Cabinets above sink-help needed to finalize layout.

vdinliMay 12, 2014

I will have my only sink facing a wall as space is at a premium in our small galley kitchen. The question is what to do with the cabinet above the sink. I do not like the cabinet in my face and most faucets will probably not fit under.

Here's our proposed layout for the sink wall.

I would ideally like something like this from LRy511

However, I am worried it will not be feasible because there is nothing on the left for the glass to attach to. Also, would it look weird because it is not in between two upper cabinets? KD has said he can replace the current 39" cabinet with 24"+ a wooden shelf below. I asked him if he can make the shelf less deep than the cabinet and he is trying to find out if that is possible for Ultracraft. I guess I can replace the wooden shelf with glass after the install.

Are there any other options for me to consider?

Thanks in advance.

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There's no reason most faucets won't fit under upper cabinets. I have a pretty tall pull-down faucet and mine fits fine. (You may want a different look, I'm just saying this should not be the reason you choose not to have an upper cabinet above the sink).

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Thanks, sjhockeymom. The pull down looks great in ur kitchen. I am going to measure the faucet I picked out( Hansgrohe talis) and see how well it fits.
How high are your upper cabinet mounted? 18" is what I will have. Hoping that will be enough.
Anybody else think I should just stick with the cabinets? I could use the storage for sure.
Thanks in advance

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My new kitchen has a 6 ft by 3 ft window above the sink, so no cabinets.

My old kitchen however had a small cabinet mounted above the sink, the same height as the cabinet mounted above the stove with a nonventing hood attached. I'm pretty sure it was a 15 inch cabinet (they didn't go all the way to the ceiling), sorry I don't have measurements of it.

There was definitely room to mount a shelf if we had wanted one, we just never did.

I can see how it might be trickier to mount a shelf without something on one side but I think it would still be doable.

If it were me (and I am very much a DIYer) I would just order the short cabinet.

The inspiration picture you posted appears that the shelf is held up with shelf pins.

Get the short cabinet and then use a drill, some shelf pins, a glass shelf cut to size and five minutes of your time and you will have that look.

Order an end panel longer than the cabinet and put shelf pins in.

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I am the queen of not noticing the big picture, but is there a reason the sink has to be under the cabinets? Can you not move it left?

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Move the sink to the left. It's a very doable alteration because you'd need to move the drain less than 3' to get the sink to be under the passthrough.

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Good idea!

(But in case you decide to go with the cabinet, I do have 18" between counter and bottom of cabinet. I do not have a lightrail. And my upper cabinets are not extra-deep, they're the standard 12").

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I wouldn't like cabinet doors in my face, either. I'd shorten them and add the more shallow shelf.

If they cannot make a more shallow shelf (which would be just dumb) have it made yourself. Glass can be hand all over the place, and if it's wood, that's why God made circular saws.

You're eeking out every tiny bit of space there, aren't you!?
This should turn out very efficient!

(I'd move the sink, too..

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Greenhaven and live wire oak, I can't move the sink to the left as it will then be visible from the front door. I am not great at keeping up with the dishes while I am running after the kids. It is one of the major peeves with my current layout and a starting point of the redesign.
I realized while crunching numbers lying awake early in the morning(anyone else do that??) -the KD has the numbers wrong on the wall. The wall is drawn 10 inches narrow. In which case, I can switch the DW and the 18" 3 DB and push the sink in a few inches more. I should then be able to do a 24" wide short above-the- sink cabinet flanked by two 15" wall cabinets. I think having a shelf will look better then. I need to play around with the software to see it.
Texas_gem, I like the idea of doing it DIY after the fact. DH is quite handy-so he should be able to figure it out.
Sjhockeyfan, sorry for messing up ur user handle earlier. I was half asleep then! Thanks for the input. I was planning on a light rail-so will remember to account for that when we decide on the cabinet.

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I would recommend getting a deeper sink and moving it to the left so you can see what is going on while doing dishes. A deep sink will hide most dishes plus you have a breakfast bar. ;-)

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I didn't even notice the change of name!

FWIW, I have never noticed the cabinet above the sink being "in my face", but then, I don't spend a lot of time doing dishes either.

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CEFreeman, I forgot to refresh so missed ur input. Thank you-i think I will do the shelf part later. It might just be the KD is not very familiar with the line so he didn't know whether that was possible at all.
My goal has been to increase efficiency and eke out every inch of space. My current argument with DH and GC is over a 4.5" space next to the fridge. I want a 2" filler with a piano hinge to the end panel so I can put in brooms and step stool etc on the side of the fridge. they think it is a waste!! Ugh..

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Skyangel, I am currently researching sink depth to see how deep I can go while having a trash pullout under the sink. The downside of limited space is I can't afford to lose a cabinet for trash bins :-(. I am also going back and forth on a one level or raised bar. Thank you for your input-will consider moving the sink.

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I would take the pantry cabinet out of there. You need counter and elbow room. Did you make a plan for all your storage? I'd also try to add a 13" trash cabinet. It's the most used cabinet in my kitchen and so nice not to have to step aside from the sink when others need it.

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There is no step stool or broom that can fit in a 2" space. With 6", you might be able to reach a small hand in to grab the broom, but that's about it. 2" of space is best added to another cabinet that could use additional space.

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Thanks for the input live wire oak. I have to measure-yes, 2" might be too small. We currently have 4" next to the fridge and I find it keeps the brooms and step stool slanted. Will have to think this through. thanks.
may_flowers, I can't afford to lose that pantry at all-we only have a 8X11' space. I am already worried about where I am going to store all my pantry stuff. We currently have a 24" wide one and this one is only 18" wide. I am hoping with rollouts and organizers, this will be more useful. I will post another thread on my layout to get more opinions. thanks for weighing in!

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