Great new pics ion Gallery

minnie_txOctober 26, 2006

The new additions are wonderful keep them coming!!

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Glad you enjoyed them Minnie. Don't we have a nice little group on this forum now? It is so fun to see each project and hear a little about it. These gals do a great job and are very talented and creative. Just makes my day to sign on and see what they've posted. Hope you'll join us often. Luvs

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Minnie, I was wondering about you. I hadn't seen you in a while, and wondered if you were still around the home site. Good to see you posting again. So many left after Spike started charging, but some of the 'older' ones are straggling back in. I know you were still here during that time, but was starting to miss you. Welcome back!

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Thanks frances.
I've been mostly over at the Kitchen Table and pop in on the quilting forum. I haven't been doing much craft stuff lately just crocheting.
A lot of forums never recovered from the paying thing.

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