A study of fruit

dances_in_gardenOctober 1, 2003

This is a painting I made for my mother for Christmas. Just thought you might like to see it :)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Ohhhhh, Dances, I love it! Wish I could paint like that! Is it acrylic? On what? Very pretty!


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Thank you for the compliment! It is cheapo acrylic paints on a dollar store canvas ROFL. Not because I TRY to be cheap, tee hee. I just use what I have.

Actually, I had a large selection of acrylic paints from craft projects (you know, the little flip top bottles, Tulip and other brands). I want to use those up before buying a set of "good" paints.

I had never painted on canvas before and saw them at the dollar store. I'm not sure if I liked it LOL. I will try one of those paint boards next time.


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