Kitchen Tables of the Future

MoccasinSeptember 15, 2011

I just found this video in my HGTV newsletter, and wanted to share it with you guys.

See the link below. The NYTimes R&D labs are coming up with lots of ideas. And when you think about it, the kitchen table in many homes represents a LOT of square footage in the house. So making it work harder is a good idea, especially in a really small home.

What do you think are the chances of something like this being on YOUR want list?

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Tables of the Future

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I think this would be a hit in coffee shops and restaurants as mentioned in the video, but I personally wouldn't like it in a home where the family gathered to eat together. I don't have a family, but if I did I would not buy a table like this for my kitchen.

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Yes, Schoolhouse, I put lots of things on the table, but I like to keep it set for dinner all the time.
But all the smart phones and such, I think it is going to lead to something like this in the future. But how do you keep it from breaking with a hot pot sitting on it? Or the kiddies spilling their spaghetti sauce everywhere? Hmmmm.
It kind of reminds me of John King's smart board during the 2008 election reporting.

Maybe for committee meetings. And for folks wanting to have a real time or live way of rearranging furniture. It would be smart enough that you could draw the room dimensions for it, and then lay the product's SKU on the screen, and it would come up with all the dimensions, color options, and you could just move it around the room and also find other pieces that could work with it.

Just a thought, anyway.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Too high-tech for me, but my DH would have loved it! I think it would be great in business applications--committee meetings, graphic design, etc.

Sometimes I'm still amazed that I'm using a laptop and surfing the web. :)

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Interesting video, I thought it was going to show tables that could be folded up or something. You can tell I'm not
very technically advanced....

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What chance? Slim to none. But I agree that it would be great in a coffee house.

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It's a giant ipad with legs.

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never! I still use a desktop. I do have a trac cell phone. it's been dead for a yr or so now. i am gonna put time on it for when I'm driving tho.

and I use a land line. corded.

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Dear Steph.....
oh boy, what are we going to do with you, lady!!
I did not get a cell phone for years, so not sure what a trac phone is. But when I ran out of gas at night on the Interstate, I was motivated to get a cell the next day.

And today, I was working with JUST the cell phone almost all day. Getting a new number for DH because of all these strange credit rate callers, it is such a pain and they know we are on the nocall list.

And I even uploaded a picture of myself for his phone. He loves it. Best one I ever took.

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If it's any consolation steph, this is my phone.

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ML- you're beautiful! lol!
a trac phone is a 20.00 one from target (or walgreens etc) that you can only get time from the trac phone people but you can buy 10.00 or 15.00 $ etc. 20.00 would give me enough time for several months. I think the time expires in 3 months unless you add more anyway. I usually end up putting another 10.00 on so not to lose time - in case i ever need it.

last time I was using it I probably didn't use 30 min in 6 months. I only took it in the car for emergencies or if say I was meeting my sister somewhere. That way if she was running late (or I was) we could contact each other. I think the 1 time I used it we were coming from different directions to meet in our 'home town' area and we both got lost!!! how strange - except there was so much construction going on all around us and the deters (and new builds/change of land use as we prev knew it). They can wipe out my 'where am I? landmarks' so fast! well, sometimes it's been a yr since I've been by an area too - lol!

I did think I should put time on it tho since I haven't yet wired the new place for the land line. I spent 2 nights over there w/o a phone and it didn't bother me - but i also had no emergency either!

also, my sister gave me her old 'fancy to me' phone but i have no idea who to get time on it from... don't want a 30.00 a month bill on it. 10.00 a month w/trac phone is way more than I'd use!

I know how to make a call and answer one. that's it - if I even remember that. first time I had it in 'use' (ha! had it with me) my sister called me - she was sitting about 3' away from me. nothing. it didn't ring. finally she asked me if my phone was 'on'. I said no - I'm not talking to anyone. lol! I didn't know it had to be 'on' to get a call too!

I also gave up on the cordless in the house. it was expensive to replace the batteries and I so often lost the phone somewhere... I even still use a corded mouse - so I can track that sucker down when it escapes...

I seldom talk on the phone. if it weren't for the solicitors it'd probably never ring! but every so often I wanna actually talk to my kids (other than email) and in case of a storm or something the phones you need to plug in don't work anyway. I live in the boonies and there are times we lose electricity often. So far, this is the first summer I can remember we didn't lose power - I'm very grateful for that - a/c wise.

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Doubt if I would have that table. I do think it is totally cool though. Laughing on Giant Ipod on legs.

I too am still in aw on surfing the net shopping from home when needed. Talking to people on the internet phone. I can do that but can barely run the cell phone.

I am loving wireless in our house with printer on the system too. Great to be able to print something from the living room. I am just techie enough to get myself in trouble. I do love the computers.

Steph get yourself a wireless laptop and router. Some ISP come with wireless router. It will change your internet life style. totally love to be able to take the computers anywhere. I am on the front porch right now enjoying the cool evening. Will not be many more like this before winter sets in. I HATED being stuck to a desktop and all the room they take up.

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