use the Krylon 1311, do you have that one? You can get it at Walmart usually. The sealer will give you a good surface for your acrylics to cling to also.

I haven't tried using the gesso, but it would work too--but the spray on sealer would be easier and faster.

For "pouncing" on the color, yes you do it while the paint is still wet. I sort of "slip slapped" on some color then pounced up and down on it with my cheapy brushes until it was blended. Even after it dries, you can add more color if you see places that are too dark or anything. Just play with it until you like it.

Do you have a pattern you are using? I don't know what your design is, so not sure I can advise on color of the sky. For a night sky, either black or dark blue work well. Or have it dark for the part that is in the "distance" and then let it blend into a deep blue toward the middle, and then a little lighter towards the top.

Even if you just do a solid color for the sky it will look fine. Does your design have clouds or a moon or snow falling? Don't stress over it, you always choose great colors, just go with what feels right to you. I'm sure it will look great. ;o)


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Thanks sooo much luvs! I think I can give it a shot now, didnt want to mess up the suitecase, guess thats why I stress so much over it, thanks alot and if I can do a good job I sure will post a photo!

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