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diarichOctober 15, 2006

I've been to the forums before for crochet, but I really want to get back into painting. I have nerve damage in my rt hand but I hope I have it strong enough to start holding a brush again. All my books, brushes and paints have quietly been waiting for me LOL

I Love making new friends.


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Hi Diana, so glad to meet you. I'm pretty new to this forum, I hang out in the "Garden Junkj" forum most of all but this is one of my favorites also. So is "Trash to Treasure" forum. I sincerely hope your hands feel well enough to paint again. (I sent you a personal email if you don't mind reading it and getting back to me - thanks).

Hope to see some of your painting and crafts very soon.


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Welcome Diana, I am so glad you posted on this forum.

So far, we seem to be a pretty small group on here, but hope to have more activity as winter sets in.

I am sorry to hear about the nerve damage to your hand, and can understand that you are anxious to get back to being able to do the things you love.

We would love to see pics of things you have painted previously and to cheer you on as you start painting again.

Please join in on all our conversations, and enjoy viewing and sharing pics with us.


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Hi Diana, welcome to this forum. We are a small group, love to share pictures and ideas, and very much like to share company with all! looking forward to your future posts! enjoy the great friends, and the wonderful talent displayed here!
Wendy (pay)

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Thank You for the welcome!
Yes! Take care of your hands! Wear those neat gloves they sell in craft shops. I wear hand braces at night. My Dr calls those resting braces. I'm 55 and have used my hands in cake decorating, crochet, painting, sewing, etc and it caught up with me big time. I wish I would have done those things before I had problems. I can only work on a project 15-20 min at a time. Please take care of your hands! They only get worst not better.
I use to do a lot of craft shows, I'll have to dig out my pics and start doing some more.
I'm excited to get to know everyone. Small isn't bad LOL
I don't mind private emails at all :-)

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Diana~ A big welcome from me as well! I only get to paint 10-15 minutes at a time, but not from nerve damage, from kids!! Well, sometimes I do consider them nerve damage. ha Have to keep running after them and by the time I get back my paint has usually dried out. ha Seriously though, sorry to hear about your hand problems. It is a pain to not be able to do things you want to do. I have some nerve damage in my leg from a bad back. Hoping you'll be able to join in here with us if typing doesn't cause you much problems. We've all been posting past projects as well as current stuff so we'd be happy to view yours as well. :) ~Anj

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Those kids can wear the nerves down LOL How old are they?
When mine were younger I made them their own craft table. I'd give them all kinds of left over junk and let them create. I've gotten good at 6 finger typing lOL

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Hi all, Thanks to luvs, I have rediscoverd this forum! So glad that you are all rejuvanating it! Have been coming to the GW forums for years, and use to peek in here alot, from the C and D forum. Don't paint a lot, but dabble on pavers and a few other things. Will be stopping by often and commenting...no picture posting capabilities...yet!!

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful projects.

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Diana~ my kids are DD-12 on Wed, DS-8, DS-6, and DD-2. We did some spider crafts yesterday and I ended up burning my fingers twice with the hot glue gun. I think I better stick to painting. ha We'll be painting pumpkins this week and some bats and pumpkin wood cutouts too.

Gram~ glad you are back over here with us. It's ok if you can't post pics, we like to chat too. Keeps things interesting in between projects.

Have a great Monday all. ~Anj

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Hi Gram, So glad you came by to see us! Hope you will enjoy seeing everyone's pics in the gallery. There aren't many of us here yet, but we hope to see the activity increase with Winter coming.

Gram sent me an email and was able to share pics of pavers that she painted as snowmen. They were very cute. Wish I knew how to take them from my email to post on here for her--but I barely learned how to do Photobucket pics! If anyone knows how and can explain it to me--please do.

Anj, I have a little project that I plan to work on today too. Let's hope I get it done--seem to always get sidetracked.

Have fun with the kids painting the bats and pumpkins. Luvs

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Those are some great ages to start them. I use to do salt dough ornaments at that age with them. It was mostly with cookie cutters but they had a ball. I switched to a low melt gun... my fingers ache at the thought of the other LOL

Hi Gram...it's so nice to meet you!

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Thank you for the welcome.

I have a 3 day craft show this weekend.
Sorry to say I don't have any painted items this year,
but as winter comes I would like to consentrate on
painting. Just started painting this year and love
it. After the busy show season, I'm looking forward to
spending more time here.

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So what kinds of craft items are you selling now? Hope you sell lots of your things this weekend. Let us know if you see any new or unusual things there, okay? We'll be glad to have you hang out here with us even if you don't have time for any projects just yet. I imagine Nov. & Dec. are going to be pretty busy for most of us. Luvs

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