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dreamgoddessOctober 17, 2007

I need some expert! I used to tole paint and took classes for quite a while, but I haven't picked up a brush in probably 20 years. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten everything I ever knew about tole painting after this long. Not really sure why it's hit me now, but I want to start painting again. I don't know anyone here where I live that paints, so no help there.

Can you recommend a couple of good books or websites...or anything at all that would help me get back into the swing of tole painting? I'm not sure why, but I'm just itching to paint some pink cabbage roses.

Any suggestions, please???

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Hi Dreamgoddess, nice to see you here. You are really in luck. We actually have a member here, Paintingfool, who still teaches classes and has painted for years. She does amazing painting--take a look at the Santa faces she just posted!

In fact, she posted a step by step picture tutorial on roses on here for us. I will go search for it and bump it back to the top for you.

I am sure that with your past experience, it will all come back to you with just a little practice. Can't wait to see all the wonderful things you will paint.

I am trying to learn her roses and some "shabby chic" ones that are on a computer cd that I bought on ebay. The only roses I have learned to do so far are the Donna Dewberry One Stroke roses. I find them to be very quick and easy now that I got the double loading of the brush figured out. I just learned them from her Just Roses video and book--and lots of practicing. LOL

I've even been seeing lots of roses painted on Santas, Snowmen and Angels too, so they can be used for almost anything.

Get those brushes and paints out gal, and come have some fun with us. ;o)


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Gosh, I found all kinds of posts we've done about roses, but can't find the one with the worksheet PF made for us.

Anyone else able to help me find it for Dreamgoddess? I would appreciate it.


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Luvs, I looked back through some posts, but couldn't find PF's tutorial on roses either. I really wish I could find it since it would probably help me out alot.

You know, out of all the pieces I painted years ago, I can only put my hands on one. It's a large plaque with Christmas teddy bears on it sitting back to back with their feet stretched out. Somehow it ended up at my mother's house, and she still hangs it up every Christmas. I think I painted it sometime in the mid 80's. I don't have a clue what happened to the rest of the stuff I painted.

You mentioned putting the roses on snowmen, santas, etc. I do alot of looking around on ebay, and there's a good bit of stuff listed like this. Roses painted on anything imaginable! I found a set of clear glass ornaments that had gorgeous pink roses painted on them. I would love to try my hand at this once I get back into painting.

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Hey, I peeked in at this even though it didn't have my name on it. :) I can't find that post either, but I think it was in with another post and probably wouldn't have the heading "roses". I'll try to take a minute and scan thru to see if I can find it. Or you could just ask bebe to repost it? ~Anj

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Dreamgoddess, I know what you mean. I have given so many things away through the years too. And as my tastes change, I have gotten rid of even some I had kept for myself. One time, after we had moved to this house with less square footage and lots less wall space, I decided to part with several pieces. My friend/hairdresser always said to bring things to her first because she knows so many people in need that she tries to help. I took a whole boxfull of stuff to her house, and told her to give it away or sell at a yard sale. She later told me she got so excited over my painted things that she kept everyone of them! So now when I visit her, I can also see my painted items too! LOL

And have you ever looked at something you painted, and thought "Wow, I can't believe I actually painted that!" I've had that happen too, usually a couple years after I painted it. (When I first paint something, I usually think it is "not good enough", funny how it looks better later on. ;o)

Anj, I am glad you looked in here. I printed Paintingfool's worksheet off, but I thought I had saved it on the computer too. I'll check on that, and if I don't find it, I will post and ask her to put it on here again for us. You are probably right, it might have been part of another post.

Dreamgoddess, did you look at the other rose posts I bumped up for you? Those videos are pretty interesting--just not long enough. I'll have to head over to ebay to see if I can find some items with roses painted on them. I haven't checked on them for quite awhile. I never get tired of seeing painted roses! LOL


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Luvs, sorry to take so long to reply to you. I've been feeling a bit under the weather the last week with sinus problems. Finally getting better though, thank goodness.

Thank you so much for bumping the posts on roses for me. I really enjoyed looking through them and it just makes me want to get back into painting even more! I especially loved the teasets that I saw. They are gorgeous!

I've spent some more time looking through old posts, but still couldn't find Paintingfool's tutorial on the roses. I'll keep looking though...maybe I'll come across it. It seems like I remember seeing a post by PF where she was talking about a society in Mobile that she belongs to. I would really love to talk with her about that since I only live about 1 1/2 hrs from Mobile and go shopping there frequently.

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That's okay Dream, glad you are feeling better. I saved PF's worksheet, but can't figure out how to get it back on here. Hopefully, she will check in and repost it for you as well as give you more information on the SDTP group.

Yes, I agree, that lady does gorgeous roses on those teasets. Have you ever tried the One Stroke painting--or do you have any desire to to try them? I know some people don't like them at all. I like it because I actually find it easier and faster than regular painting. I mention it mainly because you can get a video at The videos are nice because you can rewind and watch a section again and again until you get it. I learned, and continue to learn, allot from them.

Just dig out that brush and play a bit. I bet it will all come back to you.


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Gosh, I didn't realize I had missed this post. I was on vacation and didn't get to the computer very often. I don't know what happened to my post on roses. I have since gotten rid of the worksheet but will try to put together another one this week. Hopefully it will help.

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PF, I don't think your worksheet was on a separate post--I think it was added to another post. But I sure haven't been able to find it since I don't remember the title of the post! I saved the worksheet, but don't have a glue how to get it back on here. Glad Dreamgoddess got ahold of you to ask about the worksheet and the STDP. Luvs

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