The Little House

FlowerLady6September 15, 2010

This is sweet.

I'm sick with a cold/flu bug and have been watching early Disney movies, and I thought you all on this forum of small home owners, would like this one.

Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

Here is a link that might be useful: The Little House

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Makes me wonder about the little house that I'm going to build, on a hill, way out in the country.... Maybe I should rescue an old house instead!

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OH Jay they have little houses here all the time being moved off farms to be re-done. They turn out so cute. Might be worth it to just look into it. Would not have exactly what you are wanting and yet there is always something appealing about saving something precious. The little house that was here was already long gone when we bought the place. But we do have a picture of it and I also just got a name of who lived here. years ago.

Will visit the link later Flowerlady. Thanks Always love to explore.


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This is actually based on a classic children's book that my sister and I loved growing up---I mentioned it recently to someone (comparing it to the more recent Pixar movie Up) and was surprised that many of our friends had never encountered it. It's also called The Little House, by Virginia Burton (same author as Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel, which more people seem to know). It's still in print, I think, and is a very sweet book. :)

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Oh my gosh....I had to wipe a tear away for I felt so sad for that little house. I love this story - that is all I have ever wanted - a little house. My husband wanted a bigger home and it was too much to take care of let alone we didn't use the space. I cannot wait for the day to have my little house (with a red roof :)
Flowerlady - I surely hope you feel better!!

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fLOWERlady, thank you. I did not know Disney made such a movie. In 1952 I'm sure there was a lot of Levittowns consuming the countryside and the city-side too.

Hope you get to feeling better real quick. I had my flu shot 3 days ago, arm is still sore.

And Jay, perhaps one of your "out" buildings you were planning can instead be a rescue. That little house across from Shades is really really tiny, and has been vacant for a long time now.More like that are around, I betcha.

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This little movie seemed so prophetic I just had to post it. DH and I wish we could transport our whole 1/4 acre compound into the country. We really like our place, just not the location, as this area has become overly populated.

Jay ~ I hope this doesn't happen to you after you build your neat little place. Hopefully, you are far enough out in the country.

Artemis ~ I'd never heard this story at all. You mentioning UP reminds me that I thought that would be a neat movie to see. I just looked it up on You Tube and will be watching it there. It's funny that the opening scenes are of a bunch of balloons carrying a house away. :-)

Colleen ~ Thanks for the well wishes. I'm feeling better with each passing day, this is the 5th day of it. I hope you get your little house complete with a red roof. Dreams do come true.

ML ~ Thanks, I'm on the mend.

I'm loving our little home more every day.


Here is a link that might be useful: FlowerLady's Musings

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Artemis, thank you for the history of The Little House. It came out after I was too old to choose it for my reading. By the 7th grade I was reading stuff like A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN, which a worldly classmate had "marked" so we'd know all the "good" pages.....didn't matter, I could not tell what the "good pages" were trying to tell me.......:)

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Virginia Lee Burton's book "The Little House" that this cartoon is based on was my favorite book as a child. Maybe that is why I love my own little house so much! If you liked the clip and have never read the book. Go to your local library or bookstore and take a look. Although the Disney version is entertaining with all its dramatic effects it loses the quiet charm of the book. It is the sweetest story and really worth knowing. Thanks for posting!

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Cateyanne ~ Thanks for that little tidbit. I will see if our library has it. Books are always better than movies.

Quiet charm, that's what I work on creating in our little cottage on our 1/4 acre here in subtropical s.e. FL.


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FlowerLady, I will recommend a book and the movie from it.
I think you will enjoy the movie, too. It takes the short stories of Marjorie Kennans Rawlings (The YEARLING) and combines them into one story. The book of short stories is
CROSS CREEK. So is the movie. Starring Mary Steenburgen and Peter Coyote and Rip Torn. I like it for the atmosphere of the old Florida cracker house and the swamp and the orange grove. It is old time Florida. Please watch the movie. It is a charming and peaceful story sensitively produced. You will recognize the raw material from which she wrote the award winning book THE YEARLING. And even read that story, sad as it is, and watch the movie with Gregory Peck.

I hope you are over the blahs and back to enjoying life.

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I can't believe I've never seen that little movie clip before. I wonder if it was one of those things shown before the main movie in theaters?

I guess there were even McMansions in the early days too.

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