For People Who Live in Small Places

FlowerLady6September 18, 2008

Found a new website that I think is going to be great for ideas for us who live in small homes.


Here is a link that might be useful: Furniture for Small Spaces

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That's a great site- how do you find all these things, Flowerlady? We have mostly antique furniture, and it's very small and light compared to the stuff they build today. The Shakers actually used to hang chairs on the wall when not in use, freeing up space, and making it easier to clean. We keep a stock of cheap plastic chairs on the porch, which get pressed into service inside when we have a large gathering.

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flgargoyle ~ I just keep searching online and things that look like they will be right for this forum I post here. We have a mixture of some antiques, curbside finds, flea market and yard sale items.

I also check out books at our local library to give me ideas for make our home more liveable. Like you said though, getting rid of stuff would certainly help free up some space. It is hard to let go of 'things', but we are working on it.


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